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talkin about wait times of toxic products....looksie what toxic cables posted a few posts back on their thread: to ship cables! No waiting times on those yummy cables Now thats a coincidence..right? Hehehehe
Sorry for sounding dumb..but whats jplay 5.21 alternative differint in then the regular 5.21? I cant find it anywhere on the net explaining it and what it costs is it a free version or something???
I agree..the bw just loves hifiman headphones....they are made for each other imho. And i had almost all hifimans and all had BW (22awg) on them....yummy
what you say about 30 something folks praising your setup Is very recognizable ( to probably more of us) as that happens to my last setup all the time..BUT also to my other more mid-range setup i sold beginning this year being a heavily modded DV 337 and a modded he500.... I think although both our systems probably sound good its also a non-objective opinion from your listeners as you are the lovable (accordingto them..lolz) owner of that rig..if they like you they... that a monkey mp3 player I know it looks tacky..but what do u prefer..good looks and medicro sound OR less (but very sturdy!!!) looks and all the money u pay for goes into the internals to make it sound as good as possible for that money? I know what i would choose for..oops..i already did....just check out my filtering stuff...looks familiar huh to this round tube??? They also make classy stuff..but, using the words of gilbert the owner, u pay premium for premium...
I agree with you that this phone is drivable pretty easy...Its recommendable power minimum is 2w into 38ohm if i am not mistaken..BUT i had this amp being designed from scratch and built by hand to drive a HE6 to its musical limits..thats why it has such a huge powersupply and therefore those humongous reserves in his backpocket..but that helps hugely when i am listening to classical music with huge dynamic extremes or very agressive and fast and hectic mettalica...
and dont forget the ugly duck of the audio world from the outside , but within its a beautiful swan soundwise:-) its soundquality is surprisingly good..and very affordable!! a new product i just found...ON BATTERIES!
I can recommend toxic cables..i use them for years now....good price and they can make u anything u want.... Check out their appreciation thread...Ps..their site it not updated..if u want info..pls pm them here on headfi
What i tried and heared myself on the 337 i had:Good pairing:He500 (didnt hear the he560 with the 337 i had)Hd800Hd650Not so good:Lcd 2.2, lcd3
Sorry to say it..but hifiman (or audeze) will not make their headphones like the tank built classic upper models of beyer..i have a mmx300 for 8years.( my 'go to' gaming headphone)still fell i guess a million times on the floor...and still perfect...i cant even imagine what would happen if my code-x (or any other hifiman phone i owned for that matter) would fall on the makes me handle my code-x with utmost care and put it in a safe place when not...
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