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what opamp is in this V5, and is it socketed for opamp rolling?
Darn, and here I thought I was the lucky one who responded first! Dang it!
I'll take it.
Quote: Originally Posted by SONGsanmanwah V6 is now $60 so... Seriously? I was just on his website about 4 days ago and they were like $97 or $99. Shoot, I'm gonna have to check it out. For some reason, I'm oddly drawn to the Total Airhead, though (and I'm not sure why...)
Looking for a decent budget amp for $99 to use with DT150's (250 ohms) and KSC-75's. For those that have heard both, which is the better choice for rock music? I'm looking for durable, portable, decent battery life, and both seem to deliver on those fronts. Just looking for opinions from those that have heard both amps. thanks!
Looking for a V5 Go-Vibe in excellent condition. Please PM if you have one you're looking to part with. thanks! Edit: I'd prefer the V5s version, which has socketed opamps.
Yep, it just sold today, so I have about $75 o play with ($100 max) as I already have guitar parts that need to be ordered.. The PA2V2's jacks are a little close together for me-- my headphone and mini mini's have Canare F12's on them The MisterX XP amp is sold already. I'll have to shoot Marshall an email....
Cool, will do. Also, mods can you move this to the Amps forum? thanks!
I hadn't been using my Hornet except a handful of times over the past few months and decided to sell it, get something less expensive, and put the extra funds into my guitar building hobby. What decent sub-$100 (or sub-$75 if possible) amps are out there right now? I'm thinking of the Go-Vibe-- either the V6 or a V5 if there are any left. I used to have a V3 that I loved. Are there any other really good options in this price bracket?
Sale pending....
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