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Looks great! I'm planning to make my own cable in the not too distant future. If it's not too much trouble, could you please post a photo of those connectors plugged into the Elear? I'm super interested in how far they stick out. Thanks!
The Flow has a bit more bass than the original Ether, and is a bit smoother up top as well.
You could check out BTG Audio. Or Impact Audio Cables on Etsy. Either might be able to swing under $200, but don't quote me on that.
Agreed on the punch factor.My small head disagrees on the clamping factor. :P
The Elear sounds like a better fit for your preferences. Given what you're looking for, I wouldn't look at the Utopia unless there were different pads available.
If those are your issues with the Elear, then the Utopia pads would get you most of the way there.The Utopia itself would get you the rest of the way there. With the Elear pads, the Utopia still has a little more treble and a bit less of a 4k dip, and roughly the same amount of bass as the Elear. The Utopia with its stock pads will increase treble emphasis, further fill in the 4k dip, and decrease bass pretty evenly across the FR.The Utopia with either pads is still...
Really good vibes today at the Source AV. Thanks to everyone who put it together, happy birthday to Jason, who was cool as hell.
I definitely agree, although to my ears every headphone I've heard has had some compromise somewhere that was less than ideal. And my point with the comparison was that the while the Utopia pads fix the 4k dip, they add issues of their own that actually make me prefer the Elear pads with their corresponding 4k dip. Supposedly new pads are being developed by Focal (lending credence to your point: why not do it right the first time?), but it remains to be seen whether these...
This is a very fair point. I got some extended listening time with the Elear and Utopia today (I own the Elear so am more familiar with it), and got a chance to swap the pads.The Elear with Utopia pads was noticeably brighter than the Elear with stock pads, too bright for me in fact, which was surprising. I fully expected to prefer the Utopia pads, as the graphs shown that they fill out the 4k dip pretty well. However, they increase the treble peaks noticeably also,...
To me this is an amazing pairing. Been using it every day and couldn't be happier. Overall sound is smooth and a clear as a bell.Would you mind posting a photo of how those two cables look on the Elear/Utopia? Super interested in replacing the stock cable.There's really no way for the pads to NOT affect the sound on any headphone. Look at the pads of the HD800, and all the work people put into adding dampening to lessen the ~5k peak. There's no escaping the affect pads...
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