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Any OTL amp based on the 6AS7 is going to work better with high impedance cans.
Excellent post John. I have a 606, and it gets it right. When the meter drops down quickly, the tube is not going to last all that long. Might sound fine until it does though, so if it has no shorts, no reason not to use it if it sounds OK.Zaerix was a rebrander only and this included lots of Russian tubes, and that one sure looks Russian.
Indeed, and the 1050 is a serious receiver. Second from the top. That's an amazing price these days for one that works. Good on ya!
Moody great job on that nice 'Sui!!! My wife is very good about my hobby, clearly, since I have three pretty significant stereos in the house! But I also really dislike clutter, so for me things have to be neat and tidy, and I'm sure that's part of why my wife doesn't mind. It does mean I have sold some things I kind of wish I still had...but all in all I can't complain
Unfortunately I have no experience with that product so I have no way to know whether it would help you or not.I would advise buying from a local shop that allows returns.
But the overall tenor of this thread isn't even neutral. It's negative. It's highly biased toward "it's a joke", "it's BS"... When NO ONE here has any idea at this point. And for a site that is about audio, I find that disheartening. I'm all for a wait and see stance, but wait and see isn't "it's crap until proved otherwise". Wait and see is "I will render a judgement one way or another once that's possible to do".
And yet, what I see in this thread is mostly a bunch of head-fiers crapping all over an attempt to bring improved sound quality to more listeners. Hard for me to figure,
Well sorry to say guys I'm not going to be able to make it. Kids activities require my presence that day. Have fun!
Do you know anyone with a tube tester? It seems a shame to just toss them without checking them to see what's up.
I,would be concerned that this means the tubes are leaking, meaning they are not keeping a perfect vacuum. There may be enough barium on the getter flashing to keep creating a vacuum for a while, but if that getter flashing starts to change from silver to white you know you have a problem.
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