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I agree. These are very good sounding tubes. There are other good sounding GTB's, as well. Like the tall black-plate Raytheons, just to name one.
Absolutely right (of course ) If there is extra money to be spent, the Blue (or if you could afford it, a 2M Bronze) will provide much, much more benefit than the differences between inexpensive phono preamps.
As much as I love my SX-1980, I basically agree. If one could choose between an unrestored 1980 or 33000 for $2K, or even if the 1980 were less, the 33000 is the way to go for sure. Not that it even necessarily sounds better, but the 33000 is more valuable, and an unrestored 1980 is just a repair job waiting to happen, since the power supply board on the 1980 is very prone to failure unless it's both restored and slightly modified by someone who knows what they are doing.
Any of those phono preamps you mentioned are probably quite fine, especially for a 2M Red, which is a nice entry level cartridge, it doesn't make sense to spend more. In fact you might consider just getting one of these, which costs even less and does quite a good job: http://www.amazon.com/TC-750-BLACK-Audiophile-Phono-Preamplifier/dp/B000A36LQ4/
Guys would you PLEASE leave your sniping OUT of my help thread???? Thanks.
Glenn does lots of unique and very cool thing in his amps that allow for a lot of unusual tube rolling, but as he says above, this does NOT mean those same tubes will work in other amps.
You're confusing output transformers and power transformers. The heater current tubes need is supplied by the power transformer. Every single tube amp has one of these. The total heater current of all tubes cannot exceed the current that a power transformer can supply (to slightly oversimplify).
Nope. Unless your amp has setting for a 6336, or specifically says it has the power transformer headroom, it's way too much of a current hog to be a safe direct sub for a 6AS7G.
Well the 6BL7 is closer to a 6AS7 than a 6SN7 is, so I could see that. I too have often thought the 6BL7 was a good sounding tube in an amp that was designed to use them.
NO. Not even close. 6AS7G and 6SN7 are both 6.3 V octal base dual triodes, but that's the end of the similarities. 6AS7 is 2.5 A of heater current, a plate current of 125 am, a Mu of 2, and a transconductance of 7000. The 6SN7 has a heater current of 0.6, a plate current of 10ma, a mu of 20, and a transconductance of 2600. They are not even close. It probably won't blow up, but it won't work well, either, and at a bare minimum would sound really, really anemic.
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