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I am currently using the ATM50x for my home use, and the Bose QC20i when I travel. The thing is, I'm looking for another portable headphone for use on the go when I don't need the Noise Canceling of the Bose. I listen to all types of music, so I really want the one that has the overall better sound. I prefer to stick to these 2 headphones as I like the looks of them, plus I've noticed that very respected audiophiles have been giving praise to both of these headphones. ...
Thanks so much. I really like the Beats Studio Wireless. But I've heard so many great things about the M100s I've been really tempted. Plus I could pocket about $120+ if I made the switch, that includes the price difference and Best Buy warranty I purchased for my Studios. Now I just have to decide if I can live without the Bluetooth feature
Hey, do you prefer your 2013 Beats Studio or M100? And Why? What's the difference in sound quality? I own the Beats Studio Wireless and have been considering returning them to Best Buy before my window closes. Only problem is I have no way to try out the M100s.
I agree with you 100%. I have the exact same Beats.
Do you like the new Studio better than th Bose QC15?
No problem. Thanks for your help.
I travel a little bit but it's mostly by car. How do the Studio 2s sound with live instruments? Are they decent at picking up details? I feel the QC15s do an admirable job revealing details for a portable headphone. Now you may ask if you like that about the QC15s why are you looking at the Studios. It's because there are times I wish my QC15s had a little more mid bass/kick drum hit. Plus I have to admit, I like how the new Studios look. The old studios had good...
I'm a musician (Drummer) and listen to many types. I mostly listen to music with acoustical instruments like jazz, funk, gospel, etc. But I also listen to hip hop and r&b. I'm 33. Styling is somewhat important. But I don't think the QC15s look bad.
Ok I understand. I appreciate you taking time to help. I currently own the Blue Limited QC15s. I currently have no way to demo the Studio 2s; no Apple Store near me and our Best Buy sucks lol. I'm just trying to find out if it's worth selling my QC15s for the Studio 2s. That's why I'm so interested.
If you could only have one, the QC15s or Studio 2s, which would you prefer?
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