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LOLOL!!!!! Hey, doesn't matter what you're famous for, as long as you're famous
Mark, always a pleasure, my friend.
Beautiful stuff, Cap!!! Love the Fisher - that's a great sounding piece of kit, for sure.
Yes, Paul was there, and was very fun to talk to. It was his DAC that he was demonstrating, it was connected to an RSA A-10 driving Stax I thought it sounded terrific, given the usual caveats about show conditions, unfamiliar systems, etc., but nonetheless the sound from that system was as good as I heard yesterday.
I went ahead and created an impressions thread:
Thanks again to AudioAddict / Steve for organizing another great event! The meet was VERY well attended, and it was nice to have some manufacturers as we'll as so many head-fires. I had a great time...nice to see a bunch of old friends again, and I met some great new folks as well. As usual I did more socializing that listening, but I did hear some stuff that caught my ear. The new Oppo PM-2's sounded very good, as did their headphone amp. I want to spend more time with...
Well if someone went through the trouble to fake them, they should have branded them Mullard or something more likely to bring in some bucks than Sylvania
I'll be leaving soon and should be there around 10. Very psyched! ONE TRAFFIC WARNING: locals should all know, but unless you live downtown, DO NOT TAKE THE KENNEDY (90/94) TO THE EDENS (94)! If you are coming from out of town, don't come through downtown - take 294 around instead. The construction on the Kennedy isn't going to be pretty today. See you all soon!!!!
Fascinating...I've never seen Sylvania branded Russian tubes before. I've seen those branded Ampex, Ultron, Mullard, and others, but never Sylvania.
That's very cool on both counts!Well...I sold the Leben a few weeks back, so I guess that's your answer
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