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Agreed, but the Noble Audio Savant is definitely worth checking out. Best thing they've released imo.
 Very nice of you. Wish these tips were a bit wider though, as they're too narrow to form a seal in my ear canal. And the large ones are too big. Foam on the ER4 is just not in the cards for me. 
Wrap the cord up with something like a plastic twisty tie. Makes for a perfect over-the-ear fit. I take my ER4S to the gym daily.
Eke great review. Tbh recently I was stuck on the ER4S again, and it had me thinking (as it's bound to do) that there's really nothing that can touch them to my ears. They just stand the test of time like nothing else. The mids, treble, and overall linearity are just stunning to me. Then I put the Rockets in, with the comply tips, and get blown away every time. I think it's the imaging that just really takes it up a notch. Few IEMs match that neutral FR with top tier...
 Yep. Damn near impossible to find anything superior.
Because your description of the tips having a line on them made it sound as though a crease was forming due to being compacted too tightly in your ear. I had the same problem with my large Ety tips which prompted me to get smaller tips. Comfort and seal have both increased.
Your tips are too big. Try something smaller in diameter. I recommend these.
At one point I thought this guy was on to something, but with tones I get a dip at ~7.5k with the ER4S, definitely not a peak. Seals the deal for me.
Yes the third flange goes too deep for me, and my ear canals are bendy enough that they actually bend the tri-flange tips and break the seal most of the time. I get get plenty deep enough with biflanges by just wetting the tips and pushing deep. I also make sure that the end of the tip sits flush with the end of the barrel. This allows the tip to take advantage of the solid core of the barrel and not bend in my ear. I posted a pic a couple pages back.
I have similar issues with the tri-flange tips. These bi-flanges from Amazon work much better for me.
New Posts  All Forums: