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The question is - which one is accurate?  Is the HO enhancing the highs or is the LO attenuating them?  Since the LO is intended to feed a potentially high quality preamp/amp, wouldn't you want the best quality there?
I just noticed this last night and was wondering if anyone else noticed it.  The DX-50's sound quality from the headphone out is dramatically different than that of the line out.  It is significantly brighter sounding.  I have no EQ or other processing set up.  This is heard when comparing the headphone sound to the line out either through multiple amps or with the headphones plugged directly into the line out plug.
As one who owns both the SE425 and the SE535, my advice would be to go with the 535.  I do not hear a high frequency roll off on either, but the main difference between the two is upper bass / lower midrange where the the 535 is fuller and more dynamic.  I owned the 425 for about a year and eventually became dissatisfied with the rather thin overall presentation - I even experimented with stuffing material in the holes in the eartips.  I finally decided to try the 535 and...
Due to compromises inherent in the construction of a single-driver BA, I don't think you would be getting a good example of an "armature type sound" if you go cheap.
A cheap BA IEM, if one even exists, will be horribly deficient in bass and treble extremes.  Sony tried it a while ago (XBA-1 or something - I own it but I don't remember the name - it was about $80) and it was all midrange with no bass or treble extension.  A very dry sonic presentation.  If you have a problem with crossovers then I would suggest one of the better single driver units like the RHA-M750i.
I would be very surprised if you hear any differences under those circumstances, but it can't hurt to try.
These negative reviews are disheartening.  I've been using version 1.2 for a year or so and was hoping that the Red would be a reasonable upgrade.  Now it seems that the difference in sound quality may be minimal at best, or may even be degraded.  I may try it anyway since my mileage may vary.
You need two pair to make them sing.  I used to sell them, and after hearing about the doubles we opened up another pair and set them up in the showroom.  The transformation was amazing.  The sound became more natural and open, without the wooly bass that the single Advents exhibited.  Those were the days of the magic...
Oooooh, Double Large Advents - one pair on top of the other.  That combination reached LEGENDARY status back in the day!
That's one of Technics really low-end tables and it suffered from horrible feedback issues.  If you get it, make sure it is on a rock-solid foundation on a non-resonant floor and a decent distance from the speakers.  If not, you won't be able to turn the volume up too far before the table starts howling.
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