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Right, I would call the "difference" of Gold Brand just "marketing" But the brown base 6SN7WGT is a very,very fine tube.
Very much looking forward to those. Discipline, Beat, and Three of a Perfect Pair are all terrific albums and, for me, represent the last great Crimson era.
I have always been a very big fan of this tube. I use them in my Cary SLP-05 - and they're the best all around tube in the Cary that I tried.
The STR-150 uses a universal headshell and so yes the 2M Blue will fit. I'm not sure what the compliance of the arm is but the 2M series is pretty forgiving. The Blue is a nice cartridge.
Right, but Miceblue indicated he plans to get the Schiit that has a phono pre, so he would be all set there.
If you have a good sound card, then I wouldn't bother with a USB turntable and I would use an analog input as mentioned in the above post.
I'm sure the Schiit JOTUNHEIM with its optional MM phono stage would be very nice sounding indeed. That and the Debut Carbon would be very nice. Do you want to connect the TT to your computer for some reason? If not, then you don't need the USB version, since you will be connecting the TT to the phono input on the Schiit.
Right you are. The 7N7 is just the Loctal base version of the 6SN7. With adapter, 100% equivalent.
Well if possible, try moving it well away from those units and see if that helps.
Hmmmm...that doesn't sound like a great design. TT's need to have a chassis ground. But it could also be that something is getting picked up by the cartridge - do you have the turntable very near to a speaker, or some piece of digital gear?
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