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The SCA-50 is a nice little integrated. I used to have one decades ago. But it's definitely going to need a thorough deoxit treatment of all the pots and switches.
Last price drop before it goes to eBay - $199 and free shipping in the USA.
SirMarc, unlike other threads on headfi, this thread isn't full of people who speculate about stuff they've never heard At a high level, the odds are a decent 70's receiver will outperform a late 80's mass market receiver. The late 80's wasn't a great period for mass market stuff. But that's just the macro view. Your unit sounds like it was a good one, though, so it may well be hard to top. No possible way to say without hearing it.
I love tubes too, but wanting to "flavor" the Oppo with tubes basically eliminates it's greatest strengths.
Nice man!!! Great pick up.
Between $250-400 depending on condition. Nice piece of kit. I STILL want an SA-9800 someday...
Right. The point was simply that DD turntables can be truly excellent, and were for decades. They aren't made today because to make them affordable one needs the benefit of production efficiencies that cannot be had in today's turntable market.
Sure...late 70's/early 80's MOTL DD TTs from Denon, Kenwood, Yamaha, and Pionner easily outperform entry level Pro-Ject, Rega, and Music Hall TTs. I have heard this wth my own ears. The Denon DP-59L I have so smoked the Pro-Ject TT I had prior to it it wasn't even close.
Sadly there are very few DD turntables in production. So what you are asking isn't going to be answerable. However, one can buy quite a number of vintage DD tables that will chew up and spit out every modern entry level (and often several levels up) belt drive turntable currently in production. DD has the potential to be much better than belt drive, but DD is not well suited to the current turntable market of small batch production.
Well, I was hoping to get a review done on my PonoPlayer, but it seems to have developed a problem...the battery doesn't seem to hold a charge. Works fine for a while, but now I can't even get it to fully power up when plugged in, and when unplugged it's dead as a door nail. Not good...I've contacted support, will wait to see what happens next.
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