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Quote: Originally Posted by audiopete Thanks guys, but all Alessandros aside, is the Grado SR 80s worth buying at $180? Nope. Save your money and get an Alessandro, or buy used on these forums.
A sound that's much more "hi-fi" than any of your current cans. Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by hozo Btw, of the brands I’ve heard, country sounds good on all of them. I agree. Looks like you answered your own question there. It doesn't take a specific headphone to do well with country music.
The PX-100 sounds considerably more high-end. Totally worth the price for me. Of course, if you're very budget-conscious, the KSC-75 is definitely an excellent value. If primary concern is good sound quality: PX-100 If primary concern is decent sound at a great price: KSC-75
HD 25-1
If you cut a hole in the pads, that probably means there's a hair or some dust stuck on the driver. I would try to gently use a can of compressed air, or maybe a tweezer to remove any visible hairs.
I've had enough awkward interactions with friends waiting to talk to me while I struggle to twist the flanges out that I have practically given up wearing IEMs except when I'm travelling.
EP-630 is a good choice.
Being really antisocial.
He sure was Ahn target today. Sorry.
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