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I'm on it! Although I'm partial to the pressurization theory over the condensation theory. There are times when I get imbalance when the Tenores have been warmed up their pouch in my pocket, so the barrels aren't cold and therefore shouldn't produce condensation resulting in imbalance. After a few minutes, sometimes more, the imbalance subsides.I think I may have found a connection with TTS happening more when I wear the Tenore over the ear. Perhaps that orientation...
I had the same experience with an MKI and MKII. The MKII was clearly much bright and borderline sibilant in comparison to the duller MKI.
So just to summarize: if I open my bass-light pair there should be more foam than on James' pair. I'd like to have a solid hypothesis before I go for it. Anyone care to add anything?
Could be a likely candidate for the wide sound variations between models.James, you said that was you bassier pair right? If I open up my bass-light pair, there should be less foam, and Inks' theory could have some support.
Have you tried cutting off the smallest flange?
I'll check mine out again, but I'm pretty sure it's not really the decibel emphasis but the longer decay that makes the sub-bass more prominent on my set. With tones I didn't detect much emphasis below 60Hz. I'll give it another go to be sure though.
Love it. $2500 dap + $50 earphone. This is the state of audio today gentlemen. Sgs have you posted any comparisons between the Tenore and UERM? I think some members would be quite interested in your perspective, myself included, although I remember you've offered some relevant info via pm already.
I agree and holy crap is that the 240?
Crosspost for reference:
 Yes and I'd recommend the GR07 over the IE800 for trance. The IE800 has a mountain of sub-bass that really takes over the sound imo, and the treble is a bit abrasive to my ears. The GR07 (either the regular version or the bass edition, they're not very different) has more linear accurate bass that still has plenty of slam and definition, and the highs are emphasized without being thin or abrasive. Basically they are the perfect trance earphone imo.  Also tried the ASG-2,...
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