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I got the hd800 over the hd800s thinking that the higher treble of hd800 would give me more detail(a guess). I don't use them for music or anything due to being more into speakers, they are reduced to being my fps gaming headphones(and oh my, they are freaky).
i can't read the whole thread... so anyone experienced, summarize it for me? what is the difference between the hd800 and hd800s... is it worth the upgrade and other stuff like that...
people hate beats because it is too expensive... this solo hd can be beaten by much much much cheaper headphones(30$ category)
got a pair of klipsch rb 81iis for now with a cheapo celestion av1000 reciever... will add them to my future upcoming 5.2 or 7.2 hometheater... i am looking for an awesome projector and a klipsch rf 7ii pair for fronts with rc 64ii as center and the most powerful couple of subs that i can afford... 
Yes it is in your budget to include an e11 with them, although i think a proper desktop amp should be better like a cheap fiio e9. E11 cannot be charged while playing so that is a problem and ofcourse if you buy a desktop amp, future upgrades would be easier if you ever like a "harder to drive" headphone. The thing is that it is said that the lp2's bass is muddier than that of the pro700mk2... so i would go for audio technica.
bro you should have made the title as "basshead needs help" or something as you only got one reply...there is a tactic to attracting more replies:D... bass needs to be in the title:p... there are tons of threads on it and just type "bass" in the search and you will have plenty of stuff to read... as i told you before... have a look at audio technica pro700mk2 and m-audio q40 aswell... maybe ultrasone stuff too
and my high end purchase was the he500... and i don't plan to upgrade for years now..
It is calfornia... what did you expect?:D
well i said there are a few of what i said... but you are right and fake beats are very very popular just due to the look factor and tbh. i hate that crappy flashy look they have.
there are a few beats users out there who know that beats is rubbish but they cannot throw away the stupid investment now...
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