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As my friend craftlyclown also said..see it in perspective..i am also a longtime customer and ALL my cables i bought are one of a kind...i sometimes waited 3 months for my cable..but i always had a huge smile openin my package...and puttin everythin into perspective..i waited more then a year for my custom blue circle audio PaG headphone amp...now..thats long!!! And i will do it again if i wanna upgrade to a better BC amp.... We are all honest here..we..the tocic guys...
lolx..i didnt know that also..i thought it was about how good your review was or how helpfun for potentional customers..on purpose i only included my best one..oh well..i wouldnt win anyway even with 300 reviews..i am to unlucky with random lotteries..Congrats for the winners..enjoy ur prices
thats the whole truth and nothing but the truth my friend;)It for sure helps with the daily work stress...
Who won somthing nice? :-)
Nnoooo aaarrgghhhh..no more reviews or else i wont win anything..whahahahaahahaa kidding guys!
Glowing one? Hehehe frank asks us to be deadly honest in our reviews..soo be as deadly as you can be i do the same
My friend U forgot to say that the weight and power and dynamics in the note increases if you get a balanced version of the sw22 with good xlr connectors..or go my road..get two seperate cables for left and right channel..just like you and i have..it will blow your socks off if you have a good rig
but you know the utopia costs 3999usd..right? Almost triple of the code-x..its like comparing the utopia to the new 50k sennheiser super headphones...But for that price utopis should destroy the code-×..which he doesnt....code-x is a very rare kind..especially for its price....
I dont think anybody is goin to sell his sw22 unless its to buy a better cable (hydra 18?) from frank or because of severe financial problems its that good!
Thats ok..but a pity..as if i did get a demo hydra 18 and i and did a review i for sure would win the competition.it would be that interesting....oops...whahahahaha. I know i know.....day dreaming Well..as i said..my review link for the sw22 is on ur site..hope people who check the sw22 out on ur site will find it helpful to decide to buy the sw22 Oh yeah oftopic..i just found out i not only lost my vintage sony casette deck i also lost 300 cassetes (going back to the...
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