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The headphones don't need burn-in, but your brain might need a little while to acclimate to the accurate, un-exaggerated bass.  The key is to play something with really deep bass and I think you'll find their effortless and dynamic reproduction of it captivating.  After a while, switching to any other headphone will be a real disappointment.
The freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant works for me.  Does everything from transferring an operating system from hard drive to SSD (the free version doesn't work with UEFI, though), to formatting microsd of any size to FAT32.
A 200GB microsd card is now available from BestBuy at a reasonable price.  Has anyone had any luck or experience using a 200GB card with the DX-50?
Gentlemen, speaking of Sansui...     http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/ele/5646262903.html   and     http://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/ele/5648010910.html   Let the drooling begin!
Lenny white is drumming on the Return to Forever album.
I'm sorry, but unless you can show me that there are significantly fewer data transfer errors when using this Sony card vs. any standard card, I'm going to have to say that those who can hear a difference are delusional...with all due respect.
I tried to find a clever schematic drawing program to draw up this simple circuit, but could find nothing simple and quick.  Basically, you take a 15K and a 4.7K resistor and tie them in series.  The positive output from the preamp goes to the top of the 15K and ground goes to the bottom of the 4.7K.  Output is taken from the top of the 4.7K for positive and the bottom of it for ground.  The formula for calculating the output voltage is Vout = (Vin x R2)/(R1 + R2) where...
That's one way of doing it.  On my Parasound P/HP850 I ran a second resistor in parallel with the resistor that provides negative feedback for the line/gain stage, thus increasing negative feedback and decreasing gain.  I've also built a separate outboard voltage divider that goes between the preamp and amp and reduces the gain.
The question is - which one is accurate?  Is the HO enhancing the highs or is the LO attenuating them?  Since the LO is intended to feed a potentially high quality preamp/amp, wouldn't you want the best quality there?
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