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Hey guys - as the starter of this thread, I respectfully ask you to quit sniping at each other here. TIA.
I have some coin-base Sylvanias. They're not bad at all. Not my favorite Sylvania tube, but much better than, say, current production Electro-Harmonix
Of those, the best will be the SX-850. With both the SX-x50 and -x80 series, the 850/880 was where the first big step up in build quality happens. So assuming they're all in roughly the same condition, the 850 would be the way to go of those three. Any of them would drive high impedance cans well. I still have a SX-680 in my bedroom and it's a nice little receiver too.
If it's new, or its for sure in good condition with low hours, then yes, the AT-95 is a fine cartridge.
Yes - the 1060 is 30 wpc into 8 ohms, so the combination of the power deliver into 50 ohms plus the dropping resistor means that the headphone out probably won't deliver as good a sound with the HE-6 as the speaker cables will.I don't know about the difference between the 1060 and the 1060B, hopefully one one else here does.
Yeah since I have 30 days to watch the webcast again I'm going to do that before it expires
They are for sure putting out Fare Thee Well on BluRay. Not sure when, but there was already a pre-order.
Nice, Dave! it was fun, wasn't it? I enjoyed having these shows happening...enjoyed hearing them and brought back a bunch of fun memories. Today is actually the anniversary of my first dead show...7/7/86. While certainly not the best show they ever played, it had its moments, more than enough to make me a lifelong fan
Yeah that's pretty much exactly what I meant
You never know...as we have seen, you need one killer draft...
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