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I absolutely loved the Leben with the LCD-3, personally. I sold my Leben after many years of enjoyment during one of my decluttering fits, but I miss it
So sorry to read this. I didn't inow. Benz cartridges have long been my favorite. His work enriched my life, for sure.
I've always wanted one of those, although I know I will never own one.
6AS7G tubes so NOT fit, at all, in the small priority mail box, FWIW. It's really not even sufficient for a 6SN7 type tube with padding.
The SCA-50 is a nice little integrated. I used to have one decades ago. But it's definitely going to need a thorough deoxit treatment of all the pots and switches.
Last price drop before it goes to eBay - $199 and free shipping in the USA.
SirMarc, unlike other threads on headfi, this thread isn't full of people who speculate about stuff they've never heard At a high level, the odds are a decent 70's receiver will outperform a late 80's mass market receiver. The late 80's wasn't a great period for mass market stuff. But that's just the macro view. Your unit sounds like it was a good one, though, so it may well be hard to top. No possible way to say without hearing it.
I love tubes too, but wanting to "flavor" the Oppo with tubes basically eliminates it's greatest strengths.
Nice man!!! Great pick up.
Between $250-400 depending on condition. Nice piece of kit. I STILL want an SA-9800 someday...
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