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Yeah, I kept the general illumination lights on my 1980 as regular light bulbs. I did have the function indicators changed to LEDs, and that was definitely the way to go as it looks better and those are a bear to change out. With the Marantz, the issue is the vellum paper yellows, and if you use bulbs, the color is kind of a bad aqua-green. And changing the vellum paper is tough. I did change the Marantz when I had one to blue LEDs, and while it was kind of bright, I...
It's great to see you posting here, Stavros. I hope you are well
I had a very nice but not recapped SX-1250. I thought it sounded slightly better than an unrestored SX-1980. But the fully recapped and restored SX-1980 was a revelation, and so I stuck with it. At the time I also had a fully restored ' recapped Sansui 9090 and Marantz 2285, and I preferred the sound of the 1980 over both of those, so I sold them. But they were both excellent in their own right.
I have a pair of Spendor LS3/5A's connected to my SX-1980 for when I'm sitting at my desk. They sound awesome.
Thanks man!! I really enjoyed it when I was into it, that's for sure. And the nice thing for me is that my kids, who are now in their late teens, love music, and it's really fun to listen to music with them.
It's funny...the peak of my headphone interest and my head-fi activity was kind of the perfect storm...I had little kids, and so almost of all my music listening have to be via headphones. When I joined head-fi in 2005, I owned the Sennheiser HD-650, used only in my main stereo. Suddenly there was this thing called an iPod, and I could play lossless music from it via a headphone amp into great headphones in all sorts of places. Very handy. I sure got sucked in. I think my...
VPI ScoutMaster / Benz Micro LP-Smr / Heart - Magazine picture disc
I personally found the two to sound almost identical as well. If anything, I slightly preferred the 6F8G Rp. Both super excellent.
Right, the point wasn't that GTBs are better than GTs or one was saying that. The point was that for someone just getting into tubes, the GTB's are easy to get, fairly cheap, and better than any current production 6SN7.
Sorry man but that's just not correct. TAD is the high end division of Pioneer, as I stated. Perhaps youre confusing that Technics was the high(er) end brand of Panasonic?Yes, 1.6 mV should be plenty for most vintage amps/receivers.
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