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Looking for a used Mister X built Mini3 in excellent condition. Please PM me if you have one you're looking to sell. thanks!
Been using my new Sony S616 (4GB) and wondered where I might be able to download MPEG-4's for it. Also, for a player this small (their 2, 4 and 8 GB series stuff) what kind of MPEG-4's would one put on a player anyway-- music videos? movie trailers? Seems like video capability on a relatively small capacity player wouldn't serve much purpose.
Sno1man- you were right about emptying the Mac's trash can while the Sony was connected-- once I did that, it freed the space up on the Sony. Awesome! I didn't set anything on the Sony to get it to show up on the Mac, I just plugged it in w/ the included USB cable and it was good to go. Maybe yours was defective? Have you tried reformatting/resetting it and attaching it again? BTW, thanks for the advice on the trash issue!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pangaea How does it sound? Music sounds much better going straight through the headphone out than it does using the line out of my iPod Mini into a Go-Vibe V5 (this is using the True Bass setting on 2 and a little treble bump on the Sony). If I could just get this deleting/disc space use issue figgered out....
Well, it pulls the album year info, but won't pull the album artwork, even though I have the album artwork for most of the albums when I open them in iTunes. Maybe iTunes doesn't embed the artwork info into the music files themselves? Anyway, the bigger issue is that if I drag and drop files onto the Sony from my Mac, things go on fine ('cept the album artwork-- no biggie), but if I delete them off of the Sony using my Mac, the files are gone, but the Sony still shows...
Well, I decided to pick one up at the local Wal-Mart today while I was out. I figured if it won't work with my Mac, then I could always use my wife's laptop or the work computer (both Windows machines) to upload stuff. Heck, it's only a 2GB model, so it's not like I'd be loading a ton of stuff anyway. I got home, installed WMP11 on my wife's laptop, waited for it to restart, and thought "I'll hook it up to my Powerbook to see if I can at least charge it using the...
Quote: Originally Posted by sno1man I have the sony nw816 and a macbook pro Unfortuntately it does not work with the Mac. It does not even mount as a volume. It does work under boot camp with XP however that's a shame, because I read in a CNet or similar review that it shows up on a Mac as a portable USB device (?)
Has anyone done a comparison between these two and can offer the opinion as to which has better overall sound quality? Mini3 goes for around $110 and the Headsix is about $150, right?
In excellent condition-- comes w/ box and all accessories. Just trying to free up some cash for a newer MP3 player. Asking $55 shipped in the continental US/lower 48. Paypal accepted with a confirmed shipping address, or I'll also take money orders. Please PM if interested, thanks!
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