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Can anyone compare these to Skullcandy Ink'd. I like the SC but I think I need to upgrade.
Thanks. So what do I have to do? I followed that link but the checkout was $25 for one pair.
Is the buy 1 get 1 free deal still going on?
I've owned the JVC Marshmallows (FX-33), but not the FX-66. The FX-33 are uncomfortable since their plugs are so hard & too big for my ears. The SK to me sounds pretty damn good for only $10. It'll have to serve me for now until I save up for the q-Jays.
$30? Gimme some recommendations.
Washed & dried it on accident. The sound works. But question is, is it any way damaged? Is the sound quality of these worst now? I can't tell, but I kinda need to know. Any help is great.
Yeah, $180 every where I go. That's not including shipping. I'm also reluctant from people complaining about sudden drops from one of the piece.
I'd love more pictures of these beauty.
Who the heck buys white phones?
Can we get more pictures on these babies? Like how they look in the ears & comparisons to other objects.
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