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I've heard good things about AJ's work for Pioneer from some very reputable reviewers, but I have not had the opportunity to listen to any of them.  Based on the reviews, I have to say it's remarkable what you can do when you put some thought into a product - unfortunately, a half century of crap speakers from Pioneer point out the fact that they haven't. 
Unfortunately, none of the speakers made by electronics manufacturers are worth the particle board their made of.  Many top companies such as Denon have lost credibility by introducing a speaker line.  They just can't get it right.  One arguable exception might be Carver, but people either love or hate their products.I've never heard the Diatone's, but the Yammy's are a conundrum.  Yamaha has built a strong reputation for it's studio monitor speakers, even though their...
You know, I get the fascination with vintage Pioneer, Kenwood, et. al. electronics.  I do not get it when it comes to their speakers.  Back when they were originally sold they were considered junk - and rightly so.  Garbage cone tweeters, cheap crossovers (sometimes little more than a capacitor to the tweeter).  I remember going to a trade show when Pioneer was introducing their first speaker with a 15" woofer.  It was horrible.  I made a comment to the rep that the woofer...
The 300's are very good, and the isolation is sufficient.  I tested them, the 300 Elite and the 700 and found them to be the most bang for the buck at the $130 sale price BestBuy frequently runs them at.  I'm not a big fan of the additional circuitry and processing that EQ and NC requires - I even run the 300's wired most of the time. A couple of caveats - the 300's do clamp tightly, and there is a significant delay in the audio when used as bluetooth, so they may not be...
Some headphones are like that.  I'm building a headphone-specific gainclone amp and it sounds great - nice and quiet - until I hook up my Shure SE535's to it.  Then I hear all the buzzes and hums that are masked by the other headphones.  I'm going to have to try moving the transformer to another enclosure to minimize the noise.
Dual 1229!  My very first quality turntable back in the early seventies.  Idler driven, fully automatic with a Stanton 681EEE cartridge (which I still own).  Had it for a number of years until I eventually replaced it with a direct drive turntable and was shocked by the amount of idler rumble that I had become ear-blind to.  Sometimes the memories of vintage gear bear only a slight similarity to the reality.
As you said, some easier than others.  Some are complete wood cabinets that lay the innards bare when removed, and some are just decorative wood side panels. 
Which of these would be a better choice for connecting a computer to a pre-amp?  The red was designed with a heftier headphone amp and the black was designed for mobile devices.  My understanding is that the Red has the superior DAC, but does the headphone amp mean it's not a good choice for a low-level input?
I wasn't referring to modern headphone amps, most of which treat headphones like they were made of crystal. I was referring to modern integrated amps putting out 50+ watts per channel.  Most headphone amps these days are op-amp or single tube models that would cringe in the face of a vintage receiver.  IMO, however, not all vintage is good, and the purpose of the sizing of the units back then was not to produce the best possible sound quality, but to out-joule the...
Seems to me you're asking for a repair and you should not be refused.  Did they say the repair would cost more than a new set?  I can't imagine that a couple of pieces of plastic, some glue, and 15 minutes of time would cost over $500.
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