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It must be an apple thingie worries..Just got my new cable made some pics to show u the differences between the new cable and the loaner sw22 i have..and check out the difference in thickness!! and pls check the letters on the new case..almost artistic..and what about the rubber plugs in the xlr plugs to protect the pins...thats well thoughtout! Bare with me for the comparision in sound between the two..i first need to put some burn in time on the...
Hey buddy..Can u pls check this insnt working on my ipad...i only get a errormessage when i click on it...Can u pls recheck?Thanks mate
Thanks guys..yeah it looks sexy...and i just checked...tomorrow late in the day it will be delivered at my doorstep..dont have a clue what 'late in the day' means with i guess i have to be home tomorrow in afternoon...and yeah..then burn in nightmare begins...hehehe am really curious how different this new cable will sound compared to the wonderful 'regular' SW22 i have now..
Lookie, lookie whats on its way since today A new toxic familymember! Yummy! Damn, this sleeve really looks like the skin of a real snake! Ps. The sleeve isnt nylon. Dont have a clue what it is though..frank only said its his most expensive and exclusive sleeve he ever used better be as this cable is most expensive cable i ever ever ever bought, am broke And frank...u now disapointed me....NO baby of urs in the pic? Or is this cable just to beautiful to be put...
mine is different then anyone elses..mmmmmm where did i hear that before    seriously...arent all his custom cables unique? hope u one day can share a pic of ur special SW22 
Innuendo/ queen in a 24/96 wav vinyl rip
Omg..sorry to say it..but..who braided that silver cable? Its horrible... Maybe its just a cable fault? A quality/built issue? Never saw a silver based cable braided that bad though..Imho
+1 i agree
I couldnt say it better my friend:-)
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