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Looking for a pair of HD25-SP's in excellent shape for a decent price. I can get these new for $85 online, and I was hoping that someone maybe bought a pair and they just weren't their thing, and they might want to sell them for a good price. If you have a pair you're looking to sell, please send me a PM. thanks!
I have a V5 Go-Vibe and wondered-- does an Elpac improve the sound quality further on this amp? I like the sound, just didn't know if power supply would improve the sound.
Torn between getting either a new amp (a MisterX Mini3) or a new set of closed cans (HD25-1-II). Or I could compromise and go for a Mini3 and a pair of HD25-SP-II's (I know, I know--- the 25-1's are better, but the SP's are still supposed to sound pretty good amped). My setup right now consists of a Go-Vibe V5, Koss KSC-75's and a pair of Beyer DT150's. Main need for more cans is that I want something closed and smaller for listening to music while laying down...
Quote: Originally Posted by ericj I like my HD25-SP ok. Aside from the way the earcups spin on the frame, and i'm guessing the HD25-1 has the same problem. Bit of a weird midbass hump on it. I really don't listen to it much. Wanna buy it off me? Sure thing, I'll PM ya.
I was reading that someone here had received a replacement pair of HD280's due to the now infamous problem of the headband cracking on the HD280's. They stated that the headband & plastic on the new ones seemed different than the headband on the pair that broke. Did Sennheiser ever start using this new and improved headband plastic on new models? I'm interested in picking up another pair, and the only thing that's really keeping me from doing it is the headband issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheynkman xin super micro IV is only 20 dollars over the budget.... just mind the half year wait Xin's stuff takes so darned long though-- I want to be listening to tunes on a new amp in a week or so, not in 6 months when the version that I get has already been updated 4 times
wow, so much love for the SP's.... come on, people!
bump! still available!
Quote: Originally Posted by shomie911 I can't recommend this enough. Minibox-E, just check out the 31 amp review and you'll see I'm not lying when I say this is one small amp with very big sound. Get it, you won't be disappointed. (The guys who did the 31 amp review agreed that the Minibox-E was better than the SR-71 which is better than the Hornet.) I've never read that the SR-71 was better than the Hornet-- maybe for different...
Looking for either a Pimeta, PPA, Mini3, somethign around the $125-ish mark that can run off of 9V power or comes with a wall wart. If you have something you're looking to sell that fits this description, please let me know, thanks!
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