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Congrats man! Now...WE NEED PICS!!!!
Yup. Matt did an awesome job. I'm listening to that SX-1980 right now...sounds incredible. Matt does great work and is a great guy.
I wish that even more people got to experience this. The difference between the SX-1980's I have had when stock versus my two fully restored ones are not subtle. These vintage units sound MUCH better when all their aging caps are replaced with new ones that meet the original spec. Indeed, my opinion is that this is the only way one gets to hear these units perform as they originally did back when new.
Yup, those are Chatham.
It's a OBH-12. It sort of has three inputs as there are two line inputs and a tape input. I will bring it!
Keith, how many sources? I have a Creek passive preamp I bought maybe a decade ago that's sitting in a drawer...I could bring it and if you like it and want to keep it I would sell it super cheap...
Nice work, Captouch! That's a beautiful Marantz. Congrats and enjoy!
I think you mean 6528. The 6520 is identical to the 6AS7/6080.
Chatham Electronics began as a separate company, but was then purchased by Tung Sol. Tung Sol operated it as a separate division for a period of time, but eventually changed to only using the Tung Sol name.
Tung Sol did make a 6080. I don't recall having heard one but it should sound different from the GE.
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