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Tim, what you may not realize is that a lot of the longer term members here get a lot of unsolicited PMs from total newbies, many of whom have NEVER posted here, and won't ever, who send a PM asking for information, in a way that comes across as quite rude, just as MH described. Given how long you have been a member I'm surprised that you yourself don't get such PMs. I don't think it's acceptable to fire off a curt PM to someone when you are asking for advice without...
Funny you mention that I was just playing the 20th Anniversary vinyl reissue of Division Bell that also just came out on my vintage rig. Sounds AWESOME
NICE! I had an SX-1010 for a while - great sounding receiver. I only sold it after I got my SX-1980 restored, but the 1010 is no slouch! Great piece.
That all may well be true but the US had a golden opportunity to win the game right at the end before overtime and blew an easy, easy goal.
This thread definitely needs LESS banter and bicker and MORE pics! As such, I've really been enjoying my Denon DP-59L/Dynavector 20xH combo lately:
If it sounds fine with the -20dB muting engaged, why not just listen to headphones that way??? Several vintage units Iva had required that. Nothing wrong with listening that way.
Did I once say I liked RCAs better than Chathams? I can't imagine that I did. But if I did, I've long since changed my mind. I prefer the Chathams.
Funny you say that...I was going to post that the SX-1980 I have does too! Which it certainly does. And I certainly agree the 1250 does as well.
LOLOL!!!!! Hey, doesn't matter what you're famous for, as long as you're famous
Mark, always a pleasure, my friend.
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