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My opinion is: If the amp is designed to use a 6SN7, then one should use a 6SN7
Are you planning to design your own amps? If not, I don't know what you want that info for. Anyway: Vh is heater voltage Va is plate voltage Ia is plate current Ra is plate resistance S is transconductance, which is the one useful number for laymen, albeit laymen with a mutual transconductance tube tester, or perhaps those who trust the transconductance numbers in eBay auctions
No, I don't think there is more variation between NOS tubes than current production tubes. Maybe less. Tube production was much more robust in the tube heyday era than it is today.
Personally I don't like the EH 6SN7 at ALL. I much, much prefer even a run of the mill 60's-70's Sylvania 6SN7GTB.
Unless the headphones your love don't do well with the Leben, I would NOT sell the Leben in favor of the SX-1980 for purely headphone use. The 1980 is outstanding with headphones - but the Leben gets the nod for most cans. The HiFiMan HE-6 is one exception - here the 1980 is much better.I use the 1980 mostly for speakers, where it is absolutely fabulous.
Moody my friend I sincerely hope you make a full and speedy recovery!!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Look for a SX-880 or 980 if you can land a nice one for that price. SX-850 or 950 as well.
I liked the Q cable the best with the LCD-3, although I'm not someone who thinks cables make a huge difference, only a very subtle one.
For sale is a fully functional, excellent condition black iPod classic 160GB capacity. Looks great, works great. Few very fine scratches on the back silver which is almost impossible to avoid. Front looks like new. See pics. Note that it will come fully erased and ready for your use as it did when new. Comes with a charger but nothing else. Check my feedback and buy with confidence!
You too, and happy thanksgiving to the rest of you cool dudes!!!
Same for me with the 2270 and 2285. I liked them, and I loved the way they looked, but I never loved the way they sounded. I guess I just prefer the late 70's Pioneer sound over the late 70's Marantz sound.
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