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Congrats on the 980! Nice piece. That seems odd that the correct bulbs would be melting anything. Are they positioned correctly?
For those who are not aware you can still get NOS JAN-GE Military 6AS7GA tubes for $12 each from Parts Express
I absolutely loved the Leben with the LCD-3, personally. I sold my Leben after many years of enjoyment during one of my decluttering fits, but I miss it
So sorry to read this. I didn't inow. Benz cartridges have long been my favorite. His work enriched my life, for sure.
I've always wanted one of those, although I know I will never own one.
6AS7G tubes so NOT fit, at all, in the small priority mail box, FWIW. It's really not even sufficient for a 6SN7 type tube with padding.
The SCA-50 is a nice little integrated. I used to have one decades ago. But it's definitely going to need a thorough deoxit treatment of all the pots and switches.
Last price drop before it goes to eBay - $199 and free shipping in the USA.
SirMarc, unlike other threads on headfi, this thread isn't full of people who speculate about stuff they've never heard At a high level, the odds are a decent 70's receiver will outperform a late 80's mass market receiver. The late 80's wasn't a great period for mass market stuff. But that's just the macro view. Your unit sounds like it was a good one, though, so it may well be hard to top. No possible way to say without hearing it.
I love tubes too, but wanting to "flavor" the Oppo with tubes basically eliminates it's greatest strengths.
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