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Never underestimate the gullibility of an audiophile. I was recently ostracized at another forum. A forum member, who was considering spending $350 on new tonearm cables for his turntable, was told that he had to borrow or acquire a cable burn-in device to burn in the new cables. If this wasn't done he would only be getting 15% of the performance capability of the new cables. In a nutshell, I said that this was a lot of hogwash. My comment was "Welcome to the Enid...
 It was a joke!! I spent almost $700 on headphone stuff last month alone! My cardboard box is already so stuffed there's no room for me!
You're kidding me, right? 150 hours? That sounds like a salesman trying to ensure that the unit is kept beyond the return period.
I think the only ones making big bucks at audio engineering are Dr. Dre and the late Amar Bose - and both are more adept at marketing than engineering.
So sad to hear about someone so young being addicted to this hobby. One thing to look forward to is that the cardboard box that you'll be living in when you're 60 will be outfitted with a stunning collection of headphones.
425 cables keep cutting out.  Was wondering if 215 cables would fit.
I disagree.  People who really, really love music don't care what it's being played on.  People who love audio gear may say that they love music but I'll bet they can't listen to an entire piece of music without focusing on some aspect of the reproduction, or getting up and fiddling with something.  That would be me...
A 50dB dynamic range is not all that great - it's about the limit of vinyl recording from maximum volume to disc surface noise. CDs go much further than that. Of course, what is achievable and what is practical are two different things in a real living room environment.
Foobar's spectrum analyzer shows the frequency on the bottom of the graph if you expand its window or just make it full screen. The VU meter, according to your description, is operating correctly and accurately.
I just picked up on this thread, but it's obvious that the Apple encoders are injecting some subliminal messages into their AIFF or ALAC files, which is causing the differential in sound quality. Messages like "Never question that Apple products are the best" and "You cannot pay too much for anything from Apple"
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