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Very regularly, actually. My vintage rig gets used much more than my high end rig, which I assembled over a decade before I got into vintage. I simply like listening to music more on the vintage rig, although I enjoy my high end system as well.
Apologies, I misread the news. I agree, Neil Young taking over as CEO is NOT encouraging. And I'm into Pono for $400...ugh...
You guys should be ENCOURAGED about this move in terms of the ability of Pono to succeed. Do you really think Neil Young would make a good CEO??? Highly unlikely. This is a very common thing to have happen and makes perfect sense. EDIT: I misread the news...see post below...
Great post, Captouch! Yep, the Fisher KX-100 is a fine, fine piece of kit. No doubt.
Wow it sure does! That era of Fisher is just awesome. Congrats Old Groucho!
Yeah, Matt does great work, and his reputation has spread, and now his wait is really long. Some of the longer-time techs who do these full restores have wait lists that are YEARS.
That's the difference then for sure. Mine is the brand new 30th anniversary edition. Not sure how the mastering differs but your label is cooler
That's excellent. Keep them clean, and exercise them regularly, and you should be fine.
Wow, yours does have a different label! I'm not sure what to make of that. I got mine from Amazon, so I'm pretty sure it's legit, but I like your label better!
Playing the new anniversary version of Bob Marley Legend:
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