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   Thanks for the responses guys. I haven't had a chance to buy a cheap IEM yet, but I plugged in a pair of HE 400 and B&W P5 and the static/white noise/hiss is still present. I took a look and I do have a surge protector, but I'm also sharing the surge protector with a router, and a whole bunch of other devices (every outlet is plugged in). I'm guessing it's an issue with how many devices are plugged in?
 Doh, that was silly of me. I set it to high gain and I'm really happy with the setting and don't feel like I need an AMP. 
I just got a pair of HE-400s and I've been using them with my Xonar STX sound card. I'm finding that the volume is a little subdued, so I'm guessing I'll need an AMP.  Does anyone have any recommendations for an AMP in the 100 dollar range? I'm thinking EO9K?     home setup HE-400 Xonar STX   work setup B&W P7 mod+vali
I have a STX with HE-400s. I'm finding that my headphones aren't very loud, and was wondering if I either need an AMP or if I might have some settings wrong?
I recently picked up HE-400 and I've been using it in my home setup. I find that it isn't very loud, so I'm assuming I need a better AMP. Should I take the vali from my work setup and bring it home (so that I'm only using the DAC at work)? I'm reading that the P7s don't really need an AMP.    I ask because my old 598s sound a lot "better" and are much louder with my home setup. Maybe this may be due to a personal preference?    Thanks!   Home Xonar...
Picked up a P7 and using it with a vali modi combo. I hear a lot of white noise when my music is paused. I emailed Schiit and someone responded that the P7s are insanely efficient, so they would expect that I hear the noise floor.    Can someone confirm that this is the case? I don't have another pair of headphones to test at the moment. 
 Good point, and good to know! THANKS!
 I found this on ebay, last week, new for $325+$25 (shipping). Fingers crossed that they're not knock offs!
Hi everyone,    I have the following headphones below that I use for for my office (i.e. closed) and would like to know if the 15.32 will benefit my headphones.    Please let me know if you think this will be a good purchase. I may also by HiFiMan He-400 some day Thanks!     Music everything except for hip-hop/rap, at 320kbps on Spotify   Headphones P7 and P5
Hi There,    My work desktop is a old HP computer, and I'm curious if an AMP/DAC combo will help improvement my audio experience.   I'm generally using my P5s at work, and listening to spotify on 320kbps. Will a Fiio e17 benefit my setup/headphones?    Thanks!     My portal media player Galaxy Note 3 (99% I won't be using this as my audio player)    Heaphones Sennheiser 598 B&W P5 and P7   IEM Westone 4   Music everything except for hip-hop/rap at 320kbps
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