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Right. I wouldn't expect most old, unrestored, cheap Craigslist units to sound all that good either. Restoration is required to make vintage gear sound as good as it can/should. But I wouldn't call a lot of what goes into modern gear "improvements". My vintage gear use discrete components in many places where most modern gear would use an IC. Sure, maybe a decent one, in some cases, but certainly no guarantee it's going to produce better sound in any way. I have a...
Neither of my Pioneer receives have that issue. Nor are their preamps sections noisy. But both of mine were fully recapped and they did have the transistors in the preamp (and phono and tone amp) upgraded.
That's not a bad price at all for a fully restored SX-1010 with a warranty. The 1010 is a very fine sounding receiver.
If your second question was also directed to me, I'm sorry but I can't answer. I've never heard one of these strapped 6BL7 configs. I will say that the 6BL7 is a very good sounding tube but I have only every heard it used one tube per channel in the more conventional manner. I do think the Sylvania 6BL7 was a little better sounding than the Sylvania 6AS7 in an amp I had years ago that was able to use both optimally. But when one tries to use one kind of tube in an amp...
That's correct. There is no one currently manufacturing any flavor of the 6AS7G. That said, it's hardly relevant for the small number of tubes that the current audio business requires, versus the mountains of Russian and Chinese NOS military tube stockpiles there are. One can still easily buy 100 tube cases of the very nice Russian 6H13C. 25 piece boxes run $150.
For the record - the 6AS7 is not still being manufactured. Don't confuse the mountains of Russian and Chinese military equivalents of this tube for new production. They aren't. There may be an essentially limitless supply from the perspective of audio needs, but no one is currently making the tube, at least at this juncture.
Great stuff, r2 and AppleHead!
He doesn't have any 1980's. And honestly if one were to be found, one would think it would be in Europe. Japan is 100V. That one sure does look nice though!!!On another note, I get a weekly email flyer from these guys and they have a Sansui G-22000. I almost bought it. But since I didn't I thought I would post the link here:http://www.tmraudio.com/product/xx-458
@SpeakerBox That TT looks awesome man, congrats! @AppleheadMay The 1280 is every bit as good sounding as the 1980. I had a restored 1280 and loved it. I freely admit I stepped up to the 1980 just because I wanted to. There really wasn't any real sonic benefit.
Awesome. You will love them I'm sure.
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