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Quote: Originally Posted by shomie911 I can't recommend this enough. Minibox-E, just check out the 31 amp review and you'll see I'm not lying when I say this is one small amp with very big sound. Get it, you won't be disappointed. (The guys who did the 31 amp review agreed that the Minibox-E was better than the SR-71 which is better than the Hornet.) I've never read that the SR-71 was better than the Hornet-- maybe for different...
Looking for either a Pimeta, PPA, Mini3, somethign around the $125-ish mark that can run off of 9V power or comes with a wall wart. If you have something you're looking to sell that fits this description, please let me know, thanks!
What's the best amp, used or new, for around the $150 mark nowadays? My Go-Vibe V5 isn't bad, but it's a definite step down after I got rid of my Hornet to finance the purchase of some guitar gear.
I've owned the SP's before and they were good--- not great, but very good. Never tried the K81DJ's. Considering smaller size, super durable and closed were my two main requirements, these popped up on my hitlist fairly early. What other options would be out there that fit these requirements besides these two cans?
Looking for any of these in good condition, preferably w/ their gumstick batteries & accessories, but this isn't a necessity if the price is right. please PM if you have one you're not using. thanks!
K240S is a little too big, and for that size of can I have the DT150-- talk about a rugged headphone! Just need something closed and smaller and more portable than my DT150's. I've tried the K141's, not bad, but just didn't end up burning in the way I thought they would. I could always go for a refurb'ed pair of V6's, but I always end up getting rid of them for one reason or another.
Quote: Originally Posted by facelvega The SP is fine, since it was released several options have appeared that by all accounts are at least as good and much cheaper: K81dj, SJ5, HP460, HTX7, RP-15. I've A/B tested the AKG and the Philips up against an SP, and I'd take either one of them before the Senn-- not by a lot, but still. I've been looking at the K81DJ as a good all purpose beater headphone for rock music, something that will really take...
Quote: Originally Posted by BushGuy I've had several versions of HD25. If you want to keep it under $100 - go to eBay UK - there are still a few pairs of HD25 Concorde still around. Sure they are 300 ohm, but don't let that scare you. Their smallness mitigates against power needs you incorrectly suspect you'll need. Virtually any portable amp handles them with aplomb.......quite noticibly better than SP. How does the Concorde version perform...
For those who have tried both, which would be a better general use can for hooking up to a dvd player, using at the gym w/ an iPod, amping for bedside use, and just a general "beater" can that will last a long time and sound good for rock music? I know the Senns are more expensive, but all the parts are serviceable on them too, which makes them possibly a better can for the long haul. How durable are the K81DJ's?
There's been alot of attention and praise for the HD25-1 lately, especially now that the HD25-1 II is out. I've had both pairs in the past, and I'm looking for another good (read: not great, just good) pair of smallish, durable closed headphones that I can use either unamped or amped as around the house/going to the gym/beater headphones. Trying to keep it under $100. I also think I'd prefer the simpler headband design of the SP version, and the fact that I can lay...
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