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Update: I'm fine. Thanks for all the good wishes. It was a huge annoyance, though, and I'm never using that damned headphone again. I've been using high end audio equipment and headphones for many years, and this has to be the first time this hobby has necessitated a visit to a doctor.
Haven't posted in this forum for a long time, but just thought I should share my ordeal with the rest of you: I've been using the Shure SE210 for a couple of months without any problems. Today, I popped them in a little while after taking a shower (though I took care to dry out my ears first). A few minutes later, I tried to remove them. The right one came out just fine. The left one also came out. But... something felt kind of funny. I looked at the left earbud to...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrSlacker I am sorry to say this, but for god's sake use the search function!!!!!!! Every 3 days there is at least 1 thread about headphone stores in NYC... You know, if you don't like it, you don't have to open the thread.
Looking for a good headphone shop that I can browse around in, preferably in Manhattan. Online shopping is great, but I'd love to take my SO to a store and give her the ability to see it in person before buying. The big brands in this area (Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Grado) are easy to find, but a store that carries AKG, Beyerdynamic, or Audio Technica would be a huge benefit. Thanks in advance.
I've been pretty inactive in the headphone hobby for the better part of a year (I'm pretty happy with the gear I own). Interesting to see that, in spite of the initial K-701 craze, Senn is still the consensus pick. Also interesting to see no picks for SA-5000, and very few for Beyer. Those would been mentioned much more frequently a year or two ago. Also would have expected a higher vote count for the GS-1000, given Headroom's review. /likes the way both AKG and Senn sound
Simple question, vote away IEMs, discontinued models, and electrostats excluded because, well, I'm only really interested in full-size dynamic headphones that are in production right now. Sorry.
Gizmodo recently posted about the JVC HA-NC80: They look pretty darn slick, and they're available online for $33-$60, which is not a bad price at all. Apparently, they also feature dual-mode noise-cancelling - "wide" mode for jets, and "low" mode for trains and buses. Here's a link to JVC's press release Since it's brand-new, there really isn't much available in the way of reviews so far. Maybe I'll have to be the guinea pig on this one.
I don't find it surprising at all. Many of the people who can afford to buy the HE90 are probably very high-end audiophiles who don't really have the time or desire to take in interest in our KSC-75 and Grado SR-60 discussions
For the EH-350 - none (and I believe in burn-in)
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