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That Dyna has a very fine phono stage, and the strength of that is compensating for other relative deficiencies, that's my guess.
Same here. A lot of my early vintage purchases are gone. What I kept is the TOTL stuff, which I had restored, and which unquestionably compares very favorably to high end gear that one could buy today.
Yeah the PAT-4 was the very worst of early solid state sound. The PAT-5 was definitely better, although it wasn't the finest piece Dyna ever made. Their SS power amps, especially the Stereo 150 and the massive 400 were better sounding products from that era. The phono stage in an SX-850 will definitely be better than the one in the 550. There was only so much Pioneer could offer at the SX-550's price point.
Not really, because it was a VERY long time ago when I owned an SCA-50...the mid 1980's, when Dynaco wasn't considered "vintage" And for that matter neither were the SX-xx50 receivers! But I was a Dyna guy back then. I went to college with an all-tube Dyna setup that had been modded by Frank Van Alstine...a PAS-3 and Stereo 70...man that stuff sounded SWEET.
The "bargain" of that line, which has a reputation for being very good sounding, is the SX-850. It is where the parts quality took a notable stup up. The 950 can sometimes also be had at attractive prices. The 1050 and 1250 are totally awesome, but rarely cheap.
The SCA-50 is likely just better sounding. The SX-550 is second from the bottom of the line of receivers that had 8 models. I have a nice SX-650 which I use in the bedroom and it's fine for background music but it's not anywhere near as good sounding as the 850, 950, 1050, or the mighty 1250. That said, for $30, it's worth it just to mess around with
I'm not specifically familiar with the Gyrodec, but in looking at it, it seems like a very nice TT, and for $2,500, it had better sound fantastic! $2,500 can buy you a vinyl playback system that you might well decide sounds significantly better than whatever digital playback system you are using.
In spite of the 6SL7 having more gain than a 6SN7, the 6SL7 draws half the heater current of a 6SN7. So in terms of using a 6SL7 where the amp calls for a 6SN7, there isn't a danger of damage. Note that the reverse is NOT true...if the amp calls for a 6SL7, which draws 300 mA of heater current from the power transformer, and you insert a 6SN7, which draws 600 mA, then you could have an issue unless you know for sure the amp has the headroom to supply the extra...
I think the RCAs are a little better overall. But the GEs are pretty reliably quiet, IME.
If the platter won't spin freely with the belt removed from the motor spindle, and the speed is fluctuating audibly, the turntable is not working properly and needs to be repaired.
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