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Package is in ivabign's possession. Skipped the mailing system since he lives closer to me than the post office. I even included the PS3XB against my better judgement.
 Checked out the PS2 one last time. Yes they are still a bit warm for me. I think there is dip somewhere in the treble keeping the highs from being balanced with the midbass on down. It really is a minor complaint. Most people probably wouldn't classify these as excessively warm, although a direct comparison to the PS3 still shows the PS2 to be much warmer through the mids to my ears, while the PS3 has a lot more emphasis in bass and sub-bass. Damn, really enjoying the PS3...
Thanks, I'll give the PS2 another listen before I send the package out today. My listening session with them was pretty brief so it's possible the fit was off.The PS3 has a good amount of bass, but to me the more forward upper mids make it sound less warm than the PS6. I tend to focus a lot on the mids to define how I hear an iem.SGS: when are you going to post pics of your new toy?
First off.   WOW.   This whole experience was much more enjoyable than I anticipated. These are some damn coherent (and wonderfully fitting) iems. A couple of these I would take over anything made by JH, and I'd have to take a long hard think to choose the UERM over some things listed here. I'm about as picky as it gets when it comes to this hobby, and Perfect Seal has a couple offerings here that really stand on their own. It will be painfully obvious which ones those...
 Just to offer a counter opinion, I really don't find the JH13 to be an upgrade from the ER4S. They are much warmer from the lower midrange to the bass, and have a dip in the mids. A fine sound signature for some, but really not comparable to the ER4S imo. The UERM is like a tamed down JH13 to my ears, sounding much closer to the ER4S, while not ending up too bloated or recessed in the mids. Treble has a bit more emphasis on the universal version, but is tamed with the...
Package will be sent to lvabign on Saturday. I'll try to get some good impressions up by then.
I had the exact same issue with the grey tips. Try these tips from Amazon. Slightly smaller. They also make a triple flange tip you can try.
Damn. The PS6 is really really nice. I'm planning on some real impressions this weekend, but for now... just damn. It pumps out that sound that distracts you from actually expressing what you're hearing. These few sentences took like 10 minutes. 
Package received. Opening now for a first listen. Will report more in the coming days.
Selling one pair of bass light Tenore's with stock everything. I could have returned these when I first bought them, but kept them because they actually sound very good depending on fit depth. A deeper fit makes them sound exactly like a reference Tenore, while a shallow fit brings the bass down to about Etymotic levels, with a bit more treble emphasis. Selling because I have the Rockets now.   Price includes USPS priority shipping in CONUS and Paypal fees.
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