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Quote: Originally Posted by Holybanana Hmmm, Something is wrong with my post or something like that? Yeah...long blocks of unbroken text are hard to read. Leaving empty lines are a good idea. I would suggest the Sennheiser HD 25-1 if you don't get a custom/high end seems like the ideal drummer's headphone.
I think the KSC55 have the same drivers as the KSC75, but they're kind of uncomfortable. The KTX-Pro1 has a traditional headband, and also seems to use the same titanium driver.
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is preferable to the cheaper closed phones, imo. It has better isolation than any closed fullsize headphone out there. Excellent for both value and sound quality.
Never heard it, but I'd bet a fiver that it doesn't sound better than the KSC-75 - having heard a bunch of cheap (<$30) headphones, not a single one is as good as the KSC-75 in my experience. Also, I'm not at all sure that these are more comfortable - the KSC-75 has rubbery clips which can be bent to conform quite closely to your ear.
I agree with OP about the PX100
Quote: Originally Posted by dshack In the past, these have given me a headache and have been uncomfterable I would note that comfort depends on the individual IEM - the CX300, for instance, does not go in nearly as deep as the Altec or Etymotic IEMs. There are people who find the latter kind quite painful, but have no issues with a shallow IEM like the CX300 (or Sony ex71/ex81, etc.)
When it comes to doing no wrong: Charles Munch, Guido Cantelli, and Fritz Reiner seem quite perfect and flawless in everything they recorded. I absolutely worship some of Furtwangler's recordings, but he had a few duds (especially in the studio). I guess the conductors who I enjoy listening to the most are Furtwangler, Pablo Casals, Carlos Kleiber, Charles Munch, Daniel Barenboim, and Leonard Bernstein. Also, I will usually buy any CD I come across that features Nikolaus...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalidor heard that the new flagship ones are the Dt990 and not the DT880...?? That's just what their marketing department says. It does not necessarily mean anything about sound quality.
Well, I can't help you with which headphones are available locally, since I have no idea where you are. This is why it's a good idea to put your location in your profile. I don't think there are any great-sounding noise-cancelling headphones in the $70 range. Better to get an IEM like the Sennheiser CX300 or Altec im716 - better isolation than any noise-canceller can boast of. If you don't need that much isolation, a regular closed headphone like the AKG K81DJ is a...
This forum should not take precedence over your own hearing in forming an opinion about a headphone. If you're so influenced by other people's opinions, I feel sorry for you, because you'll just be shifting from one FOTM to another.
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