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Quote: Originally Posted by Beagle If you like falling asleep at classical music concerts, it's going to be a hard choice. Wow, what an insightful comment. I don't think you'd like me going into a Grado/Alessandro thread and saying "if you enjoy tinnitus and high-frequency hearing loss, it's going to be a hard choice."
HD 600?
You can go to the specific track you want with a turntable.
What did you have the headphones plugged into?
I must revive this thread, because I've just listened to an absolutely revelatory recording - Pablo Casals conducting the Marlboro Festival Orchestra in Beethoven's 7th and 8th symphonies (Amazon link, ArkivMusic link): Perhaps the seasoned collectors on this board have this already, but it was new to me. The 7th symphony in this recording is at least the equal of Carlos Kleiber's legendary DG version. But the real revelation is the 8th symphony - simply, without...
I got the Barenboim set recently. It is stunning. I have little to say apart from "I love it." Thanks for the pointer!
Quote: Originally Posted by fwojciec Very true - the "so called" senn veil is, imo (and in my experience!), a result of inadequate amplification. Agreed.
I tend to think of everything in terms of CDs. Like "I shouldn't have splurged on getting pizza delivered, that could have been two more discs."
I'll assume that the HD650 is not going to be used portably (it's listed in your "home rig"). In which case, I think a PIMETA (especially with a 24V AC power supply) amp would be a great match for the Senn, and you can get it for the same price range as the Bithead (~$100-$220) My upgrade path was PA2V2 > PIMETA with the HD600, and it was a very appreciable improvement.
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