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mine is different then anyone elses..mmmmmm where did i hear that before    seriously...arent all his custom cables unique? hope u one day can share a pic of ur special SW22 
Innuendo/ queen in a 24/96 wav vinyl rip
Omg..sorry to say it..but..who braided that silver cable? Its horrible... Maybe its just a cable fault? A quality/built issue? Never saw a silver based cable braided that bad though..Imho
+1 i agree
I couldnt say it better my friend:-)
about the mids being recessed up until turnin up the volume sounds more like a ampflifier kind of thing..dont forget..the sw is so good it automatically shows all hickups in ur rig without mercy...a cable wont sound different because of volume amp does especially if the volume pot in the amp isnt up to par with the quality of the Sw..ur older cable probably didnt show it because of the inferior sound qualities...maybe u should try a different (better) amp?... maguire totally stunned in how good the sw22 4wire (i have one on loan) sounds in MY rig and MY headphone..i even sold franks TOTL copper cable (the Copper Venom RC8) to order myself a unique 8wire version of the sw22. (SW22 RC8?) Oh curious when my cable is ready i sent u pm about that. Update..will be sent off middle next week..yeah..cant wait
Who is there???Sorry guys..have had different priorities lately.(car and our new SMART appartment) and am waiting for my new endgame cable At this rig is running well..still impressed how it new plans YET I see u guys are having fun here...keep having fun peepsHifimanrookie out
Yeahnits super sunny..even now..i went shopping today without a coat..can u imagine! And friday...20 degrees!! Yeah.And about the sw..yeah...always nice to dream about future stuff..hehehe but be careful..i started out with a 180gbp cable...and now...well...lets say its a eeny weeny more expensive what i am getting now (check my profile if ur curious what i am waiting for..lolz) so be careful!!! Very careful..and never ever listen to a better toxic ur hooked...
hehehe wat zijn wij nederlanders toch wantrouwig..hehe..maar ik had hetzelfde idee ooit...en ben nooit meer weggegaan..wacht nu op een hele speciale SW22 (nieuwe versie), speciaal voor mij gemaakt...frank maakt echt goede kabals...oops..i just had my dutch cap on..well..that happens when u meet a fellow amsterdammer here on headfi..lolzhave fun with ur sw 25.5 my fellow toxicanian:-)
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