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I think the PA2V2 is a poor match as an amp for the HD600. Given a line-out from an Mp3 player, there is no limit to the amps+cans you can use with them. Unamped, I think HD595 is the best option for MP3 players.
I'd get the 32 ohm, just cause that matches the Grado, so the same amp should be able to handle both of them at a similar gain setting.
I think it's more a question of 'different' than 'better'. I don't think headphones like the 600 or 650 are a huge improvement over the 580 - but I'd get a K501 for a taste of the AKG signature.
Shure e2c
as long as leakage isn't an issue, it's fine.
Both the Bernstein CD of orchestral works on Sony Classical, and the Fiedler/Boston Pops CD on RCA are highly recommended by me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holybanana Thanks, I'll fix that.. What's the difference between the HD 25-1 and the HD 25? There are two kinds of HD 25. There's the HD 25-1 and the HD 25-SP (which costs half as much and doesn't sound as good). Usually, when people say just "HD-25", I think they mean the HD 25-1.
If you don't need closed (ie, it's okay if the headphone doesn't block out noise), I'd recommend the Koss Portapro. Considerably better sounding than the 212 or K26p.
"In your face" sound with great comfort = Beyerdynamic DT 990, imo.
I have no idea what question you're asking. For me, PX100 > KSC-75, and HD-25 > HD-25-SP. I wouldn't compare the latter pair to the former, since that's a real apples and oranges situation.
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