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some brands have excellent sounding models even if they are their low range models
Owing one of the original NOS code-x'es i can only confirm that they are very very very special and that the one who created them is nothing less then a genius....but they are open not closed...but if ur in the market for a headphone whether closed or open....GET urself a second hand rare HE5 and let it be transformed into a code-x by Luis...u wont regret it..but finding a genuine HE5 is almost miracle-wise nowadays.
but as always..the better the amp (and dac etc.) the better the dharma sounds..or any other headphone for that matter.
+1 me too...if it looked like an ugly duck but sound like an angel and priced right then i wouldnt mind...i only use it innthe dark anyway..
Damn u guys are to smart... But because ur so smart..almost inspector gadget-tish..i will show what sleeve he will use, and yeah cant wait to feel it between my fingers and how it looks on my black PaG and my black Code-X
Nope..if u know me a bit by now u would know i never do something twice and on top of that a hifimanrookie special is just about best built possible.(for that particular wire)...a cable made by the genius of a madman and his snakes. And as far my budget stretches...not about color And another thing..the ruby red sleeve is sold out frank stated no more sexy ruby red cables from frank anymore rainbow coloring like in this pic...but nice legs hint: leather in luxury cars are the same color sometimes that my sleeve is in
Thats for her to know and for u to guess
i just confirmed frank that he has green light to bake me the hifimanrookie special mk.3, now based on the new SW22, and again with a unique sleeve (as i dont do regular..lolz) and now the wait begins, again :D
What are u guys complaining about???? The euro went from 1,42 to an ever low 1,12 per dollar!!! In less then a year! If i would buy my amp now in canada it would cost me almost a third more money (i paid in US dolars) !!! This is rediculus....
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