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I ordered a pair of beyer DT 880 250 ohm which should be here any day. I will be using my iPhone 6+ as my source. What's my best solution for portable amp < $200. I've been looking at: Ifi ican nano Cayin C5 Fiio A5 Any thoughs or suggestions for other amps or amp/dac?
Thanks again
Maybe dark isn't the right word (I'm no audiophile), maybe less airy then other headphones I have heard. I love them for more bass heavy music but I'm looking for something for other genres. I'll take a closer look at the hd700. Are they hard to drive? Could a portable amp do them justice?
Thanks for the help. Just came across the sorbothane mod recently and will do that. And eventually want to build a bottle head amp as well. I was thinking 880 over the hd 60/659 because the HE 400 are already a little dark and just wanted something a little different. Thanks again.
I need your help with deciding on a new headphone + portable amp. I currently have a pair HE-400 and Vali amp  and DUNU 2000 IEMs and I'm looking for a new setup. I've been listening to a lot of live albums of various artists (of monsters and men, Dave Matthews and various rock/metal groups with orchestra albums).  I want something with good soundstage and clarity. I've been loooking at Beyer dt 880 with either ifi ican nano or cayin c5.  Any thoughts or suggestions? I...
Anyone have good suggestions for a portable amp for the 250 ohm version? I already have a Vali for home use. Was looking at Cayin C5? Any thoughts or other suggestions? Thanks
Sure. I've he it for a few days now and I love it. I am by no means an "audiophile" but I do like music to sound good. To me it's great. I've been moving from room to room throughout the day and that's the best part. It so easy to just move around.I also have been using for TV. Regular TV shows just sound whatever but there was a movie on earlier today and man it sounded great. Really improved on the normal sound from my tv.To me the bass is actually pretty darn good and...
Got mine today. Only got to play for a short time but it sounds great so far.
Haha. That's exactly where I live (Palm Desert actually). But I didn't get it for outside anyways.
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