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We will see He didnt say anything about it yet
U forgot zero.. But Seriously..thats not my cable it looks sweet though!I have a hifiman based code-x.Sweett looking new python u have frank..better not be the burglar trying to get into ur home... may i ask how many babies u have extra to take care of except for ur son ofcourse Am waiting for news on my cable
Hey peeps,I have a question....after owning almost all (except the he4 and he6) ur wonderfull fullsize phones i now probably own one of the best sounding hifiman headphones (code-x) at the moment and had an amp specially made for the he6.. (The PaG..see the review mentioned in my signature)But am there anything in the pipeline to replace the almost dinosaurus-like (in headphone years) HE6? It has been here for years now...and as the restif getting...
I agree with pair of 6080wb sounded close to the 5998.. But are very hard to get.. And expensive! For me the 6080wb got most of the playing time paired with the TS sj7gt mesh plates..a pair in heaven! Especially with the he500 i had with the opengrill mod and the modulor i sold the 5998's but kept the rca 5693 red hots..there is something special about those affordable tubes paired with a 6080wb or 5998!
when heating up my bendix/chatham did a crackling sound like a racing engine does when u race it hard..i loved that cracking sound..same thing when the rubes where cooling down...loved it.But no noise in the headphone in the headphone..totally silent! Mine were also NOS and matched pair.
We are all very careful with our stuff..for instance i dont let anyone touch my rig at home..even cleaning the amp with a damp cloth is me doing it. Cd's are okay..but best way would be to copy them first to hdd with EAC and then play internal cd players can introduce noice imto the signal..No worries though..we find a way Ps about paying..well..u could always sell ur kidney or such..hehehehe
My bendix 6080wb graphite plates was also branded as i am guessing they made a series or rebranded a series of bendix into chatham..but they a bit higher then the original bendix..larger if u can say that..but they sound absolutely wonderful..i preferred those tubes over my 5998's tungsols.And those are just as expensive as the bendix branded they are sold as bendix tubes.
Congrats! U wont regret it..u know where to find me when u need any more help
Referencesounds Paradox? They made my unique sounding code-x also
Only insurance: u break it, u pay for it
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