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Well the 6BL7 is closer to a 6AS7 than a 6SN7 is, so I could see that. I too have often thought the 6BL7 was a good sounding tube in an amp that was designed to use them.
NO. Not even close. 6AS7G and 6SN7 are both 6.3 V octal base dual triodes, but that's the end of the similarities. 6AS7 is 2.5 A of heater current, a plate current of 125 am, a Mu of 2, and a transconductance of 7000. The 6SN7 has a heater current of 0.6, a plate current of 10ma, a mu of 20, and a transconductance of 2600. They are not even close. It probably won't blow up, but it won't work well, either, and at a bare minimum would sound really, really anemic.
Yeah even I can't get my arms around that. I paid about $2,000 total for my completely restored SX-1980...and even that's a lot of scratch. I love it and it sounds great so I've never regretted it even for a second. But $10K for an unrestored vintage receiver? I can't go there no matter how good it is.
The SL-Q303 is a very nice turntable assuming it's in good condition. Ask the seller of everything works, and ask if the "needle" (the stylus on the cartridge) is in good shape, and if known, how many hours of use the cartridge has. If the seller doesn't know, it should be replaced. Plenty of options for new cartridges for that Technics. Does your receiver have a PHONO input? If so, you can plug the TT right into that and you will be all set. If not, you will need a...
One of the thing I love about the SX-1980 is the dual-stage tone controls. Most bass tone controls have the "knee" of the curve too high. The lower bass boost on the 1980 boosts operates 50 Hz and below (which means even at max the boost doesn't extend at all past about 80 Hz). So its actually useful to me! The upper treble is also 10kHz and up, which I also occasionally find useful.
Right, unfortunately, there really are not any turntables with built in speakers that are anything other than record destroying death boxes. It's a shame. But there are plenty of inexpensive turntables that won't ruin your records, even if they are not the best sounding units that are out there. But they have to be used with an existing stereo / headphone amp.
Your tube doesn't know whether it's in a guitar amp or a headphone amp
Yup, that's about what his other similar pieces have gone for. And given what a mint unrestored unit plus restoration would cost for an SX-1250, it's not too bad.
Goodwill sells mass quantities of cassettes for 25 cents each. They want $1 for horribly wrecked LPs, and $2 for used CDs. So cassettes are the cheapest way to buy whole albums of music by far. That said, cassette is the worst sounding pre-recorded medium there ever was. Even 8-track sounded better. It's not bad sounding, most of the time, but it's commercial cassettes varied from pretty good to awful. BUT - if you can buy good music you like on cassette, get a deck! I...
I have a Pioneer CT-F950 which is awesome. I also have a CT-F1000 which is awesome when it works, which sadly isn't that often. Oregonian is right, bad idler tire. Pity because they look awesome and sound great when working. Then of course there are the Nakamichi Dragon decks...and TEAC made a good cassette deck or two, but I don't know what models.
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