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Quote: Originally Posted by iGig omg appar111, I remember years ago you were looking for the 25sp, then I left HF for a few years, I come back and you're asking about the same headphones? I thought you already had these??? sorry for my useless post, I hope you find the hp of your dreams. Funny how things come full circle, huh? Yeah, I had the 25SP's for a while a couple years ago, they weren't as bad as everyone says (at least not...
Guitar Center here in Columbus, OH has them for $99 as their regular price.
Looking for a pair of closed cans that sound good unamped w/ portable sources and that can really take a beating. These will be my summer cans, and will be stuffed in a backpack, left in a car, tossed around, cranked w/ volume, etc. and I need something that can really hold up. My budget is $125. My default would be the HD25SP (not sure what the difference is between those and the new HD25SP-II), but also noticed that Ultrasone has the HFI-450, which has a $99...
Been away from headphones for a while now (almost a year?), and looking to pick up a decent set of closed cans for listening to rock, classic rock, pop. Are the Ultrasone HFI-550's a good choice? I can get a new pair for about $159. I also read somewhere that there is a $100 set of Ultrasones (HFI-450's?) that might work well for my needs. Would the HFI-550's need an amp, or would they be adequate w/ portable devices?
Upon reviewing my feedback here on Head-fi, it is in deed a V5. There is some interest, but I'm not sure if the interested party has found another amp (I unfortunately haven't been able to check headfi for a couple weeks now on my end). Please PM if interested, thanks! Josh
Sold to funnelchest!
bump and price dropped to $SOLD shipped in the continental US/lower 48. thanks! J.
bump, still available!
weekend bump!
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