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    Edited my post with cropped graph comparisons. Yeah it does look like the XR has a little more emphasis at 10k. I don't think that would bother me. That XR bass is looking mighty fine... Did the mids seem at all affected by the rise in bass?
  Hmm Here is Etymotic's ER4S and ER4P graph for comparison. Looks like the XR and SR might have slightly more emphasis between 1k - 2k, with a little less emphasis at 3k. The SR also seems to have just a bit more bass from around 300Hz on down. Hard to tell what's going on with treble, since the graphs are so smoothed.   
Wow what a surprise! Really didn't see this coming. Will probably end up buying both. 
As long at the cable sits tightly under the chin it does help with microphonics quite a bit. I highly recommend rerouting the cable over the ear though to eliminate additional microphonics.This mod allows the slider to slide as needed while producing enough friction to stay in place like a normal chin slider. Really makes it even easier to use the ER4 as an out-an-about IEM.
 People have said that the Savant is completely different from the ER4, and my limited experience with the Savant has kept me from vocalizing disagreement.  But I recently listened to the Savant again, and felt the exact same way I did during my first audition. The Savant is damn neutral, dare I say within the realm of the ER4S. I still find them very much within the same realm of comparison, with the caveat that the treble on the Savant is slightly more emphasized. But...
A New Mod   So I wanted to share a new simple mod that has drastically increased my enjoyment of the ER4S.       That, my friends, is a tiny o-ring I've slid onto the cable to act as a cable cinch. I used a tiny pair of tweezers to slide it over the jack, up the cable, over the y-split, and up to where you see it now. It stays in place very well, and even further reduces microphonics. You can see in the photo that I've already tied up the cable so it can easily...
I highly recommend looking at the Aurisonics Rockets. ER4S comparison here.Why multi-driver? Just curious. I've never heard one as accurate as the ER4S. Some might say a custom UERM comes close.
It will really depend on your ears. Some people hear the treble as more rolled off than others. With reversed Ts-500 comply tips and a very shallow fit I do not hear the treble as rolled off. It sounds incredibly neutral and realistic with roughly the same emphasis as the ER4S.Treble is the most variable part of the FR from person to person. The only way you can know how you will hear them is to try them.
Welcome back gentlemen. Glad they're sounding more neutral for you now @shotgunshane. I should probably also get a white cabled pair, as I'm still using a black and silver pair. What do you like more about it?@vwinter the mids are still truly TOTL to my ears, and that mid to upper-bass transition is one of the main reasons imo, along with there being a lack of treble spike (or any spike anywhere).
How great would it be if we could get different color combinations or a longer cable this time around? Wishful thinking no doubt.
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