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The Witch 2016...   Very good movie after you wrap your head around the Olde English dialogue. Very reminiscent of The Shining which is in my Top 5 best Horror movies ever. Excellent acting by all of the small 6 person cast tho the 2 youngest children are more props than anything. I give it a 7/10. The ending was a bit weak but overall I was left very satisfied.
Interested. What would shipping to 35150 be please? I have PayPal.
Try these. Jus saw a vid that showed HE velour pads being used on 668B's. $15 w/shipping. Ordered a set jus a few minutes ago ;)
As long as there are dedicated vinyl people out there... who love the idea of keeping their music as purely in the analogue world as possible and the word DAC is like a scorpion bite. Then on the other hand all the masses that live in the digital/ultra-digital world and DAC rolling is like tube-rolling in the vinyl realm... there will be money to be made in the aftermarket world. The equipment is fun and addictive, but without the music... it is all jus scarpmetal :>)
It's PCI-Express... just like any soundcard is. That is a pic of the old card... sorry. It is over-priced... they also have SATA and fan filters.  
 SOtM tx-USB US$ 300 A audiophile PCI to USB card with ultra low noise regulator for digital, clock, PLL and USB power circuit and ultra low jitter clock for USB clock.Compliant with USB 2.0All ports can handle high-speed (480 Mbps), full-speed (12 Mbps), and low-speed (1.5 Mbps)32-bit 33 MHz host interface compliant with PCI specification revision 2.2
I think that statement is untrue. Most audiophiles and videophiles strive to "rediscover" the music they love by owning gear that "reveals" things they never heard/saw in their source material. Nothing wrong with that. Matter of fact... when you do purchase a set of speakers, headphones, TV/Monitor that does reveal these little things... like hearing Stevie Ray Vaughns amp actually humming on a recording during a silent moment... it makes you smile. Or when you own a nice...
Yes - it is a external DAC - I need suggestions on a good way to feed the DAC from ripped .wav files to the DAC. A soundcard, either PCI or USB/Firewire that has a digital coax output to feed the DAC.
Hi all... I have on the way, a lil ack! dAck! and am in need of a transport - so I thought "why not look at a PC-based solution". Thing is, as much as I can build PCs - the "hi-fi PC" is all new to me. I have on hand a lil Shuttle SN41G2 with a Athlon chip and 1GB of very nice memory. It has 1 AGP slot and 1 PCI slot available as well as on-board graphics. What do I need now to make this baby "sing" to my ack! dAck! ? I dont want to go broke on setting it up -...
I have a ack! dAck! on the way, and have read that this NEC makes a decent transport for El Cheapo. Any other (easy) El Cheapo transport options are welcomed. I live in Alabama and can pay with postal M/O + shipping. Nate
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