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I can't really rate how much clearer the Bose is when listening to people talk to me. Was it night and day? No. Was it noticeable to my ears? Absolutely. Now according to my wife, when listening to me speak between the two, it was night and day. Per her ears, I sounded much clearer to her using the Bose
I spent three months with both and I'll give you my take. I too wanted one for use mainly at the office and when I travel.1. Noise Cancelling - I found the Bose to be slightly better with lower frequencies like air conditioners, jet engines, etc. The Sony's were slightly better with voices and higher frequencies. The advantages of each were very small though, so I rate this a tie.2. Headset Quality - The Bose sounds clearer and my wife told me I sounded clearer when...
No I didn't. You only need to send the headphones back. No chord, charger, or retail box. You can even remove the shields. Just the headphones.
My thoughts exactly. I said the same thing last week when I reviewed my Matte Blacks, only difference for me was that I was going off of memory because I used V-Moda's Immortal Life Program and gave up my CFW1. Glad to know my memory of the sound signature of the CFW1 was not off.It is still very much a fun headphone, just not quite as bassy. Some may see that as not as fun. However, when you compare the CF2W to the QC35, Sony MDR-1000X, and M50X, all of which I still...
I agree with this 100%. I was not a fan of the XL Pads when I had my CFW1. I felt it made the sound too Bassy and slightly less detailed. I stayed with the stock pads because I felt the sound was cleaner with them.
Unfortunately I don't own an Android product. My son owns the Samsung S7 Active I believe. If I can get my hands on his I'll try it out.Compared to my QC35s, which one I prefer is a toss up. It depends on what I'm doing and/or my mood. The CF2W is obviously bassier than the QC35; although the gap isn't as wide as it was when I compared the QC35 to my former CFW1. The QC35's sub bass response is pretty surprising though. I'd have to A and B more between the two to...
They're not fatiguing to my ears. I can still crank the volume with no issue.
I think you'll be pleased. If you're ok with a slightly elevated treble when compared to the CFW1, a more refined bass response, more detail, and cleaner mids, you'll love these. Not to be confused though, they still have that VModa energy, Drive, and punch.
I have the Matte Black. These do not include APTX. I'm using mine with an iPhone 6s Plus and an iPad Pro.Oooookay.
And don't get me wrong, I wasn't saying this to discredit people's concern. I was simply speaking my personal thoughts after listening to these. I was enjoying the improved sound so much I didn't care what codec it was using. I just know these sound amazing in wired mode, and damn good in wireless. It definitely bests the CFW1 in both wired and wireless mode from what I remember.
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