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Yup, although the "main listening room" is my family room, and its heavily used by my teenage son. Which is totally cool. I have lost of places to hang out and listen to music
They are B&W DM-16's. I like them a lot, although I do prefer the Pioneer DSS-9's in my attic rig. My "best" speakers of course are my B&W Nautilus 800's, but it's nice to have variety
Right...I tried them outside but in spite of how the room may look from the pic that meant they were too far to the outside and there was no stable center image. The listening position isn't as far back as I would like but not much I can do about the foundation wall I'm 49 years old and have been at this a while...
Ha! No the TT isn't as high up as it looks The tape is MU: The Best of Jethro Tull
Having fun right now hanging out in my basement watching Sunday Night Football and spinning some Jethro Tull on reel
I actually think the Hitachi black plate 6SN7GTB is a nice tube.
Well, one issue is that your Magni only has one input. To play records, you need a second input because you need a phono preamp to connect the turntable to (please read the first post of this thread for more info on that). You could solve that problem with one of these, which is a decent phono preamp with some line input switching: http://www.phonopreamps.com/tc754pp.html Then you need a turntable and phono cartridge. There are LOTS of options in the $4-500 range for...
That's cool,but it's a rare exception, not the rule. Subs almost always have high pass filters for the speakers.Meaning the headphones will be in speakers A, and no other speakers connected? Or you want speakers, sub, and headphones?
I don't like doing it that way. I don't want my main speakers to be run through the subwoofer's high pass filter. If you don't need the Speakers B, connecting the sub to that and the main speakers to Speakers A will allow everything to be controlled perfectly and also allows the main speakers to run full range. I prefer that, myself.
This is actually how I run a sub off my SX-1980. Works perfectly. If your sub has speaker-level inputs, and you're not using speakers B, this is the way to go.
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