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Sold the CT-F1000, yes. It needed the idler tire replaced. I have a working CT-F-950 in the basement rig.Thanks! It is pretty heavenly The speakers are Pioneer DSS-9. A truly wonderful speaker. Kind of in between vintage and modern - 1982.And yeah, the SX-1980 is as big as it looks
Thanks man. The turntable is hard to see - it's just above and behind the Tascam (the tape decks that's on the floor).I have to keep things neat and clean at all times. Beyond that and I can do what I want within reason.
I decided to finally admit I just don't play cassettes much, and I play reel to reel tapes all the time, so I have now worked it so that I have all my man-cave decks hooked up all the time (I have a tape deck switcher which is under the Tascam).
It is hard to let it go, although the one I'm keeping is even nicer
Right, it's hard to tell from just the description of the 980 if all the caps that need to be replaced were, or not. You'd have to ask the seller. And of you buy a Pioneer to have it restored later, make sure you ask the restorer to replace the tantalum AND electrolytic caps
It really depends on the condition. However, if both were recapped, then yes, I would expect the 980 to sound better than the 3900. The 3900 has a little more power, since it was the TOTL of that series.
PM me and I will give you the guy's details. He has several more...The 3900 isn't as good sounding as the 1980, but it's a very nice receiver nonetheless.Yup, there are actually several...Tom B is the guy I got mine from.
Remember I am only replacing ONE of my 1980's with the 3900 My main vintage system will always be SX-1980 based. I love the 1980. But for the basement I felt having a second 1980 was just overkill and I'd like to put the funds into something else. I was able to get the fully restored and recapped 3900 for $650.LOL!!!!
Ahh, yes probably not dual voltage. And while I think I have priced mine slightly under market, the market price of a fully restored 1980 is undeniably expensive, yes. I have it listed at $3,750. Much less nice ones on eBay are listed for +/- $5,000.Yup, a very good call. BTW the meter lamps on a 9090 are fuse-style and can very easily be replaced with blue LEDs which for the meters I think looks killer.
I have had several of those. My Marantz was the 2285. I also had an SX-1250, and a Sansui 9090DB. They all sounded excellent in their own way. All of mine had been restored recapped except the 1250, because of course I went the SX-1980 route in the end. Inspite of the restore, I had periodic issues with the DB board in my 9090DB which caused intermittent channel level problems. I would actually recommend a straight 9090 over the DB. But I personally liked the Pioneer...
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