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.You might not. Try it. It just depends how the 9100 works. From looking at the back panel, it looks like the pre out may not be active unless you move that switch to "separate", and if you do that, you have to have something to feed the power amp in jacks or you won't get sound from the speakers.
They can be, yes. Mainly because the integrated amps typically (but not always) sell for less than the equivalently powered receiver. Why? Because the receivers are sexier. There were also a lot more receiver models, because back in the day FM was a MAJOR source of music listening, so people typically wanted a receiver. Some were ok with separate amp and tuner.But if you don't want a FM tuner, anf you are not buying the look, then yes, your better value is often with an...
I hesitate to side with you, Schaffer, because I think you're being ruder to AnalogSurviver than he deserves - he is a knowledgable and very helpful person in this thread! That's said, I have the MFSL reissue of Garcia / Grisman, and the 15 ips 2-track reel (available from tapeproject.com), and the tape beats the pants off the vinyl, even though the vinyl is itself spectacular.
There are also plenty of reissues that are completely analog. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Analog Productions, Music Matters...just to name a few. I buy vinyl mainly from Music Direct and Soundstage Direct.
Bingo! Did this in my SX-1980. HUGE difference.
Totally different beasts. But the HD800's really don't need that much power, and also can really benefit from a bit of tube warmth. As much as I love the SX-1980, if I were to look for something primarily to use with the HD800, it would for sure be the Fisher. On the other hand, for Audeze or HifiMan planar headphones, nothing beats the SX-1980
Huge Pioneer enthusiast here too obviously. Speakerbox a mint SX-1250 for $350 is amazing! Since you have a fully restored one, i know what I would do...take the faceplate and all the externals of the mint one, transplant those onto the restored one, and then sell the unrestored one with the now slightly less mint cosmetics and you will still come out way ahead! That is, unless you have a place for another system
Generally speaking, Optonica is very good stuff. I had an Optonica integrated for a while...sounded great and the build quality was first rate. My piece was early 80's.
I kinda miss the days when I thought the Singlepower MPX-3 was the greatest thing I had ever heard in my life. As badly as that whole thing blew up, I sure did love that amp when I first got it.
I always found the Ken Rad to be very lush sounding with GOBS of bass. While maybe not as pretty sounding, the RCA 6SN7GTB is actually more balanced, IMO. So it really depends what flavor one is looking for. The Ken Rad VT231 is pretty far from neutral, even by vintage tube standards.
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