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 They must be injecting clicks and pops - or maybe just a reverse RIAA EQ circuit followed by a normal RIAA circuit. I don't think they can simulate the effect of improper VTA, cantilever/tone arm interactions, or inner groove distortion.
Our needs expand to fill available space. You probably won't have room to grow for too long. I filled up 128GB in no time so I added a 1TB hard drive via an OTG cable. I have to provide external power for the drive so there goes portability. It never ends.
I, for one, find it refreshing that people are letting their defenses down and admitting that they can't hear a difference. I get so fed up with zealots that replace a piece of wire then need to impress everyone with their command of golden-ear superlatives in describing the "transformation" of their audio systems.
I'm using the DX-50 with an OTG cable attached to a 1TB hard drive and it works well with the original DX-50 firmware. Anyone know if it will it work with RockBox or has that not yet been implemented?
Sigh... I can't hear the difference, but I know there has to be, and as long as I know there has to be I will not be satisfied with an MP3. Illogical...yup...stupid...maybe - in light of the space savings between FLAC and MP3...pigheaded...definitely.
Anyone having issues with the touchscreen sensitivity? I find that if I touch the screen to scroll up or down through a directory listing I wind up selecting whatever I touch and I have to hit the back arrow to return to the directory list. Very annoying! This was with all versions of the firmware including 1.2.8. Response to the pause, forward and backward buttons also remains sluggish.
I found the TDK IE800 on clearance for $24 at a Homegoods in South Jersey.  There were two sets, but I only bought one because I wasn't familiar with them - I only knew about the BA200.  I didn't get to hear them until later that night, and I was leaving for home in New York well before the store opened the next morning.  Once home, I realized how good they were and I was kicking myself for not buying the second one.  After scouring TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls up here...
I just found out that even though Wolfson DACs can handle 96/24 and beyond, the Android OS is hard wired to 44.1/16.  Any higher rate stuff is resampled down.  Does anyone know if the Sandisk Clip Zip suffers the same fate?  Are there any portables that actually output high bite rate stuff without resampling?
I can't really speak to battery life as I've never really tested it - or stressed it for that matter.  I use a combination of 128K, 160K and 392K MP3's as well as high bit rate FLACs, with some game playing and web surfing and haven't had an issue with having to recharge often.  I do turn off wireless and bluetooth unless I'm using them and the brightness is kept down.   And no, you're not alone.  The difference is night and day.   How's the weather in Mexico...
Up until last month I would have laughed at your comparison of the Clip+ to an FM radio or a keyhole.  Having just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2, however, and having done some extensive comparisons between the Clip+, the e280 and the Samsung, I have to say that the comparison is dead on.  I can be fairly tin-eared when comparing source components, but the difference was immediately apparent.  The Samsung is head and shoulders above the Sansa. 
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