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Cool! How do they sound?
That's not really a good sign...the Mac 1900 doesn't have pots for adjusting DC Offset or I'm not sure what to recommend. Probably best bring it to a qualified tech.
I have a pair of Kappa 6's. Great speakers. Much better than HPM-100's. I agree. The Kappa 6 is a remarkable speaker for the size and era. Truly a great sounding speaker even by today's standards.
Right. No one is going to tool up to make new versions of a tube where you can buy a box of 25 NOS Svetlanas for $250 easily. I've seen crates of 100 for under $500 before.
No, it isn't. If you need a p-mount cartridge, I would go with this:
You definitely cannot plug the turntable directly into the headphone amp. Do you know the model number of the phono preamp you have? That Pioneer cartridge would probably be better replaced with a new cartridge. The audio Technica AT-95 would be fairly equivalent.
There are no current production 6AS7 type tubes. But you can buy literally HUNDREDS of the vintage Russian equivalents. If lack of supply is a concern, I wouldn't worry.
$1,600 us for a SX-1980 in good cosmetic and electrical condition is actually a very good price based on what's typical.
Standard red book is fine, but actually I would probably use -3dB as you will have more play on the 1980's volume control.
Quite true...and also if your amp has speaker selector switches (which most vintage amps do), those should be thoroughly cleaned/deoxit treated.
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