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More Android resampling literature here. We will likely see resampling minimized in Android N. Also I'm not sure that this info covers USB output as well.Very interesting. I'll have to check out the Recovery. Thanks for sharing!
Can you run me through this stack? I'm intrigued, but don't understand the use of anything other than the Mojo.
Looking for an answer to this as well. I'll be trying like hell to get it to work later this week.
So my girlfriend finally listened to the ER4S for the first time ever. I asked her how she liked it. Her reply? "They're okay but they hurt my ears."
Would also like to know this.
Thanks for the continued efforts. It seems progress is being made. Can't wait to give this a try.
There's another file in /system/etc/ that might be worth looking into: media_codecs_google_audio.xml. Seems to have relevant settings contained therein.
Maybe see if the app Audio Buffer Size can tell you anything useful. It measures output sampling rate. It takes about two minutes to fully run.Also, I'm not convinced Android actually upsamples to 192k. Is there any other source of that info besides the light color on the Mojo? The audio_policy.conf file doesn't go past 48k, and the Audio Buffer Size app tells me my output is 48k. I'll try to dig up more info.
Interesting. Did you save and reboot and make sure the settings stuck? Maybe it's another entry...
I'd wait for the XR. Many of us have been looking for an ER4 with more bass for years. Not easily found, and I doubt anything would be closer to fitting that description than Ety's own offering.
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