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For you head-fi guys, if you ever see some tubes I'm selling on eBay and you want them, PM me here. I will NOT ship internationally without the Global Shipping program on eBay to just any random person because I have been burned too many times and it's just not worth the hassle. But for you guys, I will ship directly (if you pay by paypal of course) without any eBay involvement.
In the US there is no incoming sales tax for private sales from overseas and duty is charged only on items over $1,000.
Moody that is one nice restore. Great work!!!!
One other suggestion...with the amp off and cool of course, try re-seating the tube. The problem you describe can sometimes be due to a poor contact in the tube socket. Make sure that you see both filaments glowing. Then as others have suggested, with the volume all the way down and without valuable headphones connected, let it run for a good while. If after all that it doesn't seem to be working, do contact the seller, who I happen to know has a 100% customer...
Yup, sure looks like Tung-Sol/Chatham to me.
I'm using my vintage, fully restored Pioneer SX-1980 monster receiver during the times when I'm not reviewing an amp for IF.
Yes, I'm still part of the reviewing staff there, my last review was just a couple weeks ago.
Guys while I'm definitely coming, the Leben won't be with me. I sold it. Sorry. I will have the ATW3000ANV with me, and also my PSB M4U2, but what amp is up in the air at the moment.
That's not surprising...speakers really started to become good in the 70's, with of course a few very notable earlier exceptions.
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