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Quote: Originally Posted by xchagg The thought of losing the Teldec label feels miserable; quite a few of my favourite recordings come from there. two favorite living conductors (Harnoncourt and Barenboim) have both recorded lots of great music for Teldec. Hopefully, these discs (not all of which I own) will remain available under Rhino, and their future recording careers won't be adversely affected.
I only have one genre - Classical - which is sadly missing from your list. But there are dozens of varieties inside that genre, so I organize by composer.
Toscanini would have been my first choice as well. There are four or five recordings of this work that are absolutely titanic in their stature: Toscanini, Karajan, Bernstein, Solti, and maybe Abbado. Colin Davis is also very, very good. Out of those options, I would say Solti or Davis are the best. Solti wasn't exactly entirely sympathetic to Verdi, but I think he gets the performance of this work just right. EDIT: Just noticed that the "Bryn Terfel" set is actually...
If you like the K501 and listen to classical music, I think the AKG K271s is the best closed choice out there.
Meh. As long as the forum rules don't forbid it, I don't see a problem. No one's being forced into anything. Why does it bother you so much?
Quote: Originally Posted by ddroit2005 Thank you for your advice, jagorev. But it looks a very attractive deal, doesn't it? I suppose. Though these appear to be mostly second-rate ensembles. I'd wonder if they can compare to Szell/Cleveland in the symphonies, or Harnoncourt in the Requiem, or Juilliard or Hagen in the quartets (though I will admit that the Franz Schubert Quartet, playing in this set, is actually very decent). My motto's always...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyears I have to agree, the Sony Bernstein is the set to get. I also agree. Though it's not uniformly perfect, there are some simply earth-shattering performances in this set - the 2nd, 9th, 6th, and Kindertotenlieder stand out for me. I was in a palpitating state of near-panic for several hours after listening to the recording of the 6th symphony. Truly terrifying music.
I think this might qualify as "too much of a good thing." You'll probably never digest such a behemoth. Better to go about your collecting through great individual performances and works that interest you.
If the Monteux recording you have in mind is from the 1950s, these are rather bland and unenergetic performances. He had mellowed signifcantly in his old age. I would say get Bernstein on Sony - it has fire and rhythmic drive along with good stereo sound. It's also coupled with possibly the best Rite of Spring I've heard. The Ansermet versions on Decca are also great - the whole of his Stravinsky recordings is available pretty cheaply at
I'm thinking Beyerdynamic DT 250-250. As good a closed phone as any I've heard, nice bass, quite detailed. PLEASE don't put tape and ruin a perfectly good open headphone.
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