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Those look very cool, Phoenix! Will look forward to more pics once they are in your place. Congrats !
I'm not sure it's accurate to say there were not "clean" generations of design in Sylvania 6SN7's. They have many very commonly identifiable types. And remember Sylvania produced mass quantities of 6SN7's over a 40+ year period, which spanned the rise and fall of the vacuum tube as the primary amplification electrical device.
Remember there is always another easy option! A lot of stereo shops will sell a basic Pro-Ject or Music Hall turntable with a decent enough phono cartridge already installed and aligned. Nothing you need to do but plug it in and enjoy Actually when I bought my Benz cartridge from my local dealer, he insisted that he be able to install it for me! I didn't really want this, but it was something they include as part of their service when you buy a cartridge from them, no...
So that sounds like the "newer" ones which I had heard used a dropping resistor. I asked Leben about the headphone out quite a few years ago so the design may well have changed.
That's what I had been told by Leben. You're the engineer - does the schematic say otherwise?
The headphone output is a 32 ohm secondary winding from the main output transformer.
No one is going to buy that for $3,500 I assure you.
I've never heard the LCD-X, but I have heard the Leben with the LCD-3, and the combination is terrific. I used them only from the headphone out, and for the LCD headphones this is plenty.
The CT-F1000 is a very high quality cassette deck. They were $600 when new! I have one, and like almost all of these I had to have the idler mechanism replaced. This is the weakness of these in their old age. But once you do that, there are very few cassette decks that are its peer.
I don't plan to get into any detailed discussion on the Bakoon. No, I didn't personally think it was anywhere near as good sounding as an amp in its price class should be. But that's just "with my ears and gears"
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