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In my experience, once your ear acclimates to one sound signature, switching to another will cause your brain to become disoriented as it tries to sort out the differences.  Once acclimated to the new signature, switching back to the old one will cause the same disorientation.  I have many times thought that changes to the sound signature of a set of headphones over the first weeks of ownership were due to burn in, but then after switching to a different sound signature...
...oh and stop burning in the headphones.  The only thing that needs burning in is your brain.  Give it about 50 hours to completely forget about the sonic signature of whatever headphones you were using last.
There will ALWAYS be a better headphone.  Enjoy the T20i's for a while.  Your falling into the trap that the rest of us have fallen into - there always seems to be something tugging at our wallets.
I have a soft spot in my head for those '70s Kenwoods, having owned a bunch of their upper end integrated amps and tuners.  I liked them much better than the Pioneers of the day.
"Go Now" - The Moody Blues
Regarding the 750 being better than the 425 or 535, we are all entitled to our opinions, but owning all three I can state categorically that I heartily disagree.  The 750s sound soft, ill-defined, and boomy next to either of the Shures.  Actually it was the over-emphasis of the bass that eventually drove me from the RHA to the Shures.
I can't speak to the GR07, but the 750's are much better than the 215. As mentioned elsewhere, the 215 tends to be muddy, with instruments jumbled together and a lack of detail, although the actual frequency response is good with a nice balance of highs, mids and lows. The 750's are cleaner, more transparent, and slightly bass heavy.
 I haven't tried the RHA T20i, but I've owned the RHA MA750i and enjoyed it. I replaced it with the SE425, which I liked better, although they sounded a little thin in the mid to upper bass. After a year with the 425 I got the 535 which really put the meat back on the bones. If you can afford them, the 535 are the way to go.
My Advent receiver (15wpc conservatively) make a great headphone amp!.
If you really want to hear a difference, and you are sure there is no DC offset, remove or bypass the coupling cap to the power amp stage altogether.  I did that on my Hafler DH200 30 years ago and suddenly I could hear the wood tones in the piano sound.  I eventually wound up putting some quality electrolytics bypassed with Wima poly's in place there because I was afraid some DC was going to leak through and cook things.
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