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Yup, I've come full circle, and my main headphone is back to being the 600 ohm Beyer DT880s. Those are custom ones I had made back when Beyer was doing that. Fun how that happens The amp is a prototype from Phil Larocco. Sounds terrific!
Shameless plug...if anyone is desperately looking for one of these, there happens to be a Loki in the FS forums at the moment
I'm selling the Schiit Loki I purchased right when they came out. I have never used it. It's still sitting in its original box - I opened it but never actually hooked it up. Just took it back out to snap these photos. $125 shipped CONUS. I accept only PayPal.
For sale is a Meier Audio 2StepDance portable headphone amplifier in excellent condition. $150 shipped in the USA. PayPal ONLY.
You have a Marantz 2500??? THE 2500, the one Marantz monster receiver? Doesn't get better than that.
Different, yes, but not all that different. The Sylvania VT-231 pictured there is a truly excellent tube, IMO. Does everything pretty well and doesn't do anything poorly. Balanced, nuanced, and robust.
That's a nice tube - it's a Sylvania VT-231. I highly doubt that's the original box for that tube, however.
For sale is a very nice pair of PSB M4U2 noise canceling headphones. These are in very good condition. They work absolutely perfectly. They show normal signs of careful use. The case itself has a little more sign of wear, but is structurally sound. Have priced to sell! Check my feedback no buy with confidence.
In addition to jnorris's excellent post, note that damping factor is irrelevant for the LCD-2, as the impedance curve is completely flat across the frequency spectrum.
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