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Come on frank..give it to me..show me the new sexy stuff..hehehehe Pricedraw huh? Mmmmmmm
Hi guys, i will be the next new member of the customart family. ..Piotre is goin to cook me a very special 330v2 pro he told me.. .hope to recieve it in september as i can only sent him my ear prints after 20 august because of a deserved looong holiday....i told him to go crazy and gave him carte blanche (except for pink and wood) on them as i dont like standard stuff and especially put his brand on them..looks cool! I trust him completely after the mails we...
email sent
i meant the (harmony 8.2.) So that will be ur next top of the line iem? Would love to review/ test it :-)So only in germany? No amsterdam?
any european demo tour planned any time soon? i would love to demo the harmony 8 pro. :-)
maybe a bit late..but as the 330v2 is a bit lacking in the bass you could look into the Toxic Cables Black Widow iem cable..it makes ur sound more fleshy and organic without losing any of the highs.
U never know when he comes up with another new and better sounding cable to stun us..maybe he is already working on one ....mmmmmmmm Frank????? On another note..i maybe need a new balanced cable also in the near future..but this time for an iem....as i am lookin into maybe one of the best sounding silicone customs build in its pricerange.... Its a secret for now..but when i have them i report back... all i can say is this..its a gem not many know about....and you know...
Sw22=best, period! hehehe..but seriously for its price i think it is..its not cheap..but it delivers. But what do i know..i am crazy
For my total rig:Well..u can check my profile (here at headfi) and u can check this for pics and personal impressions:http://www.head-fi.org/t/710504/blue-circle-audio-pag-custom-headphone-amp-first-impressions-new-pics#post_10368489Only some cables are upgraded/ replaced by better ones since then:Headphone: Toxic Cables 'Silver Widow' 22/8 Reference Edition, 22AWG, 8wire, balanced, custom dual 3pin XLR with pure silver connectors, dual mono, exclusive creme colored...
I agree with you..on musicality and natural presentation i still have to find a better can than this on my PaG..but i do have to say my code-x improved considerably when i got the balanced cables (dual mono) i now use..it will blow ur mind...as if ur there..especially the older analog recorded stuff give u so juch more..weird is that the difference in sound with the new digitally recorded artists is not that big..but live queen recordings, classical 24 bits live...
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