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You can buy them cheaper here: http://www.elexs.com/Otl_7241.htm
It really doesn't get much better than that.
For better or worse, that's not really possible. Many of the processes required for making vintage vacuum tubes exactly as they were made in the tube heyday wouldn't be legal today. Certainly not in Europe, where ROHS pretty much precludes tube making.
One of my favorite things about the SX-1980 are the incredibly flexible tone controls. GOOD tone controls are a godsend.
I'm sure that's 47k ohms. But 600mv??! Line level is usually 1-2 V! So yeah that sounds like a bad design. Does your GSX preamp have a variable output? Try using that instead of the fixed out.
It's a nice idea. The issue is, has that EVER worked? The Shuguang CV-181's sure don't sound like real CV-181's.
What input are you using on the SC-67? The SC-67 has a phono input but you CANNOT use that with the hookup scenario you described. You have to use an Aux (line-level) analog input.
I am 99.99% certain there are no current production 6AS7/6080 tubes. If there were, amp makers like AtmaSphere, who sell amps loaded with 6AS7s, would use them. But they don't. They use NOS Russian tubes. And honestly, what fool would go into production of this tube? There is literally no money in it. One can buy NOS Svetlanas for $5 each, or even less when purchased in bulk, and there are clearly mountains of these available. A while back I thought about buying a box of...
Well, theoretically, yes. However, many amps have circuitry that shuts down the speaker outputs if the DC Offset gets too high, in order to protect the speakers from exactly the damage you're referring to. So I thought perhaps that might be happening.
Well, it could just be coincidence that the sub was hooked up only to the left channel, and that's the channel that is now having problems...but it does set off some alarms... Make absolutely sure there aren't any stray strands of speaker wire touching each other, and run just the A speakers to the main speakers, no sub, and see what happens. If you still get shutdown on one channel after a while, I strongly recommend checking DC offset.
New Posts  All Forums: