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The HD 600 is a lovely headphone for vocals, or really anything for that matter.
Yes, they're good (did you really expect anyone to say they weren't "any good"?), and where to buy them depends on where you are.
I don't think impedance has much to do with, but cx300 is a much better choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xanatos Are there any recent sales on the ksc75? I missed out the last month or two. Amazon has them for $11.49
Quote: Originally Posted by belgarion34 Thanks for the suggestions. It sounds like I may want the SR 60 for home use and down the line buy either the AKG K 81 dj or the Sennheiser HD 25-SP Yeah, that's why so many of us have multiple headphones. Welcome to head-fi, and sorry about your wallet!
1. HD 485 is open. 2. If you want closed, I'd recommend the K81 off that list
I would say pick something from the Audio Technica A 500/700/900 line. Quite good all-rounder closed headphones.
FLAC. If you must have MP3 for portable use, LAME alt-preset-standard gives good VBR files around ~192 kbps. Not worth going any higher for me when I'm only using MP3s portably.
The SR-60 is awesome for rock. However, since it has zero isolation and leaks a ton of noise, I would never use the SR-60 on a bus. The HD 280 isolated a lot and doesn't leak, but is really too big to use on the bus. I think the best choices for you to look into are the AKG K81DJ and the Sennheiser HD 25-SP.
HD 280 vs. SR-60 is kind of an apples and oranges comparison. They're both very good in their own ways, perhaps the best in their niche under $100, but they fulfill quite different needs. I can confirm that the 280 headband may well crack after a year or two of usage, especially if you have a large head. And yes, the SR-60 does leak a lot of sound. There are lots of headphone choices out there. What kind of music do you listen to, and in what situations will you be...
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