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I haven't posted on Head-Fi in quite a while, mostly cause I'm very happy with the headphones I currently own. But I have a really long international flight coming up, and I need a headphone which I can use with my Sony PCDP (D-NE920) and to play some games on the Nintendo DS Lite with. I'm looking, above all, for something that's comfortable, blocks out a fair amount of noise, and is quite easy to drive (conserving battery life is important). I'm leaning toward the...
Beethoven symphonies no. 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9. Any of the well known versions will do (Bernstein, Karajan, Zinman, Barenboim, Harnoncourt, etc.) For Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique, I highly, highly recommend the Paul Paray/Detroit Symphony recording on Mercury Living Presence (now available as a hybrid SACD for 5.99 from Incredibly good sound, and a thrilling performance. Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto (Emperor) - I am partial to Fleisher/Szell.
Even the most advanced tech from 50 years ago has been outstripped by now. I expect the same to continue happening for the next 50 years.
Impossible to tell with that crappy 128 kbps encoding. Sorry, but it sounds awful.
Pinnock is as good as anyone here. The recording you have is hard to beat. I enjoy Marriner/ASMF quite a lot for a modern instrument performance, and Harnoncourt/CMW is tremendously kinetic and exciting. Harnoncourt is my personal favorite for the visceral thrill. Any of these three could claim to be "best" imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oistrakh heifetz sucks... Tone too scratcy, plays things too fast and not musically... Don't tell me that **** about closing my eyes and listening to the music because even then I don't feel he plays musically at all... oistrakh and milstein are better Thanks for sharing.
Milstein is the reference for this music, but I think Heifetz is also quite incredible. Sergiu Luca has a very interesting historically informed recording that treads the work as predominantly polyphonic rather than chordal.
Easy answer for me - Jascha Heifetz.
For dynamic headphones, I would doubt that you can do any better than the HD600 paired with a good amp (like the Micro, M^3, PPAv2, or a Gilmore Lite)
I would say the Heifetz recording of the VC on RCA Red Seal has excellent sound quality, unless you only find digital recordings acceptable.
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