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That's a very nice cartridge, assuming that the stylus has life left in it.
The majority were indeed fair to bad, I agree. Frankly, looked at over its entire history, Pioneer made a lot of really mediocre electronics too. As did all the majors. What's fun, for me at least, is to find the stuff they made in the vintage era that was actually good and is still worth owning today.
That Technics is a direct drive turntable, so no belt needed
Pioneer made plenty of bad speakers, sure. However, they made some excellent ones too. The whole line of HPM speakers were highly regarded - the HPM-100 was designed by Bart Locanthi after Pioneer lured him away from JBL. And the early 80's DSS series was designed and build by Pioneer's TAD high end division. The DSS-9, which I own and use daily, were a serious loudspeaker that still sound fantastic - beryllium ribbon tweeter, boron cone midrange, dual-voice-coil polymer...
If you are going to be given that Technics, you should get a replacement needle for the cartridge (try needledoctor.com) and you will be at a level on par or maybe better than an Orbit. If you like the Technics and spinning vinyl, you can eventually go for an upgrade, but you'd need to go to a higher level than any of the entry level TTs you can buy today.
Yup! The SX-1980 has a killer phono stage.Very nice, Marc!!! Congrats buddy.
Actually the Dynavector 20xH is a high output moving coil as well
My Denon DP-59L has a Dynavector 20xH on it, and it's used with my SX-1980. Sounds awesome!
Congrats. It's a sweet turntable and you will love it. Nice cartridge too. I had one for a while, excellent TT. I only sold it because I got a Denon DP-59L, which is a slightly higher end Denon from that same era. That era of Denon TT was absolutely terrific.
One thing that can produce hum (and other unwanted noises) that's not due to grounding is dirty tube pins. Clean those pins super well!!! I use steel wool (very careful afterward to make sure no stray steel fibers present) followed by contact cleaner.
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