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 Yes like a flowy streamer wand with pretty pink and blue ribbons.
HEY. Have you guys seen the Rockets measurements on Innerfidelity?    Luckily I get more treble emphasis than what is shown due to my own HRTF, but look at that 300Hz square wave and impulse response!   You could have lunch on that square wave. It's a total table top. According to Tyll here, this looks like an ideal response. And that impulse response is the absolute cleanest I've ever seen. I think this explains the insane imaging many of us have been hearing on the...
Guys, both filters were on the 412 when I shipped it. They just fall off extremely easily at this point. If nmatheis is listening to them without one of the filters, that would definitely explain the presence of harsh highs. While I did hear a slight treble peak with both filters in place, it was not harsh imo. However, I did experience definite treble etch and emphasis with one filter removed. 
To chime in here, I found the 560 to be much more linear than EL-8, with less mid-bass and more forward mids. Treble seems to be a bit too forward on the 560 for some people, but I'm not one of them. It's definitely less forward than the HD800 for example to my ears.
This mirrors my own experience with the EL-8. I found them warmer than the X through the mids. Here are some brief notes from my audition with them at CanJam.NotesEL-8 on Audeze Deckard: EL-8 has more midbass than the LCD2. Vocals sound more neutral on the LCD2. Soundstage is deeper/wider on LCD2. Treble seems similar. EL-8 is definitely more sensitive. Wow vocals are much better on the LCD2 to my ears. Less warm than on the EL-8. More forward overall.
Wow this question... I go back and forth between the Rockets and ER4S. Just when I'm totally convinced that one is better than the other, I'll switch and be blown away all over again. They're similar but definitely different enough to warrant having both, so to me it's not really an either/or thing.I wrote a comparison here.
Are these confirmed working with the ER4? It doesn't mention ER4 on that page.
I spent some time with both the LCD-X and 560, and I have to agree with these impressions. LCD-X sounded much too warm with recessed mids for my taste, even more than the LCD-2. Same goes for the EL-8. Very warm, with excessive midbass that encroached much too far into the mids. This was on an Audeze Deckard. Basically a worse LCD-X imo. I had high hopes too.The new Ether from Mr. Speakers actually had a similar presentation to the 560, but a little smoother in the highs....
I've been busy, but MH412 impressions are still rattling around in my brain. 
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