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Any closed headphone or IEM will prevent noise from leaking out - there are dozens of choices. What's your budget?
Sennheiser HD-485 or Alessandro MS-1.
I wouldn't use an open headphone for any kind of monitoring. The AKG K271s would fulfill your needs. Very neutral and airy, detailed, and decent soundstage.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cousin Patty I dont consider Master of Puppets to be very well recorded at all... maybe its the remastered version that I have but I doubt it. Fair enough, but it does rock out pretty hard, and I think that might be more important.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel Lenny on piano embellishes the jazz swing a bit with some artistic liscense Yeah, but I think that's a necessary part of jazz.
I would get a closed can like the DT 250 or K271s
Both are great. I prefer the PX100 for my music.
Master of Puppets
I'm also a fan of the PX100 for this kind of usage. Small, lightweight, not leaky, and completely open. Quote: Originally Posted by replytoken What I really want is something small that will give me the same sound signature as my Senn HD-600's with my new Clix that I am using to sample music from URGE (@ 192k). A big request, but it never hurts to ask! The PX100 is the portable phone that sounds most like the HD 600 to me. It has the... ships internationally, and has prices as low as anybody. Same goes for and and are great sources for classical music in particular. I think those are all the stores I use.
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