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Got a chance to hear the Bose.  Not for me.  Not as easy to drive as the Beats and M-100s.  Lacks the energy and bass of the other two.  Still wanting more opinions on the M-100 vs Beats Studio Wireless at those prices
I heard about those last night after I created this thread.  I guess the question I would have for that is, does anyone know if you will need battery power to use the headphones in wired mode?  I hate that about the Beats Studio Wireless.  I also hate that the V-Moda Wireless don't have the Cliqfold so they won't be as compact as the M-100s. I think I want to wait until I start seeing reviews on these just to make sure they live up to the hype.  I don't want to assume that...
Okay, I purchased both of these headphones about 3 weeks ago.  I puchased the M100s for $212 from Musician's friend and the Beats Studio Wireless from Best Buy for $229.  My 30 day deadline for refund is almost here.  Problem is, after demoing these two headphones for 3 weeks, I still can't decide which to keep.  Since I honestly feel I'd be happy with either one, I figure I'd get some help from the Head-Fi community.  I'm going to list what I will be using the headphones...
I am currently using the ATM50x for my home use, and the Bose QC20i when I travel. The thing is, I'm looking for another portable headphone for use on the go when I don't need the Noise Canceling of the Bose. I listen to all types of music, so I really want the one that has the overall better sound. I prefer to stick to these 2 headphones as I like the looks of them, plus I've noticed that very respected audiophiles have been giving praise to both of these headphones. ...
Thanks so much. I really like the Beats Studio Wireless. But I've heard so many great things about the M100s I've been really tempted. Plus I could pocket about $120+ if I made the switch, that includes the price difference and Best Buy warranty I purchased for my Studios. Now I just have to decide if I can live without the Bluetooth feature
Hey, do you prefer your 2013 Beats Studio or M100? And Why? What's the difference in sound quality? I own the Beats Studio Wireless and have been considering returning them to Best Buy before my window closes. Only problem is I have no way to try out the M100s.
I agree with you 100%. I have the exact same Beats.
Do you like the new Studio better than th Bose QC15?
No problem. Thanks for your help.
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