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Great stuff, r2 and AppleHead!
He doesn't have any 1980's. And honestly if one were to be found, one would think it would be in Europe. Japan is 100V. That one sure does look nice though!!!On another note, I get a weekly email flyer from these guys and they have a Sansui G-22000. I almost bought it. But since I didn't I thought I would post the link here:
@SpeakerBox That TT looks awesome man, congrats! @AppleheadMay The 1280 is every bit as good sounding as the 1980. I had a restored 1280 and loved it. I freely admit I stepped up to the 1980 just because I wanted to. There really wasn't any real sonic benefit.
Awesome. You will love them I'm sure.
I would actually love to own a pair of Cerwin Vegas. I have fond memories of a buddy of mine's C-W's back in the 80's. I looked for a pair locally for a while but never found a decent pair and eventually stopped looking.
Yup, the Kappa 5 is a great little speaker. My brother has a pair he uses with a Pioneer SX-980, and the two sound absolutely phenomenal together.
Oh it was definitely about the sound! The Kappas are nice enough looking but nothing exotic. They sound great though. The EMIT tweeter is still one o ft he best sounding tweeters ever made IMO. I still have my Kappa 6's. Next weekend's project is to set them back up in the basement and give the B&W DM-16's a rest.
Sold the CT-F1000, yes. It needed the idler tire replaced. I have a working CT-F-950 in the basement rig.Thanks! It is pretty heavenly The speakers are Pioneer DSS-9. A truly wonderful speaker. Kind of in between vintage and modern - 1982.And yeah, the SX-1980 is as big as it looks
Thanks man. The turntable is hard to see - it's just above and behind the Tascam (the tape decks that's on the floor).I have to keep things neat and clean at all times. Beyond that and I can do what I want within reason.
I decided to finally admit I just don't play cassettes much, and I play reel to reel tapes all the time, so I have now worked it so that I have all my man-cave decks hooked up all the time (I have a tape deck switcher which is under the Tascam).
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