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Cool, will do. Also, mods can you move this to the Amps forum? thanks!
I hadn't been using my Hornet except a handful of times over the past few months and decided to sell it, get something less expensive, and put the extra funds into my guitar building hobby. What decent sub-$100 (or sub-$75 if possible) amps are out there right now? I'm thinking of the Go-Vibe-- either the V6 or a V5 if there are any left. I used to have a V3 that I loved. Are there any other really good options in this price bracket?
Sale pending....
bump and officially for sale. Please PM if interested!
I'm getting more and more back into my guitar playing hobby and may need some extra funds for my next guitar build, so I'm putting the feelers out on this one. It is in excellent condition and is one of the original Hornet amps (i.e. it's not an "M" Hornet) with the black Nichicon power cap. If you're looking for a warmer, tubier sounding Hornet, this is the ticket. If you have an M version and want to hear the original, there are very few original Hornets out there...
Sold an iPod to Dany, and it was a pleasant experience as always. Great communication, friendly, everything that you'd want when working a transaction w/ a fellow head-fier & friend. thanks!
Sold a pair of headphones to Alex-- fast payment, great communication. Welcome to the community!
SOLD! Thanks!
No pics, unfortunately, but they are in excellent condition (9 out of 10, I'd say). bump!
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