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I agree totally with that the he500 is less warm sounding then the hd650... But which headphone isnt? But the grados are much brighter in my experience then the he500...but as one already said..the he500 needs power to shine...i dont know ur fiio,so i cant comment if he has enough current to drive a he500 or not, Or whether it just doesnt pair well with the he500... But with a matched amp the he500 is one of the best sounding deals in its pricerange..and not bright or thin...
Thats a new one for me..the he500 sounding thin and not warm with that phone was imho one of the best sounding can for vocals...not cold at all...probably to do with the amp ur using: O2 maybe, or another colder sounding powerlacking more affordable SS amp?
As said couple of times: pls dont use their site..its not updated because of the hectic of making cables for customersBest is to check this: then pm him with ' interested in buying in new cable (fill in which cable) ' in the upper context barHave fun choosing..and for later: enjoy ur new cable
The stands look to me a bit on the short side...for me they would be unusable because of the long carbon connectors on my headphone..maybe a thought for the ones having an aftermarket cable with NON-PLASTIC..not to flexible , connectors on it on the headphone side (like my cable) then the rubbish plastic very flexible standard would be a pity u win something that u cant use on ur beloved he560.Totally oftopic..just finished watching the japanese movie Initial...
Or maybe he should try the he500 also?
Ears are sometimes real motha f....ckers: they tell u to buy stuff..but dont wanna know how much it costs afterwards.....just like women and their bags,shoes, 'designer' clothing etc.
Oopsie..wont happen again 00500 About ur initiatials...well..only thing to do now for u is contacting them asap to create u ur ultimate BCeT amp, as that cant be a coincidence Hehehehehe
+1 i agree ears are my entry way into musical bliss...or horror
Hehehehe u would sent a Distress call to them like this: CODE BLUE!!!! Highest priority... 'a bluecircian is in trouble..sent help to these coordinates'...end of message.....but dont worry about using BCET. for their custom projects they always use the names of the customer in some (weird) way in the initials of the product they create. So every custom designed and built amp is unique..not only in built..but ALWAYS IN NAME.PaG stands for: 'Paulo amp built by...
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