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Same here, although I'm glad I'm married as it's nice to have someone tell me that my record collection isn't allowed to get any larger I have more vinyl that I need as it is, and I'm now getting rid of LPs if I want to bring in new ones. Works well for me.
The only true / significant NOS tube store I have ever seen is in Akihabara in Tokyo. One of my favorite places to go
It's just how some people happen to perceive it, and to be frank, it can change from day to day even with a given person.The Norah Jones album Come Away With Me is a great example. There absolutely, positively IS sibilance in the way her vocals are recorded. Any system which made these unnoticeable would be very colored toward being far too smooth, to the point of severely lacking in detail. Like it or not, this is how they mic'd her. Fortunately, on good systems, it can...
I will issue my usual caution about the L3000 here. I had very high hopes for them, but after finally buying a pair several years back I was bitterly disappointed and couldn't sell them fast enough. They are severely colored. Far, far more than any other AT headphone, or ANY high end caliber headphone I have ever heard.
That's very cool that you have good high frequency hearing. It's something to be happy about, not upset. Again, there is almost zero chance that because you can hear above 20 kHz that this is what makes you "hate treble". There just isn't enough sound pressure level in that range for it to be an issue. Note that even the harmonics of cymbals end at 16 kHz. The fundamental ends much lower. Things like a piccolo and piano have their highest notes under 4 kHz. If treble...
Unless the hearing test was administered by a trained audiologist, I would be very, very skeptical about the 31kHz. This would be a remarkable statistical anomaly of incredibly rare proportion. If the test was one of those online internet tests, those are completely unreliable and should basically be ignored. And on top of that, there is almost zero musical content above 12 kHz or so, and truly almost none over 20kHz. So being able to hear above 20kHz would not result in...
Should be a good sonic match for those two headphones.
The Marantz sound from that era is warm. If you like a brighter sound, the Marantz isn't the right choice. But I thought the 2275 and 2285 I had sounded excellent. In the end I am more of a Pionner guy in terms of sound, but that doesn't take away from the Marantzes, which I think are excellent.
Well that certainly doesn't sound bad. It's not a screaming bargain, but if the seller is reputable, it's not unreasonable. Hopefully someone else here who has one can comment on its sound.
What are they asking for it? I had a 2285 non.-B version for quite a while and really liked it. Noticeably warm sounding but still plenty detailed and eminently musical. I've read that the B version isn't as warm sounding but is nonetheless excellent.
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