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Thanks my friend!
Thanks!!! It makes me very, very happy.
Wow that system has changed a LOT since that pic! Here it is now:Also on the system are a Revox B77 Mk II reel to reel (which is 15 ips 2-track) and a Denon DP-59L turntable with a Dynavector 20xH.
The Wall of Fame isn't updated that instantaneously, guys.It's more neutral than either the Marantz 2270 or 2285 I owned, for sure. It's a bit more neutral than my SX-1980, but the 1980 has an authority driving headphones that almost nothing I've heard really matches. That said, very few people will buy an 80 pound, $2-3000 vintage receiver just for headphone use
Nice! No doubt, the more you show these vintage pieces some love, the more they love you back
Thanks guys, much appreciated. The HA-1 is a very nice piece of takes a lot these days to impress me, but the Oppo managed to do just that.
In case anyone is interested:
Right you are. Both tubes are US Sylvaniia. But I do agree they're somewhat different construction. I would never sell as matched.Badas of you really want more 6AS7 tubes you should PM me.
I haven't heard the new TOTL Clearaudio MM that AS linked to. I own the former TOTL Maestro Wood MM and it's the best MM I have ever heard. That said, I still prefered a couple of less expensive MCs, including the high output Dynavector 20xH. But at this point it's very much personal preference and system synergy.
The MP-500 is a very good cartridge. The 2M wasn't better in every way, but overall I prefered it.
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