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Totally agree with you! Best dynamic IEM.
Lars, from time to time I get in touch with the developer of the rockbox port for HiFIMAN devices. BTW he lives in Moscow. I asure you that Rockbox works fine on HM-801 for already more than a year. Don't mislead fellow headfiers plz. The only real problem is with the dislays of the new batches of slims and even not all of them. I don't know anybody in Russia, who has even a slightest problem with Rockbox on HM-801, and there are plenty of 801 users here.   So don't be...
Rockbox works perfectly with HM-801, don't worry. There can be some problems with HM-60x Slim, but not with HM-801, all the problems have been fixed long time ago. I ment that you have to install Rockbox and 0.19 at the same time. You will be able to use both. I use Rockbox only as a file manager, because 0.19 sounds better.   All the files are in the archive (Windows 8). Check again.  1. Put "HM-801.IMG" into the internal memory of HM-801. 2. Put ".rockbox" folder on you...
I've told you right from the beginning that this problem is easy to be solved. :) All you have to do is to make a dualboot firmware (0.19 + Rockbox). I've already made one, so download it from here: Put the IMG file into the internal memory, and the .rockbox folder on your SD card. If you press the power button - Rockbox will load, if you press power + any other button - 0.19 will load, and you won't need to reinsert your SD card. I've...
Nothing will be lost, you will even gain a proper auto power off after timeout. All the SD cards work properly if you make a dualboot firmware (0.19 + Rockbox).   Yes, you can always return the 0.23.
I remember that 0.19 in comparison with 0.23 sounds fullier, rich, with better imaginary stage and attack. I compared HM-801 + SYMMcard amp with MyST PortaDAC 1866OCUB not so long ago. With 0.19 HM-801 sounds very similar to PortaDAC. Anfortunatelly I can't say the same about Rockbox or 0.23.
Here you go.   BTW, 0.19 is the best sounding firmware. Check it out. There is no problem with SD if you make a dualboot firmware (0.19 + Rockbox). 
I should say that ER4S is quite sensive to output impendance. ;)
You can try adding replay gain to the metadata of your files. Rockbox understands this parameter. This way you won't have any disbalance even with more gain power.   Few days ago I got my SYMMcard amplifier. A wonderful amp that sounds exactly like the line out. I will translate my impressions soon.
It's a pity that I don't understand the difference between the measurements.   Update: Now I see what you are talking about.   By the way, I will probably lay my hands on the SYMM card apm this week, so I'll be able to review it soon.
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