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I found a Sherwood S-7xxx at Goodwill for $15.  The manager of the store was pissed off that someone marked it so cheap, but sold it for that price anyway.  I had it for a while then offed it at a tag sale.  I wasn't that impressed.  Must have been the low end of the line.
The Pioneer was fine, although it probably needed a re-cap to reach it's full potential.  Compared to the Mac it's high-end was kind of aggressive and spitty and the overall presentation was thin. The Mac is just a whole lot more listenable - warmer, better resolution in the highs without emphasizing them, more body in the upper bass/lower midrange.  I don't see any appreciable difference in sound stage.
Picked up a Mac (McIntosh) 1900 receiver at tag sale for $100. The headphone out is just a 220 ohm dropping resistor oft the 55 watt amp's speaker outs and is unbelievably musical and clean. I'd put this thing up against any multi kilobuck op-amp headphone amp out there. In my system it replaced a Pioneer SA-6500, which replaced an Advent 300, which replaced a Denon DRA-435R. The Pioneer was good, but no match for the McIntosh. The Pioneer's aging power supply caps...
Heh, heh...   Meet my new headphone amp - a Mac (McIntosh) 1900 solid state receiver.  A hundred bucks at a local church tag sale.  In great condition, except for the missing buttons (which I have ordered), and sounds marvelous.  Even the wood cabinet is in very good shape.  This thing is built like a tank!    
StanD, I'm a drummer and Dave is a hero of sorts. I have many of his cd's as well as a few of his training DVDs. I cut my teeth on fusion back in the 70's with Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return to Forever, and watched it crumble into "Acid Jazz" and "Smooth Jazz" as labels like GRP homogenized and pasteurized the output of some really fine players. Dave remains independent and is still delivering top-notch stuff.
From StanD I recommend that you listen to "In the Pocket" by Dave Weckl on the Hard-Wired Album and then tell me how you think the H3 handles bass as well as drums. Wow! Someone else bought Dave's album? I thought I was the only one who did that!
Try removing or inserting the plug slowly to see if at some point both earpieces make sound. If they do, then it might be that the jack on the headphone or the plug on the source may be slightly out of spec and are not connecting correctly. As for continuity, there should be some continuity between the tip and the sleeve and the ring and the sleeve (left to ground and right to ground, respectively), but none between the tip and the ring. Finally, take a AA battery and...
The headphone output on most older amps was just the speaker output padded down with resistors. If your headphone out is ok but the speaker is cutting out I would look at poor connection/oxidation at the speaker terminal itself. If the volume and balance pots were malfunctioning you'd hear it both on headphones and speakers.
 Don't get me wrong - I use and enjoy both analog and digital sources. But in my quest for the ultimate audio experience I would hope that manufacturers would be trying to get me as close as possible to the live event, or at least the master tape, and not some approximation of an incredibly flawed and finicky reproduction medium.I will say this, placing a record on the turntable, cleaning it, cleaning the stylus and gingerly placing it on the record, then sitting down to...
 They must be injecting clicks and pops - or maybe just a reverse RIAA EQ circuit followed by a normal RIAA circuit. I don't think they can simulate the effect of improper VTA, cantilever/tone arm interactions, or inner groove distortion.
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