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*I'm putting this sale on hold. I'm going to send it in to verify it's still in great shape to avoid any complications with the buyer.*   Hi,   I have an imod for sale that I bought from a headfi-er. I have barely used it. It's in very good condition. The only caveat is that I believe it needs a new battery. It only works when plugged in. Vinnie at red wine audio says these are covered for life...I just shot him an email. I will post follow up on...
Is it totally unused? Can you meet for a local transaction? I live in San Francisco.
Onyx Black Nintendo DS Lite.   Screens 100% unscratched. Pristine form. Barely used.   R4 card. You can download DS Roms and play as many games as you want for free! Drag and drop them into the 2GB MicroSD and that's it. I will include a card reader as well. Tons of games already on the card. This is all I used when I played the DS.   Games: Advance Wars: Duel Strike, Magnetica, Trauma Center: Under the Knife   2 chargers.
  Tubes that I bought along with my Darkvoice 336i amp that I am now selling as well.   Tubes:   RCA 6SN7GT Smoke Glass Ken Rad VT-231 6SN7G7 CBS-Hytron 6SN7GT Hytron GSN7GT Grey Lettering Hytron GSN7GTB- Red Label Chinese 6SN7 Hytron  6SN7GT Sylvania 6SN7GTB   KEN-RAD 6AS7G RCA 6080 National Electronics 6AS7G 6H13C 6N5PJ RCA Red Victor 6AS7G   PM me with offers. Will sell individual tubes. Buyer pays shipping and paypal charges.
Up for sale is a mint Jellyfish hospital grade power cable, 3 prong for use with amplifier or source component. $25   Also, gold plated RCA to mini cable made by Emily Labs. $15   PM me with offers.   Sam   Buyer pays shipping and Paypal charges.
  Darkvoice 336i - original owner. Near perfect condition. Only 2 *slight* dings (see pics). Used very lightly/barely at all. I bought it and it's been sitting in my closet for years. My rig just didn't come together at this junction in my I'm letting it go so someone else can enjoy it for a while. I will come back when I'm ready, I promise!   Comes with jellyfish power cord (hospital grade), custom RCA to mini cable (emily labs, gold plated).    And...
Sale pending.   As for those interested in the Darkvoice, you will have to wait another week or so before it is up for sale. My apologies. :)   Sam
price increase for AKG K501 to $160 to see if there is interest at that price.
Asking $SOLD. Excellent condition. Barely used.   I have for sale a Darkvoice 336 with tubes, and a 4th gen. red wine audio iMod, as well. Please wait another day or two for pics on these. I will do a battery test on the iMod today...   PM me for more details.   [IMG][/IMG] Shot at 2010-11-24   Image Hosted by
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