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In terms of electrical characteristics, a 6F8G is identical to a 6SN7. However, the base and pin out are different, and the 6F8G has a grid cap, so to use a 6F8G in place of a 6SN7, an adapter is needed.
For sale is an excellent pair of Audeze LCD-3 planar headphones. I love these, but it's time to move them along as I very rarely listen to headphones at home anymore. This pair had the drivers replaced by Audeze in 2012. The FR graph is included, as is the original one. The headphones have worked absolutely perfectly since that time. Note that these are NOT "fazor". Also included is the Audeze travel case, a Q-Cables 1/4", an ALO audio single XLR balanced, and Audeze...
Right...they call the 6DE7 / 6FD7 "dissimilar triode" tubes for a reason. The two sections are totally different. Works well in the context of a headphone amp - one section for input and one for output, and one tube per channel. Honestly I could never understand the allure of using a 6SN7 in the WA6. The fat bottle 6FD7 is a great sounding tube and can be had dirt cheap.
If you have a DMM, checking the DC offset is a good idea. But unless you really feel confident, adjusting the bias isn't something to do unless the amp is running super hot. You can fry your outputs if you screw up the bias adjustment. Also, if you LOVE the amp, recapping is a good idea, again if you are very confident in your soldering skills. But otherwise, unless one has a true TOTL unit that will hold value well, it's probably not worth spending the money to have...
Yup...and I personally would rather pair the HD-800 with the WA-22. I find the HD-800 to be bright at times, and I don't think for many people the pairing of the HD-800 and the HA-1 will be ideal. Conversely the LCD-3 and the HA-1 are a great pairing, whereas the LCD-3 and the WA-22 were too warm a pairing for me.
It's all a matter of perspective I think. I liked the WA22 when I had one, but that is a very lush, warm, romantic sounding amp. Beautiful, but very far from neutral. So comparing the WA22 to the Oppo would certainly make the Oppo seem bright by comparison. But in absolute terms, the Oppo isn't bright, IMO. Whereas the WA22 is clearly very rose colored
Thanks for the kind words. My opinion of the HA-1 hasn't changed since I wrote that. Not bright, in and of itself. But if one pairs it with bright headphones, then sure, bright sound will result. But guess what? Pair it with lush headphones, and lush sound is the result
Yup, as it is on mine. Someday
Heya Peter. No, not all of them...but most!
Yeah, I went a little tube crazy there for a while...
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