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Need something smaller than my DT150's for computer & bedside use. Something closed that can get knocked around, stuffed in a work bag, and is small enough that I can listen to them fairly comfortably while laying down (the DT150's aren't the best choice for that). No IEM's, though. Right now the AKG K81DJ's and the Senn HD25SP's are leading the pack. Anything else out there that I'm missing? I'd be using funds from the sale of the DT150's to purchase these new...
Beyer DT150 in excellent condition, about a year old, with original box and paperwork. Comes with stock straight cable w/ 1/4" plug, as well as a coiled cable with 1/8" Canare F12 plug ($40 value). $SOLD shipped in the Continental US/lower 48. Paypal preferred (with confirmed shipping address). Please PM if interested, thanks! J.
Main reason I don't want to get another Hornet is because the Mini3 is reported to sound as good (or better, depending on who you're talking to), so I figure why spend almost 3x the money? I may have to read up on the Headsix a little more too. How does the Minibox-E compare to the Mini3?
I've been out of the head-fi scene for quite a while now (9 months maybe?), and I'm looking to get a new amp. Last amp I bought was a Go-Vibe V5 when I sold my Hornet to get back into guitar playing/building. The Hornet was a much better amp (more body, bass, impact, etc.), and now I sort of regret getting rid of it. If I want really good sound quality for a portable setup (pcdp or iPod) with my Beyer DT150's, would the Rockhopper Audio Mini3 amp be a good choice on a...
32 yr old here, looking for a nice small bookshelf system for my parents that doesn't sound absolutely awful. All the ones I've looked at so far were pretty dreadful. My parent's just want one that has a cd player and a decent radio. I'm thinking of just getting them a Tivoli Model One and seeing how they like that-- then they can plug a portable cd player into it, but I'd prefer something that's an "all in one" package. Any recommendations? My budget is fairly...
bump! still looking for one!
Looking for a used Mister X built Mini3 in excellent condition. Please PM me if you have one you're looking to sell. thanks!
Been using my new Sony S616 (4GB) and wondered where I might be able to download MPEG-4's for it. Also, for a player this small (their 2, 4 and 8 GB series stuff) what kind of MPEG-4's would one put on a player anyway-- music videos? movie trailers? Seems like video capability on a relatively small capacity player wouldn't serve much purpose.
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