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 I was holding onto the hope for a surprise. Black cable with gold barrels would be so sexy. 
Looks like the Rockets will be available Nov. 17th as per Aurisonics' site. No color options. :(
Great impressions. Seems at least a few here get a 6k peak as well. A shallow fit with biflanges mitigates this issue for me, moving the peak much further up the FR to around 9k. Could just be my particular resonance frequency.The antiloops definitely help with an over-ear fit, which eliminates most cable noise.Which full size phones are you currently using? Just curious as to what your base line is.
Have you covered any of the bass vents?
For me, the ER4S isn't about hearing new things, it's about not hearing all the extra stuff that other earphones introduce. Treble spikes. Mid-bass bloat. Colored mids.The ER4S offers a pretty unbiased take on sound compared to mostly everything out there imo. Of course everyone has their preferences, but imo it's the lack of major flaws that make the ER4S great, not any sonic enhancements it might bring.
Try a super deep fit with a narrow bore tip. It will add quite a bit of bass.
Noooooooo... What have you done!?Nah get what makes you happy. But, those bass light Tenores with extra treble seem to be on the rarer side. Any pair you would've bought would have likely fallen on the opposite side of the spectrum with a little more bass than neutral.
Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.
Nothing. But then you don't have to eq as much. Just a bump from 60Hz on down sounds amazing.The reds will make them just slightly warmer and less mid-centric. The ER4S takes eq very well though, so don't be afraid to bump the bass up.
Agreed. Surprisingly great implementation.Also, sound update. These are still ridiculous. Just absolute top tier mids. My only tiny complaint remains bass, although I might be able to eke a bit more out with narrower tips. It could use just a couple more dB sub-bass with the Meelec biflanges. Everything from ~50Hz up is as perfect as anything I've heard. Still great bass in general as far as weight and speed is concerned. It's right in that magic spot between too little...
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