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Title says it all, needs to have those 4 requirements: closed, durable, don't need an amp, and $100 or less. Oh, and they have to sound good too What will work?
Quote: Originally Posted by Azathoth +1 for the Mini3. I got mine from a local DIY'er for about $60, an awesome bargain. Wow, wish I could get one built for that price. The only places I've seen that make them charge $150-160 for them. I think Mister X's price is less than that, but I don't have his email address anymore to get in contact w/ him.
I've been out of the loop for a while, but am looking for a portable amp, around $100, that sounds great with an iPod and pocketdock. Anything that fits the bill in this price range (preferably new, but used is cool too). thanks! J.
Is this possible, or am I way off base? Looking for something that I can use w/ a pocketdock and an iPod. What's available (new, but used is cool too) in this price range that will sound great?
I wasn't sure if there was anything that had usurped the K240S. I've had them a couple times before, and they're definitely a contender. Hoping for something a little smaller if it's out there. I've read good things about the Beyer DT235 as well.
I'm looking for a decent set of "groovalizers" for unamped use at home w/ a stereo receiver and mp3 player. What's good out there nowadays for around $100? I'd prefer closed, or at least not completely open, and something that doesn't need an amp to sound good. I listen to alot of rock & classic rock, and some pop music, so it's gotta be engaging & full, but not boomy. So what should I be looking for?
Has anyone tried these? Is the inclusion of velour earpads and the color change the only difference from their predecessors? If anyone can offer their opinions or a review of either, I'd appreciate it. thanks!
I finally decided to head down to Sam Ash today to pick up a pair of Ultrasone HFI-550's, since I saw that they were available online for $109.95 with free shipping (and I know Sam Ash price matches). I listened to them with a few sample tracks that they had playing on their dj cd player (random country, club, salsa tunes). I definitely liked what I heard. Warm, full, good sounding. Then I saw the HD280 Pros on the listening rack, and I've owned them before, so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by intoart I am quite impressed with my Sennheiser HD280s for $89. The only catch is that they are extremely sensitive, so if your amp has even the slightest trace of noise, you will hear it. They are pretty comfortable, they are closed, and I can lay down with them on. Amazing bass for the price. I had the HD280's before-- with a receiver's headphone jack, they sounded huuuuge. The big negative is the fact that the...
Looking to get back into headphones (been on sabbatical for a while) and I'm looking at the following choices for an "under $125" set of cans: Grado SR60 ($70) Ultrasone HIF-450 ($99) Sennheiser HD25SP ($90-100) AKG K81DJ ($50-80) Beyerdynamic DT235 ($65) I mainly listen to rock, and have an iPod mini, an older Shuffle, and a Sony mp3 player, and a couple assorted pcdp's. Closed would be nice, but not an absolute necessity. I would like something that I...
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