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I've recently started getting into classical as well. I'm actually not a huge Beethoven fan so far. Here's my suggestions for interesting music: Mozart - 38th and 39th Symphonies Moussourgsky - Pictures at an exhibition Holst - The Planets Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade Mendelssohn - A midsummer night's dream Tchaikovsky - 1812 Getting good performances is important and its fun hearing different takes on the same music. There's some pieces I never liked until I...
Quote: Originally Posted by corrupt_file Hello all, I am stuck in a dillema because AH-D2000 is only 25ohms in impedance, so I shouldn't really need an amp. A decent amp will improve the sound quality of the D2000 significantly and may be something to consider depending on your budget.
I thought the calories thing and "I am ready to put my hand in the fire of their tubes" were pretty funny. And "the divine surprise". A few years ago the now-Prime Minister of Australia spoke at the university I attend. He told us a story from back in the day when he was a Chinese translater for the Australian ambassador. On his first major translation job at an economic summit he was required to tell Chinese heads of government something like "Australia and China are...
Yes good idea try WASAPI, that's what I use. Just make sure your buffer length is set between 500-700 in Preferences\Output (high buffer lengths cause problems).
Don't give up Music from the PC can sound great! The Audigy 2 ZS just isn't very good for music. Replacing the op-amps is quite tricky if you haven't done this sort of thing before and won't make the Audigy 2 sound much better (mine didn't at least). There is also a high risk of destroying the card altogether if you strip one of the contacts or burn something. Apparently the Audigy 2 ZS resamples everything to 48khz in hardware during playback and does it really...
I'm using Vista 64 and no problem here. Are you using USB? You could try using a different port if you haven't already given that a shot. I can hear intermittent hissing/interference noises through my soundcard if I put the volume right up but no problems at all with my USB DAC.
I've owned the Audigy 2 ZS and have the HD555 and used the combo for a while. It will work but it's not ideal, the HD555s can go further. But try it out first before buying anything! That way if you decide you want to upgrade your source you will have a better idea about what you want from it.
Thanks mate.
I ordered a C-2C this morning I'm going to recable my D2000s - is the output socket on the C-2C 1/4"? Cheers
I just got brave and ordered the C-2C after considering the Meier Arietta/Swing, KICAS, and a couple of others. The C-2C is quite new but gets very good reviews. It's also on sale until tomorrow. Right now its $335 plus shipping, tomorrow it will jump to probably $4##. So you can't really go wrong, you shouldn't lose much if you decide to resell it later given the impending price jump. At least that was my excuse Now I just need an excuse for a DAC upgrade... perhaps...
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