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It's actually not that great of a price after tax, which many states have. It can definitely get lower but if people get it now the price will likely go back to $999 for a while, so probably best to wait still.
I spotted this, it was a goof where they accidentally did 60% instead, and it seems they rectified it asap unfortunately!    Edit: It seems as if before checkout it displays the wrong price and discount, but upon checkout it changes to the intended. Probably a bug rather than an actual mistake I think.
It's just a 3rd party seller in the Amazon marketplace options. They only had 6 sets left and they sold out however, and the main Amazon price went back up.
As some have said, the HD-25-1 II is a pretty good option.
  I suspect that might just be the color tint of the video.
  No prob, I agree and think he'll be satisfied regardless of which version he gets.   I've tried the 880/600 with the E10, it was acceptable, volume more than enough at low gain, other stuff like soundstage was acceptable. I've tried them with other smaller amps, and it was a bit of a step up, but not a huge difference I guess. Though I must say I really liked them plugged into a receiver, seemed to really make them sing. 
I don't think it's that big of a deal to run the 600 ohm beyer from the E10. It's unusual, but if the OP is gonna get an E10 and not a considerably more powerful discrete amp, nothing wrong with using it with the 600 ohm version. Dynamics might suffer some, but it's probably not really gonna be noticeably better with the 250 ohm, as the issue is more of sensitivity than resistance.       It doesn't seem like he'll be using these for portable, he's using these with his...
  Slight sonic differences between the 2 versions, not a big deal. Get the 600 ohm version because it's cheaper. The E10 is alright, far from ideal, but it should do the job for the price. Dynamics and such won't be as good as a nicer dac and amp, but volume will certainly be adequate. 
  Yeah when I saw your vid, it stood out to me as rather odd that Sony didn't throw in a pouch considering the headphones could fold... really seemed like portability was a selling point yet no pouch?  
Yes, if indeed true... must hear more about its legacy!!
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