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Sw22=best, period! hehehe..but seriously for its price i think it is..its not cheap..but it delivers. But what do i know..i am crazy
For my total rig:Well..u can check my profile (here at headfi) and u can check this for pics and personal impressions:http://www.head-fi.org/t/710504/blue-circle-audio-pag-custom-headphone-amp-first-impressions-new-pics#post_10368489Only some cables are upgraded/ replaced by better ones since then:Headphone: Toxic Cables 'Silver Widow' 22/8 Reference Edition, 22AWG, 8wire, balanced, custom dual 3pin XLR with pure silver connectors, dual mono, exclusive creme colored...
I agree with you..on musicality and natural presentation i still have to find a better can than this on my PaG..but i do have to say my code-x improved considerably when i got the balanced cables (dual mono) i now use..it will blow ur mind...as if ur there..especially the older analog recorded stuff give u so juch more..weird is that the difference in sound with the new digitally recorded artists is not that big..but live queen recordings, classical 24 bits live...
with 18carat diamonds? But seriously..i love this headphone...its so balanced..and mine is only in world in black wood...luis did something special with its black dying..maybe i would exchange it for a he1000.. Maybe..
Read all the pages..sounds very good...BUT..390 usd to power a 175 usd regen? So to have best sound from regen it is going to cost ya 465 usd...thats not cheap..but on other hand..if the sound is indeed sooooo much better then with only the standard smps supply..mmmm..choices choices..
two letters: SW... IN 22 OR 24 version
@sharon .... I agree with my buddy..BUT..u also have to look at the rest of ur rig..if it tends to treble heavy, then a copper venom or BW22 could be better choice..but in normal cases you wont go wrong with the new sw22.. If you can..go balanced..it improves the sound...more powerful sound without overdoing it...
Nope..never..no...u wish...whahaha
i agree...have been using his cables for a long time now..never had any issues..except for wanting better and better...but thats a different problem.one especially my wife doesnt like..lolx
yep..i agree..some people are really bad for their cables...and why sellin an almost new cable..did u ask why he wanted to sell? Ofcourse cables can break..but most of times its because of abuse..good luck..am sure frank comes up with a solution for u.
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