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Currently using my ipod/iphone/iPad--> Schiit vali --> hifiman he400. Would a x3--> vali--> he400 give me a noticeable increase in SQ? Basically is the dac in the x3 much better than the dac in these apple products? Or am I better off getting an I device compatable dac?
Recently got the HE 400 and Vali. Looking for a dac now in that same price range. I'm assuming to just go with the Modi unless anyone has any other suggestions to look into.
Look at the appreciation thread in the full size headphones section. Nicholars posted some EQ settings that he felt were best for the He 400.
How does it sound? It sounds great on my HE 400's! Gives such a full and rich sound.
Can't say for the 990, but just got mine to pair with the HE 400 and it sounds great. As for as microphonics, maybe I got lucky or they have fixed it, but I basically have none, even when tapping the Vali.
Here's my situation. I just got the hifiman HE 400 and Vali and want to add a dac. Was going to to get Modi but the problem is that I never listen to music through a computer or laptop. I only listen with my ipod/iphone/iPad. I want to further increase my sound quality if possible by adding a dac. Do you think I would get a better sound by buying a cheap Sansa clip and adding a dac to that? The dacs that work with ipod/ipone etc are kind of expensive from what I've...
Does the Modi need to be used with a computer or can it be used with a portable player like a Sansa clip?
Possibly a dumb question, but if your are using a DAP, amp and DAC would the quality of the DAP make any difference! I would think that it wouldn't since you are bypassing the DAPs internal amo and DAC. Am I missing something or would a simple San Disk sound pretty much the same as a high end DAP if the amp and dac are the same? Thanks.
Interested as well
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