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Hey there, whenever I turn on my MW50 the audio cuts in and out for the first 10 seconds or so. I'll even sometimes loose the bluetooth connection all together. But after that initial few seconds my connection holds and I don't have any issues.    Is this normal behavior? This is my first pair of headphones, so I have nothing else to compare. Thanks!
Hey there,    I'd like to sell my Westone 4R to save up for the Momentum Wireless. I'm not seeing this item on ebay, so I don't have a good idea what these are worth, if anything. This is probably because it's so old, but I did buy them for $500 (I think).   Can anyone let me know if these are worth putting up on ebay and if there's still any interest in these?   Thanks!
 Nice thanks, for the head ups. Does anyone know what the cables look like? The connector on the HE 400 cables was a little large and I could never get it to plug into my ipad or smartphone with a case one.  I'm leaning towards the X2, because the cable connector looks super slim. 
I'm surprised there's still no news on a release date. I'm eagerly awaiting for reviews on this to come out, so that I can sell my HE-400 and decide between this or X2. 
 AHH, nice! I was trying to set up a sub $200 system and many recommended the u turn orbit, but with all the necessary additions it brings things past $200, so I'm just going to buy the one you recommended. One last question: I have to choose either powered speakers or headphones and a amp, right? There's no way to set things up where I can have both options?
Ahh, I see. In that case, I should be able to plug the turntable into the Vali and the Vali into headphones, right? Thanks.
Hi Guys,    I'm planing on putting together my first turntable set up and have a few questions. I'm planning on having my setup consist of the following parts:   Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers Schitt Vali U Turn Tuntable   My question to you guys, is if I'm missing anything? I did some reading, and I believe the turntable will plug into the Vali amp and the vali amp will then plug into the speakers. Is that correct?   My other question is if anyone has additional...
   Thanks for the responses guys. I haven't had a chance to buy a cheap IEM yet, but I plugged in a pair of HE 400 and B&W P5 and the static/white noise/hiss is still present. I took a look and I do have a surge protector, but I'm also sharing the surge protector with a router, and a whole bunch of other devices (every outlet is plugged in). I'm guessing it's an issue with how many devices are plugged in?
 Doh, that was silly of me. I set it to high gain and I'm really happy with the setting and don't feel like I need an AMP. 
I just got a pair of HE-400s and I've been using them with my Xonar STX sound card. I'm finding that the volume is a little subdued, so I'm guessing I'll need an AMP.  Does anyone have any recommendations for an AMP in the 100 dollar range? I'm thinking EO9K?     home setup HE-400 Xonar STX   work setup B&W P7 mod+vali
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