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Just got what I thought were Tenores, but apparently I accidentally ordered the Bassos... Blargh! Sound is good but a bit warm for me. I'll be selling these on the fs forums if anyone's interested. Here we go with another epic wait for the Tenores.
While the GR07 does a lot of things right, I wouldn't call it top tier. The resolution through the mids and treble isn't quite up to snuff imo due to a resonant peak in the lower treble. Cymbals are great test for any top tier earphone, as the attack, decay and overall tonality are one of the hardest things to get right. Cymbals on the GR07 sound a bit etched and lack the correctness of top tier iems imo. I find the MH1 to sound clearly more correct than the GR07 through...
Something tells me the K3003 would be the perfect phone for you. Great clarity, sparkle, and tight present bass...
Yes sir!
Just ordered another one with the oyaide rhodium straight plug. Looks like it's pretty small, and should be a better form factor for a phone. I'll keep whichever one I like more.
Zach said he could try to make one with the UE cable, but there are no guarantees. I'd risk losing the $30... But damn I really like that cable! Choices choices...
Tbh I don't really like non-stock plugs. They're all too big imo, making them inconvenient for use with a phone. That said, there aren't any smaller options. It'd be cool if it were possible to use a UE cable.
Great impressions Unity! Although seeing the ER4S ranked so low offends my humble audiophile sensibilities. But you're definitely not alone in appreciating a little extra sparkle in your sound. Volume level also has something to do with this preference. I might listen a bit too loudly to enjoy that extra ting.
 Damn be sure to post pics. Here are a couple more:  
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