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Once upon a time this was my collection: Seems kinda crazy now!!!!
Not moving on horn head-fi the's just that as my kids have grown up I am back to mostly listening to speakers and not as much headphones. And for my Innerfidelity reviews, I prefer to use the LCD-3 as it is a better reviewing tool.
Not sure what the mystery is here. This is a CBS 6SN7GTB. Nice little tube.
Yup, I understand what you're saying. I still think it's a great headphone. Time for someone else to enjoy it
No one should read anything into it other than I don't spend much time listening to ANY headphones. I've sold MANY pairs of headphones I loved - DX-1000, R-10, T1...just off the top of head. This is just a case of I want the money and I am keeping the LCD-3.
Read the whole ad
Just as an FYI, anyone looking for a pair of these might want to check the classifieds
I may come to regret this, but I want to put some money into some other audio projects, and I need to raise some cash, so I need to sell these. Wonderful cans, out of production and not available new. Mine are in terrific condition. I cannot find a single scratch or ding of even the smallest size. They work perfectly and sound terrific. They will come double boxed, in their original box, as pictured, including all the original paperwork. I bought these in Japan, at...
If you're going to Tokyo I hope you have time to go to Yodobashi Akiba in Akihabara. Going to the high end audio floor is one of the most fun things crazies like us can do.
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