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That's all I need to know. Thought I remembered reading about the treble peak buy wasn't sure. 10k isn't too bad depending on emphasis, but I don't enjoy 5k too much. I get that with a deep tri-flange fit on my DBA.I'd much rather have the linearity of the Rockets.
How much more treble emphasis does the DITA have? Curious as to what improvements the DITA offers.
Solid as a rock.
By what, if you don't mind me asking? I'm always on the lookout for neutral gear.Also guys, the antiloops actually do help with an over the ear fit, and they are surprisingly comfortable. You don't loop the cable through them or anything, but the more stable fit they produce allows the cable to loop more securely over the ear.I was bummed when I saw the previous pic of antiloops without ear guides, but honestly they aren't needed imo. I just went on a run wearing the...
Jamming to that track right now. Love it!
Just a basic plastic twisty tie.I use the tips for comfort and fit. They're available from Amazon. Double flange works better for my ear canals, as I can sit the end of the tip flush with the end of the barrel, which keeps the last flange from bending.
How indeed? I'm not seeing it.
What color combos didn't guys get? Seems like they can't make these things fast enough.I know how you feel. I lost all hope with the ASG-2 pre-order. Took months longer than expected. And when I finally received them after all that time, I sold them within a couple weeks. Not impressed. The Rockets are more worth the wait imo. They're more technically proficient than the G2, especially in FR and tonality. And you'll still have some of the few remaining spots in the first...
 Great impressions. The ER4S is the iem I keep coming back to, and I don't foresee a day without them in my stable. I eq up the low bass from time to time as well, but that's really all I require to get these sounding amazing. Top-tier for over 20 years now. You should love the red filters.  Also, if you want to get rid of microphonics I recommend this simple mod for an over-the-ear fit. Totally eliminates microphonics. I take my ER4S running and to the gym no problem....
Should be getting a new pair on Friday with the antiloops. Anyone else get the antiloops yet?
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