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I am interested in buying a regen for my custommade Blue Circle Audio PaG amp/dac..but i am in the netherlands...so i use 230v/240v and the dual pins european shuko plug...on all the pics of the regen i only see the three pins US plug and 110v... Do u guys know if the regen works with 230/240v? And when ordering, do u get a powercord with euro plug if u ask for it? Thanks for replying..and my apologies if this was answered already here..i just cant go through all the posts
Hi Todd, Is this also for europeans? Or only for people in the states? I am interested to test him out on my PaG (see my review in my signature about my amp) and compare it to my code-x , but i reside in the netherlands, amsterdam
Pm sent.. Thanks for me being on the team.. Cant wait to test it out.. I use a dap all day for Work since this week.. So it will be fun.. Lolz And wow..so few europeans on ur list.. But am glad u guys picked me, probably one of The craziest non conformal ( i dont like regular stuff all the others like.. I go for the jewels almost no one knows off) dudes on headfi
first of all..the copper venom (COPPER) is a very heavy cable as its solid wire (iem could be fallin out of ur ears maybe) ...and also u have to treat it very carefully...dont bent it to extreme for instance..so if u walk around with ur iem its maybe best to get an8wire bw22 (which i also owned..lolz) the bass on the Sw22 (standard 4wire version) is much lighter...but if u get the 8wire version that i own now the bass improves greatly...but at a price most dont even pay...
wow..looks good buddy! but..whats that phone doing on the right??? And where is ur hifiman he1k?..didnt u have one also?
if u want lowest hitting bass get the copper venom...i had that monster cable and i had the bw and now have the 8wire sw22 (as u maybe know)..but by far the hardest hitting and lowest bass came from the copper venom i had..BUT..u have to have the right high quality rig to really complement that cable..
Your native language (and any other languages you may be able to write in): My native language is dutch, i speak and write fluently english, and i also speak and write german and portuguese (i can help with translating) headphones Owning: Referencesounds (LFF) Code-X #15, only black wood version in the world. Beyer dynamic mmx300 (will never sel those..first full size headphone i ever bought) Owned: westone UM-3X Hifiman he300/ he400/ modded he500 Audeze lcd2 (very...
Condolences for u and ur family buddy..much strenght!
http://www.gigabyte.co.nl/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4911#ovCheck for urself... This mb is unique.. And thats why i will buy it next week. And u can switch off the power comin out of usb ports to selfpowered dacs.. So again less interference.. And its almost as cheap as the jitterbug.. Lolz:-) i will compare it to my game laptop i used until now for playing lossless 24bit music from my NAS.. And yes.. My rig is higher end so it ruthlessly shows when a component is...
First...No expensive rediculusly costing high end board...it costs less then 100euro according to last pricing..but its a basic board..no stuff u dont need anyway..so they could concentrate on quality of the features that matter...and yeah..its a quality brand making those..And about the PSU..it will be an external .linear PSU..and this pc will only be used to play music coming from the NAS through CAT7 ethernet cables with a metal enclosured smart switch in between them...
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