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How much more bass does the 705 have over the 700? I want something that's bassy enough to make rock music sound full, but not too boomy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ourfpshero go to ebay search 'dbi headphones' these use the mb quart unbreakable design and their own 40 ohm speakers, sound is fantastic. i saw them for 40$ shipped recently those look almost exactly like the GMP 8.35's!
Quote: Originally Posted by Acix Under $100 you have the M-50. around $150 you have the GMP 8.35 D Monitor the "unbreakable headphones". The audiotechnica ATH-M50's? where have you seen them for $100 or under? I checked online and every place I could find had them for $159.
Title says it all, needs to have those 4 requirements: closed, durable, don't need an amp, and $100 or less. Oh, and they have to sound good too What will work?
Quote: Originally Posted by Azathoth +1 for the Mini3. I got mine from a local DIY'er for about $60, an awesome bargain. Wow, wish I could get one built for that price. The only places I've seen that make them charge $150-160 for them. I think Mister X's price is less than that, but I don't have his email address anymore to get in contact w/ him.
I've been out of the loop for a while, but am looking for a portable amp, around $100, that sounds great with an iPod and pocketdock. Anything that fits the bill in this price range (preferably new, but used is cool too). thanks! J.
Is this possible, or am I way off base? Looking for something that I can use w/ a pocketdock and an iPod. What's available (new, but used is cool too) in this price range that will sound great?
I wasn't sure if there was anything that had usurped the K240S. I've had them a couple times before, and they're definitely a contender. Hoping for something a little smaller if it's out there. I've read good things about the Beyer DT235 as well.
I'm looking for a decent set of "groovalizers" for unamped use at home w/ a stereo receiver and mp3 player. What's good out there nowadays for around $100? I'd prefer closed, or at least not completely open, and something that doesn't need an amp to sound good. I listen to alot of rock & classic rock, and some pop music, so it's gotta be engaging & full, but not boomy. So what should I be looking for?
Has anyone tried these? Is the inclusion of velour earpads and the color change the only difference from their predecessors? If anyone can offer their opinions or a review of either, I'd appreciate it. thanks!
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