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Just confirmed that Android Nougat (on my Nexus 9) produces garbled audio through the Mojo, AND still upsamples. Audio through my Leckerton is not garbled. Yay Android. However, through UAPP on either device audio is clean and processed properly. Does anyone have another Android Nexus device with Nougat to try with the Mojo? My Nexus 5 isn't supported yet.
Do people find it difficult to wear the ER4SR/XR over the ear? Does the cable fall off the ear, or is it unstable somehow? For me, the cable routes over the ear as easily as any other iem, and stays put extremely reliably. If I put up the chin slider as well, I get what I'd call pretty close to zero microphonics.
I'll add that mids on the UERM are not as forward as on the ER4S or ER4SR.
Selling my ER4S (the most recent model with the all black cable) in perfect condition with all original accessories, box, and extra red AND green filters. The cable is currently wrapped for an easy over-the-ear fit, but the soft plastic twisty ties can come right off if desired. Also added a neck cinch to further help with microphonics. I will pay PayPal fees and USPS shipping. CONUS only please.  
Selling an iFi iDSD Micro with all original accessories plus an extra Otterbox case. Comes will all the cables and connectors seen in the photos, plus the original box. Amp/DAC itself is in great condition, with only one or two extremely minor scuffs that may be visible in the photos. Asking $425. I'll pay PayPal fees, buyer pays shipping. CONUS only please.
Selling a silver 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect. No greening. Works perfectly. $25 OBO. CONUS only please. I'll pay PayPal fees and USPS shipping. 
These are hard to find. OG Sansa Fuze in black in perfect working order. Comes with the original charging cable. Fair amount of scuffs from use. Letting it go for $30 OBO. I'll pay PayPal fees. Buyer pays shipping. CONUS only please. 
Selling my Leckerton UHA760 amp and DAC in perfect working order. Super clean, extremely linear, and very low output impedance, with adjustable gain and even crossfeed settings. There are a few scuffs from regular use, which in no way affect the lovely sound this thing outputs. This amp/DAC retails for $399, but I'm letting it go for cheap to make a quick sale.   I will pay priority USPS shipping and PayPal fees. CONUS only please. 
How does the Aria compare to the Savant? I love how the Savant exudes an almost ER4 neutrality. Would you put classify the Aria similarly?
I hear the SR as strictly better than the S. They shaved just a hair off of the mids, and the treble sounds slightly more present/defined. These two new attributes are fairly minor improvements, but definitely audible to me.A bigger and more notable improvement to me is the bass, which sounds more defined. This improved definition results in a perceived emphasis increase, even though I don't think the emphasis is necessarily increased over the ER4S. It's just that bass...
New Posts  All Forums: