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Been away from headphones for a while now (almost a year?), and looking to pick up a decent set of closed cans for listening to rock, classic rock, pop. Are the Ultrasone HFI-550's a good choice? I can get a new pair for about $159. I also read somewhere that there is a $100 set of Ultrasones (HFI-450's?) that might work well for my needs. Would the HFI-550's need an amp, or would they be adequate w/ portable devices?
Upon reviewing my feedback here on Head-fi, it is in deed a V5. There is some interest, but I'm not sure if the interested party has found another amp (I unfortunately haven't been able to check headfi for a couple weeks now on my end). Please PM if interested, thanks! Josh
Sold to funnelchest!
bump and price dropped to $SOLD shipped in the continental US/lower 48. thanks! J.
bump, still available!
weekend bump!
Quote: Originally Posted by iQEM you can grab Equation Audio RP15mc ($69) to replace your K81dj...or try Ultrasone DJ1 if you like the beater sound that come out from K81dj alot...this cans are circumaural so you got more advantage on comfort, and not to mention DJ1 use coiled chord + still foldable to put inside a mini bag... i think can get em about $169 or less...or you can try HFI450, much more cheaper than DJ1 i guess but dont sure about the beater...
Yeah, the V6/7506 keeps rearing it's ugly head. They're virtually unbreakable. I wish they didn't sound so harsh, but my sony mp3 player and my minidisc player both have a 5-band graphic eq section, so I could offset the harshness of the V6's with that. As far as the ultrasone recommendations, if I had that kind of dough, I'd just buy a pair of HD25-1's. Are the Ultrasone's durable though? When I tried a couple different pairs in Sam Ash (can't remember which model...
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