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with hybrid u mean: a copper-silver cable? So u asking about the sw (22 or 25.5 awg silver) and the virus (copper-silver hybrid)? I cant tell u about the virus, as i never ever heared one..but i owned franks TOTL copper cable (The 8wire 22awg Copper Venom) and i sold it in favor of the SW22 in 4wire version (ordered a 8wire dual 3pin xlr reference version already of that miraculous cable).. If u have enough budget...go for the SW22.. Imho.
edited...frank answered himself...thanks frank
Hey Kiats!Well...guess what..i already contacted frank about those...have to be careful though....wifey is watching me like a hawk..and i dont want any problems at this moment....she wants to spend our money on an exotic holiday this year and a new summer closet (new summer clothes).. So i have to be extremely careful... And we just spend a small fortune (according to my believes..lolz) on the interior of our new any dollar spend on something else it a no-go for...
officially yeah......but i got pulled over last year at the car got searched and they asked me for proof of payment for the Solid Tech audiorack (on the backseat of my car) i had just bought in belgium from a belgium seller...eventhough the borders are open..i got unlucky..But still...i just dont like the idea to go over the border with my risky.
Interesting!!! Is that also possible for the cable ur baking me now?Or am i already getting those on my special dual mono dual 3pin xlr sw22?If not...Pls pm me what costs are for this upgrade compared to what i already get..thanks buddy!Ps..maybe it would be helpful if u could mention this on ur profile..i didnt know this..and am sure others (who wanna buy a silver based cable) would be interested to upgrade to reference also if they knew about this upgrade
Belgium is a no go for me with my expensive way i am going to travel with that that far...customs and stuff...i have bad experience with those also...
What kind of cable is the r&d silver venom??? I see refer3nce on the that new???? Am curious..are those new connectors...his end game connectors maybe???? Mmmm reference huh??? Am curious now. Me likey the word 'reference' And no dual mono this time??? 4pin xlr now?And whats that carbon plate about?
Lolz..if u read my first impressions here on headfi about the loaner SW22 i have, u can read i wrote EXACTLY the same experience with those...this cable is truly exceptional..remember..i had whats probably the best copper cable existing on the market, the Copper Venom ( in 8wire in dual mono, dual 3pin xlr config), and still i sold it to order same config, but for a SW22.. The single ended SW22 is that good! Ofcourse its all about ur rig also....but for me...SW22 8wire in...
Am sorry..but did u see the prices of some high end headphones or certain high end amps? 10.000euro is already a price mentioned for a few custom amps made for headphones
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