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Looking for a nice headphone amp, something pro sounding and looking that won't break the bank.  My first choice of stuff would be Ray Samuels Audio (Hornet, SR-71A), which I still may end up going with, but I figure if I get something under $200 I can have some scratch left for a new pair of cans.   I've been out of the game for a while and when I left, the Meta42, Pimeta, PINT and their ilk were the latest and greatest thing.  Seems like now we're dominated with Fiio's...
Been out of the head-fi game for quite a while, but sold a guitar of mine and have enough funds to afford a high quality portable amp for use w/ a pcdp and ipod for desktop and home use.   Looking at the Ray Samuels Audio P-51 Mustang or Hornet as my lead options.  Both are a little above my budget, but I've heard great things about them both.  Even had a non-M version of the Hornet years back and remembered really liking it.  I also like the fail-safe of having...
pm sent!
Hit me up if you have a pair of Beyer silver velour pads for DT770 or DT990 headphones.  Please let me know condition and price when you contact me.    thanks! J.
I have a pair of DBI Pro 700 headphones and I'm looking for some replacement earpads for them.   They tend to warm up and get too hot/sticky.  I'd like to get some velour pads for them.   Does anyone know for sure if Beyerdynamic DT770 velour pads (the silver ones) will fit on the DBI's?  If so, I might order a pair.   thanks! J.    
I was thinking of picking up anoher pair of these, but wondered if Sennheiser ever made things right and fixed the known headband cracking issue on the HD280 Pro.   Does anyone know?  
I just ordered a new Macbook Pro today and wondered if the Sansa Clip Plus works with Mac/Apple stuff.   I'm looking for a small, inexpensive mp3 player that has outstanding sound quality (alot of eq options, etc.) but also works with Mac.  The Sansa Clip + 8GB is only $55-60, which seems like a great deal since I've read it has very good sound quality.      
Any recommendations for some really good cans for biking? I live close to a bikepath and park where I can do a fair amount of biking without too much fear of traffic, so I thought I'd see about some better cans to bring my tunes with me. I have a Sony mp3 player right now with a 5-band EQ and some Sportapros, KSC-75's and Senn MX300's. They all sound pretty good-- the Sportas being the best so far for the job, but is there something better that's fairly low profile? ...
what condition? how old? what accessories? how much is shipping to the US? sorry for bombarding with questions! J.
I might just see if I can be happy with a stock one until they work the kinks out. Can the Sansa Clip+ play AAC files in its stock form?
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