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I sent mine last week.   I tested the SR-009 with a sound pressure level meter (SPL Meter).   I found a difference of 10-12 db.   the difference in my old SR404 is 0.5db.    sam 
Dear all,   I bought mine from Pricejapan in Feb, 2014.  I guess it is still under warranty.     I did try the discharge trick with metal wire.  I tried keeping it in the desiccator for a week.  (I live in a humid area)   No luck so far :-(   Sam     P.S.  I have the SR-404.  I left them on the table without any cover for the past 10 years.  It sounds perfect.
I have the same problem with my SR-009.   The left side gives out half the volume of the right side.  I will wait for a few weeks to see if it will return to normal.  I have to say I am quite disappointed with Stax.     I bought mine from PJ 3  months ago.   Sam
 I know how to get the Master 9 but this Whisky might be a problem.......
Yes , I should come back and complain, shouldn't I?  The ring is too small to hold the pad.
Agreed, it is  a very good amp.  I did not hear any warm sound but I did not use the original tube.  I have a few sets of expensive 12AU7  tubes sitting in the closet.  (The tubes are definitely over killed when you consider this $200 dollars)   the parts are of good quality when you consider the price.     There are toroidal transformer, two Elna audio grade 4700 uf cap, alps potential meter.     Of course, you may upgrade the output caps and the resistors of the...
I am afraid I do not have an answer.  Grados give out colored sound.  Audio-gd headphone amp does not color the sound, so they should be good match in theory.   You may buy a second hand audio-gd to try out  before you commit any serious money.    I am a low tech DIYer,  (tried to home made a Mapletree  Super II headphone amp and almost set fire on my apartment)    I admit I was impressed when I open up the Audio-gd headphone amp.  They were so many electronic parts...
I do not think Audio-gd is a good match to Grado.   I owned some low end Audio-gd headphone amp  before.   I will spend the money on a RS-1 or SR-325.  those are very good cans, you will not regret.     Buying an amp for Grado is not absolute necessary,  you will not get a lot more out of them even you add an amp.
they are twins. they are interesting!!   Sam
I doubt we need another power supply as the original one looks quite heavy duty to me.   Of course, we can never be sure until we try the new power supply,  Please post a review after you guys try it. 
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