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Yup! The SX-1980 has a killer phono stage.Very nice, Marc!!! Congrats buddy.
Actually the Dynavector 20xH is a high output moving coil as well
My Denon DP-59L has a Dynavector 20xH on it, and it's used with my SX-1980. Sounds awesome!
Congrats. It's a sweet turntable and you will love it. Nice cartridge too. I had one for a while, excellent TT. I only sold it because I got a Denon DP-59L, which is a slightly higher end Denon from that same era. That era of Denon TT was absolutely terrific.
One thing that can produce hum (and other unwanted noises) that's not due to grounding is dirty tube pins. Clean those pins super well!!! I use steel wool (very careful afterward to make sure no stray steel fibers present) followed by contact cleaner.
Cool mm would like to meet you as well! I will be at the show Friday and Saturday wondering about and still come to this meet up Saturday. I will be wearing a reel to reel shirt
I will be there too! I don't need Pizza but will come say hi during the reception, so please put me on any list to get on of that's required. I have my 3-day pass to the show already. Thanks!
1985? Huh. Well for sure if there were 421a tubes being made in 1985, it wasn't Tung Sol making them, as Tung Sol was long gone by then. Cetron, who bought Tung Sol, continued to make some of Tung Sol's tubes like the 6336, sold under the Cetron name, for some time, maybe even as late as the 1980's. But not the 5998, I don't believe. So perhaps WE had to start making the 421a, and thus the slight design change.
Yup, I agree totally. I was just pointing out that exact thing...that we are using tubes for audio that were intended for other purposes. That does not mean they cannot be very good for audio - in fact, many are, as you point out. The 6AS7 is a good tube for driving headphones in an OTL design, as it just so happens
Hey, I think the 6AS7G can sound good in audio, but Glenn is right. The 6AS7 wasn't designed as an audio tube, plain and simple. Read the data sheet.http://www.nj7p.org/Tubes/SQL/Tube_query.php?Type=6as7g'Glass octal type used as a regulator tube in dc power supply units and in projection television booster scanning applications.' (Source ........................................ RCA DS 05/01/55)
New Posts  All Forums: