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He sold me a 2007 version Head Room Micro DAC and shipped it quickly. It came in the condition he described (I think maybe even a little better than he described) and sounds great! An easy, smooth transaction.
So, for a ramen recipe I like I finally found a Kombu Dashi mix to use instead of the Bonito mix I've been using. The problem is, I was so excited I didn't realize I have no idea what ratio of water to mix it with! Would anyone be willing to take a look at these pictures I took of the packaging and tell me if it's written on there? Pretty please? In return, here is a delicious but painless ramen recipe that I have been using: Shoyu ramen recipe -...
Quote: Originally Posted by spookygonk Any chance of this recipe, please? Of course. Here ya go! Quote: Originally Posted by
Yeah, it costs $30USD to send mine to me. It does have a handle, It's a Black L-Scuttle with a thumb handle. It was surely expensive however it was packed incredibly well. Also it was a gift from my grandmother that I will have virtually forever if I take care of it well enough. It is my favorite shaving item. Here's a review of the LK-Scuttle. Schwarzweisskeramik LK-Scuttle with classic four-finger handle - Badger & Blade These are expensive, especially if you live...
There's one of the new songs up on their myspace. And I know they've been working with a bunch of session musicians for this new album. I'm pretty excited for it. I actually stumbled upon these guys because of Vintersorg. But I haven't heard of Unexptect. I'll have to check them out.
I had my music collection on random tonight and fell across this and I had to share. Diablo Swing Orchestra is a Scandinavian band. I hesitate to call them metal because the range of styles they imitate are fairly wide. On their first album, The Butcher's Ballroom, they manage to include a waltz, a flamenco style piece, some peices on odd time signatures, and a BIG BAND piece. In a metal style. It's completely nuts and I love it! Audio Samples: On CDBaby On...
Ever since I moved out of the dorms and had my own kitchen I've been slowly teaching myself to cook and stealing recipe's from all over my extended family. Personally I like a lot of Japanese and Italian food. Some of my favorite dishes are a rough pesto, and authentic ramen with homemade soup broth. Oh! and I have the recipe for sausage lentil soup that Cucina! Cucina! used to serve. I still want to learn how to make ad hoc soups and sauces from whatever is...
Right now I'm listening to D:S:O Diablo Swing Orchestra - Butcher's Ballroom They are a Scandinavian metal band that plays in all kinds of styles with interesting instrumentations including cello, viola, flamenco guitar, flute. The cd is pretty well mastered too! In fact, I'm gonna start a thread to see if anyone else has heard of them!
I picked up wet shaving a few years ago and have never looked back. I'm currently waiting on a Gillette slim adjustable razor to replace the first de razor I ever bought--my Merkur classic. My personal favorites are TOBS Avocado Shave Cream, Savile Row 22mm brush, and my Swarzweisskeramik skuttle pictured below.
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