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Yup, that's about what his other similar pieces have gone for. And given what a mint unrestored unit plus restoration would cost for an SX-1250, it's not too bad.
Goodwill sells mass quantities of cassettes for 25 cents each. They want $1 for horribly wrecked LPs, and $2 for used CDs. So cassettes are the cheapest way to buy whole albums of music by far. That said, cassette is the worst sounding pre-recorded medium there ever was. Even 8-track sounded better. It's not bad sounding, most of the time, but it's commercial cassettes varied from pretty good to awful. BUT - if you can buy good music you like on cassette, get a deck! I...
I have a Pioneer CT-F950 which is awesome. I also have a CT-F1000 which is awesome when it works, which sadly isn't that often. Oregonian is right, bad idler tire. Pity because they look awesome and sound great when working. Then of course there are the Nakamichi Dragon decks...and TEAC made a good cassette deck or two, but I don't know what models.
Hard to say...but it won't be cheap. If I had to guess...in the neighborhood of $2K.
Well, if any of you have been thinking of going straight to the top of the class in restored vintage gear, your dream may have come true: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pioneer-SX1250-Stereophonic-Receiver-STUNNING-/161775488660 This guy has a very good rep on AK. Oven ever bought one of his pieces but have been tempted to before...in fact I'm still mad at myself for not buying his fully restored SX-3900.
Pioneer shamefully reused the PL-570 for a cheap plastic belt drive deck at some point, yes. Mine is the heavy duty then TOTL DD deck
It's a PL-570. Me gusta mucho!!!Thanks!!! It's one of many reasons I love the rig. It also sounds killer Its the one non-Pioneer piece - a Sansui SE-8X in a custom wood case.
Both my vintage rigs have nice Pioneer cassette decks in them - one a CT-F1000 and one a CT-950. I don't play a lot of cassettes as I am more a reel to reel guy, but I do enjoy playing a cassette or two on occasion.Here is the CT-F1000 - bottom left in the stack
NO. It most definitely does NOT.Again, while a VERY few designs from people like Glenn have voltage switches that allow for this, the VAST majority of amps that use a 6SN7 cannot use a 12SN7, or 25SN7. I know that you tube veterans know this, but it worries me that some tube noob is going to halfway read this thread, think it's OK to sub a 12SN7 for a 6SN7 just because they both say SN7, and POOF.For those who do not know/realize, the first digit of the U.S. Tube naming...
As someone who once blew up an amp, a long time ago, in a failed tube rolling experiment, I have to caution... If you are not totally sure what you are doing, do NOT go trying whacked out tube substitutions. VERY rare is the amp where a 12SN7 can be safely subbed for a 6SN7. There are a few, but they are few and far between.
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