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I've been away from the headphone and amp world for a while and noticed that Go-Vibe amps are still being made and I wondered if these are the same as the ones made by Norm from a few years back? they look similar, but seem to only be available from Hong Kong (I think?) which leads me to believe they're not the same as the ones Norm used to make since he's in the US. Can anyone give me the rundown on quality, etc. for this new Go-Vibe series of amps, and what may...
Anyone have any good recommendations for water resistant headphones for bicycling? I plan on doing alot of biking this summer, rain or shine, and would like a set that won't: 1) cost an arm and a leg (i.e. $40 or less) and 2) are water resistant for those occasions where I'll be biking in the rain. I'm thinking something along the lines of these: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1218072894454
I wonder where the 300 ohm rating came from? Could've sworn a couple head-fiers said they were 300 ohms. At 40 ohms, I'll be very happy with not having to use an amp to get them to sound good.
I just won a pair of DBI Pro 700's on ebay today for under $40 shipped, I'm hoping they will be a great pair...
Quote: Originally Posted by joincoolkidclub My KSC75 have survived just about everything I've thrown at them. I do like the PortaPro sound signature a hair better, but your mileage may vary. Yeah, the KSC75's can sound a little too crisp compared to the Portapros. Plus the PP's look cooler. I'm getting tired of the rattling from stray hairs that get stick in the earpads (& touch the drivers) on the Koss' though, thanks to the fact that I have...
I just scored a NIB set of DBI Pro 700's for $37 shipped on Ebay. Hopefully they'll be a good set for me-- these make the Beyer DT150's I used to have look shoddily built by comparison, and the DT150's were tanks!
I just snagged a pair of these on Ebay new-in-box for $37 shipped. The auction stated these were 40 ohms, but I've done a little reading here on head-fi and a couple people have mentioned that the DBI Pro 700's are 300 ohms. Pretty big difference. I'm hoping they are as advertised (i.e. 40 ohms) as I plan to use these w/ portable devices (cd player, mp3 player, portable dvd). Does anyone know for sure? I checked DBI's website and they don't specifically list the...
How much more bass does the 705 have over the 700? I want something that's bassy enough to make rock music sound full, but not too boomy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ourfpshero go to ebay search 'dbi headphones' these use the mb quart unbreakable design and their own 40 ohm speakers, sound is fantastic. i saw them for 40$ shipped recently those look almost exactly like the GMP 8.35's!
Quote: Originally Posted by Acix Under $100 you have the M-50. around $150 you have the GMP 8.35 D Monitor the "unbreakable headphones". http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/ger...indeed-406658/ The audiotechnica ATH-M50's? where have you seen them for $100 or under? I checked online and every place I could find had them for $159.
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