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@AppleheadMay and @SirMarc your systems are looking good!!! AppleheadMay, as others have said, 1.6mV is enough gain for a MM phono section but it's less that a typical MM by almost half. So yes, you will need to turn up the volume much more than you will for your DAC. This is normal.
I have long been a fan of the Sylvania WGT. Excellent sounding tube that does everything well and nothing poorly. Maybe not the very best at any one thing, but overall a very, very good sounding tube that's unfailingly musical.
Have to compute it. The SX-1980 has a 150 ohm dropping resistor on the headphone out, otherwise it's just the same power amp that delivers 270 wpc into 8 ohms. The combined load of the LCD-2 plus the resistor is 200 ohms.
I used the LCD-2 via the Pioneer SX-1980's headphone jack quite a bit, and was always very, very impressed. Of course, the SX-1980 outputs about 28 watts per channel into 50 ohms from the headphone out
Phonopreamps.com sells a version of its nice phono pre that has an aux input for a DAC, and a volume control, that makes it perfect for using with powered speakers: http://www.phonopreamps.com/TC-770LCpp.html Then all you need is a turntable and a DAC. As for the turntable, some of the most highly regarded currently manufactured turntables are made in the Czech Republic! They are sold under the Music Hall and Pro-Ject brands. Surely there is a way to buy these over there...
Yup,Vapman is absolutely right. Tape inputs work PERFECTLY for any line-level input like a CD player or DAC. Many of the vintage units we love would really be problematic to use if it were not for the tape inputs, just because they wouldn't have enough line level inputs. Even my big SX-1980 has only one aux input. But it has two tape inputs, so it has three line inputs, which is enough for my rig.
Are you seriously suggesting putting Vaseline INSIDE the mechanism of the volume pot?
Yeah, I kept the general illumination lights on my 1980 as regular light bulbs. I did have the function indicators changed to LEDs, and that was definitely the way to go as it looks better and those are a bear to change out. With the Marantz, the issue is the vellum paper yellows, and if you use bulbs, the color is kind of a bad aqua-green. And changing the vellum paper is tough. I did change the Marantz when I had one to blue LEDs, and while it was kind of bright, I...
It's great to see you posting here, Stavros. I hope you are well
I had a very nice but not recapped SX-1250. I thought it sounded slightly better than an unrestored SX-1980. But the fully recapped and restored SX-1980 was a revelation, and so I stuck with it. At the time I also had a fully restored ' recapped Sansui 9090 and Marantz 2285, and I preferred the sound of the 1980 over both of those, so I sold them. But they were both excellent in their own right.
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