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OK, back to vintage.  I'm using a Hafler DH-200 that I built in 1981 to drive the Martin Logans.  For a headphone amp / phono preamp I've been waffling between an Advent 300 receiver and a Pioneer SA-8500II.  Vintage enough for ya? I'm also using a home-built passive preamp in the main system, and a Schiit SCH-13 driving a Rotel RB-980BX for the computer system.  No tone controls anywhere.  My choice.
I just bought a pair of Martin Logan ElectroMotion ELS (after decades of lusting after Martin Logan speakers) and the imaging on them is pretty spectacular, too.  With all my previous speakers I needed to listen in the dark in order to reduce visual stimulation and get a better sense of image placement.  With these, the image is so strong I can listen with the lights on and still get that sense of a palpable presence between (and sometimes beyond) the speakers.  I'd read...
In audio, it's whatever floats your boat.  My comments were spurred by MonsterZero's exquisite list of equipment and the seemingly incongruous addition of a Sansui graphic equalizer.   On a lighter note, +1 on Mickey Dee's solo!  I always like to see drummers protecting their hearing with headphones, too.  When I got back into drumming in 2007 after a 30 year hiatus, I started using earplugs to minimize damage.  Now I can't play without them.  I just turned 64 - gotta...
Remarkably, the 1250 does contain a discrete tone control stage, as well as all the other stages.  The Sansui SE-7 passes the signal through 11 4558 opamps and 2 4559 opamps, as well as a significant number of eletrolytic caps.  As far as opamps go, the 4559/9 are not all that bad when used sparingly, but 13 is a bit much...
The same thing happened to me.  It was under Sandisk's warranty so I contacted them and they told me to send it back to them for a replacement.  I got a new one a couple of weeks later.  Fortunately, I kept a backup of it and it was easily restored.
I knew I was going to stir up some vitriol with my comment.  I in no way said that he shouldn't listen to whatever he likes, whenever he likes, or however he likes.  I just said that the introduction of a graphic equalizer - especially a consumer-level equalizer - is extremely detrimental to the sound quality.  I'm sure MonsterZero will enjoy playing with it for a while, and then, just like I did some 40 years ago, he'll eventually discover that the system sounds more...
Sorry if I offend, but it saddens me to see someone who is obviously into good sound and top quality equipment insert a phase coherency destroying, low quality opamp ridden graphic equalizer into the chain.  The equipment you list in your signature was fastidiously built for unadulterated sound, not tweeked and pinched into a cartoonish mockery of it. Disturbing, indeed.
A set of UE900S's have become available locally for $150 and my natural inclination to "collect things" is tugging at me.  I already own the Shure SE535 and was wondering if anyone had the opportunity to compare the two.  I'd like to know if the Shures are just that much better and if I should keep my hands out of my wallet.   Thanks, everyone!
The headphones don't need burn-in, but your brain might need a little while to acclimate to the accurate, un-exaggerated bass.  The key is to play something with really deep bass and I think you'll find their effortless and dynamic reproduction of it captivating.  After a while, switching to any other headphone will be a real disappointment.
The freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant works for me.  Does everything from transferring an operating system from hard drive to SSD (the free version doesn't work with UEFI, though), to formatting microsd of any size to FAT32.
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