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Two things. One, many if not most modern speaker amps do not derive the headphone output from the main power amplifier, but rather from a separate and often rather weak op-amp that's just to drive headphones. Vintage amps almost universally derive the headphone output from the main power amp, via a single dropping resistor. Second, I think most people here would very strongly disagree with your assessment that most modern amps sound better than vintage ones. Cheap...
I have both RCAs and Tung-Sols that are top getter, and some that are bottom getter. Both RCA and TS seem to have made 6AS7Gs with both configurations. RCA of course also made grey and black plate versions.
Wow it sure is! Congrats indeed!!!! Very nice.
Well it shows who won the military contracts!!! The 6AS7G was a post WWII tube. So military production would have been by contract award, not by government edict.
Indeed, it would be interesting to know definitively one way or another.
Yes of course I'm well aware of that Again, 99% sure they did. Do I have certain proof? Nope. But I think my reasoning is pretty sound. Unfortunately I no longer have any of the Raytheon 6AS7Gs I had but IIRC they did have some very subtle differences with the RCAs and the Sylvanias. I still own about a dozen Sylvanias. I only kept them and the Tung-Sol/Chathams from my crazed 6AS7 days...
By the logo on the base of the tube There aren't major physical differences in most of the us 6AS7Gs. Grey plate/black plate, bottom shield or not, bottom or top getter...all of the makers seemed to make every variant. But this was a very common tube, so it's pretty reasonable to assume Sylvania, RCA, and Raytheon, who were all massive tube manufacturers in the day, were making their own, and not rebranding.
Nope. Not Raytheon. The Raytheon 6AS7G tubes I had all said Raytheon on them. The Sylvania is a very nice tube BTW.
Chatham was purchased by Tung-Sol, who was later purchased by Cetron, who was later purchased by Richardson Electronics.
You sort of gently rock the tubes back and forth as you are pulling them out. NOT twisting but a gentle back and forth as you also gently pull.
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