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The only mistake you made is that you ordered the same tube you already have Sylvania 6SN7GTB is a perfectly good tube. Not the greatest 6SN7 there is but far from the worst. Very balanced.
Honestly I've never heard a Yammy from that era...which is part of the allure. I've owned Marantz, Sansui, and Sony vintage receivers, all of which were good sounding, but so far I have preferred the Pioneers, yes. If the Yammy is less warm than the Pioneer, then yes, you're right, I probably wouldn't like it. I consider the Pioneer vintage sound to be pretty neutral, especially the SX-x50 and x80 receiver lines.
Yup that's the one...expensive, yes, but a rare chance to buy one that wouldn't need anything except a nice system to plop it in Still, it would mean selling one of my fully restored 1980's, and I just can't bring myself to do it.
I think that's pretty accurate. There is no hard and fast rule, but at least as we sit here today, anything from the 90's (or beyond) is not vintage. Aside from season! Man, there is a NICE, fully restored Yamaha CR-2020 on the Bay...must...resist...don't...need...
Punit I have always liked the CBS/Hytron 5692 better than the RCA. It's very worth getting. I squirrel, you must have a bad or near end of life TS VT-231. Your other tube comments sound pretty consistent with what most people hear, but not with the TS, especially the sibilant and harsh part. I've never found this, myself. It DOES have less bass weight than the RCA or KenRad tubes, though.
Why do you need the Digital to Analog stage here? You can easily buy any number of phono preamps that will output USB. Connect the USB to your PC. Done. Or maybe I missed something?
Yes I believe you're right, the actual metal is nickel.
There were "silver" plate Ken-Rad 6SN7GTs also. Not really silver of course, but silver color.
The post above with John McLaughlin reminds me of what may well the the finest acoustic jazz guitar album ever made: If you have never heard this album, BUY IT NOW.
Tentatively planning to attend, pending being free of family obligations, which is always a bit hard to tell this far out.
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