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Beautiful, Oregonian! I have quite a few of Amos's fine wood cases on my gear too. He does amazing work, best I have seen, and his prices are reasonable.
I agree. $600 isn't crazy high these days for an SX-980, but it is a little high. I would try to talk the seller down to $500. By the way, the 980 is a truly excellent receiver. You will be very happy with it.
The only thing that was "special" about the GE 6AS7GA was that it *was* available true guaranteed NOS from parts express. However, they're out now. So yeah, it's not a tube to search out.
Personally, I think the Sylvania JAN 6SN7WGTA is an underrated tune. It's nicely balanced, warm without being gooey, extended FR in both directions. I've been using them in my Cary SLP-05 for a couple of years and have no desire to replace them.
Very nice, Shaizada! Wow! And beautiful DP-59L
yeah well I graduated from COLLEGE in 1988. So you can imagine how I feel I turn 50 this year...now THAT'S vintage
I have to agree. 1999 is definitely not vintage. 1989...well...that's stretching it to me, although it was 27 years ago now. So we probably have to allow it. What's sad is that when the 90's stuff is old enough to be considered vintage, we who are into 70's era hi-fi will need to come up with another name for it
since the tubes in the "second one" are purely light show, I doubt that the "sound" has much to do with it
GE = General Electric, the US company GEC = General Electric Company, the U.K. Company They are not related.
Cheers fellas. Analog, tubes, and 600 ohm headphones...it's a way of life
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