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Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 Why dont u checkout the HD205 ? they are the portable version of HD25... sound quality might be little less but thats cause they are 32 ohm low impedance. they are as tough as HD25sps.. A DJ recommended them to me. When you say they're like the portable version of the HD25, do you mean consumer portable (rather than professional)? The HD25SP's are already small (smaller than the HD205's, actually). ...
Quote: Originally Posted by monolith You can get Beyerdynamic DT-770/80s for 4125 used, and they're built like tanks and sound excellent. Had them before, but they definitely need an amp. I also want something w/ cups small enough that I can lay down & listen to music, and the Beyers are just a bit big for that.
Quote: Originally Posted by iGig omg appar111, I remember years ago you were looking for the 25sp, then I left HF for a few years, I come back and you're asking about the same headphones? I thought you already had these??? sorry for my useless post, I hope you find the hp of your dreams. Funny how things come full circle, huh? Yeah, I had the 25SP's for a while a couple years ago, they weren't as bad as everyone says (at least not...
Guitar Center here in Columbus, OH has them for $99 as their regular price.
Looking for a pair of closed cans that sound good unamped w/ portable sources and that can really take a beating. These will be my summer cans, and will be stuffed in a backpack, left in a car, tossed around, cranked w/ volume, etc. and I need something that can really hold up. My budget is $125. My default would be the HD25SP (not sure what the difference is between those and the new HD25SP-II), but also noticed that Ultrasone has the HFI-450, which has a $99...
Been away from headphones for a while now (almost a year?), and looking to pick up a decent set of closed cans for listening to rock, classic rock, pop. Are the Ultrasone HFI-550's a good choice? I can get a new pair for about $159. I also read somewhere that there is a $100 set of Ultrasones (HFI-450's?) that might work well for my needs. Would the HFI-550's need an amp, or would they be adequate w/ portable devices?
Upon reviewing my feedback here on Head-fi, it is in deed a V5. There is some interest, but I'm not sure if the interested party has found another amp (I unfortunately haven't been able to check headfi for a couple weeks now on my end). Please PM if interested, thanks! Josh
Sold to funnelchest!
bump and price dropped to $SOLD shipped in the continental US/lower 48. thanks! J.
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