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 Not who you were quoting, but I've definitely tried both. The large grey foam tips are too wide to achieve proper depth, and the small beige foams are too narrow to produce a seal. Perhaps a medium foam tip is in order? I've tried to make my own, but they always produce channel imbalance because I suck at making tips. 
The new models are easier to wear over the ear, and the chin slider keeps the cable from moving around. With this configuration I get very minor cable noise. Others have reported differently, but in my experience the ER4 is one of the few IEMs I can take running if it I wear it over the ear and use the chin slider. Both are necessary to eliminate microphonics. I added a chin slider to my ER4S with great results.Also, the fact that hardly any part of the barrel of the IEM...
Are you wearing it over the ear? Just wore my ER4SR to the gym last night for a run and got nearly zero microphonics. The sharper angle of the cable makes an over-the-ear fit much easier to achieve.
Android N preview 4 is out. Will install on Nexus 9 tonight and test USB audio out to the Mojo.
I would consider the ER4XR as a nice compliment to the ER4P as well.
Listening to both the ER4SR and ER4XR back to back now. Luisdent is right on the money. These are both definitely the real deal, especially the SR, which is somehow clearer than the S. Still finding my way around the XR, but I immediately appreciated the low end boost on certain genres like electronic. The increase, although mild, really sets it apart from the SR.    Concerning build quality, so far both seem to have all the strengths of the original ER4, with better...
I was too slow yesterday, and now I have to wait until Monday to get mine.
 Awesome. Can you speak to whether the automatic audio upsampling will be removed in Android N?
 Not sure if that cable will work. I use this cable for connecting my android phone to the Mojo, and it works great. 
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