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you read my mind.  I wish there was a stand for the TT
I do not think there is a manual anywhere.  When you power it on,  you press the volume button (either up or down) continuously for 5-10 second until the LED digital display stop flashing.  You are ready to go.   I hope it helps
I have a DIY Mapletree Audio super II EL84 amp.  It may not be exactly the same as the commercial one.    However, I do not find the transformer output amp to be a very good choice for high impedance headphone.    If you adjust the impedance by parallel them with other resistor, that is another story.  
yes, it is possible. All you need is to replace the populated pcb for USB.  you can get the updated pcb from Audio-gd.   I think it cost around 55 dollars.   Sam
You are correct.  I used an AUDIO TECHNICA optical cable which has a native 3.5mm plug on one side, so I guess it is almost perfect for the purpose. (It was an old one made of quartz instead of fiber glass or plastic,  I  think it is a good quality one ).   I saw red light come out from the cable when I pull it from the HA-1.  I guess the AK100 is working OK. Can you try if your AK100 work with HA-1 via optical cable? thanks for your help in advance Sam
Yes, I did.  I used the same optical cable to connect  AK100 with MF V-DAC and Audio-gd NBF10SE without any problem (though the other two DAC  do not accept anything higher than 96KHz.  Most of my files are  44.1KHz which were ripped from CD.  ).  I contacted the local service centre, they said there should be  something wrong with my system (In other word, they tried to convince me that it was not their problem.) I wish they were more helpful than this.  Sam
I tried the bluetooth too. it works perfectly fine and it sounds quite good.   I do not understand why it does not work with optical output from AK100. The optical cable connection from AK100   to the MF V-DAC is fine, so I am pretty sure the way I connect them together is OK.     sam
Need help from you guys.   I am a new owner of the HA-1.    I tried to use Astell & Kern AK100  Portable Digital Player as source via optical input while I was playing online game yesterday.   I could not get any sound from the HA-1.  I tried different cable and different songs and it did not work.  Any body has similar experience?   At the moment I connect the AK100 to my old V-DAC (via optical) as source, use RCA input to the HA-1 .     I have no problem using...
SR-009 was  fixed and returned home safely
I sent mine last week.   I tested the SR-009 with a sound pressure level meter (SPL Meter).   I found a difference of 10-12 db.   the difference in my old SR404 is 0.5db.    sam 
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