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Yeah, Matt does great work, and his reputation has spread, and now his wait is really long. Some of the longer-time techs who do these full restores have wait lists that are YEARS.
That's the difference then for sure. Mine is the brand new 30th anniversary edition. Not sure how the mastering differs but your label is cooler
That's excellent. Keep them clean, and exercise them regularly, and you should be fine.
Wow, yours does have a different label! I'm not sure what to make of that. I got mine from Amazon, so I'm pretty sure it's legit, but I like your label better!
Playing the new anniversary version of Bob Marley Legend:
The SX-1010 looks great and sounds great. Ultimately I sold mine because no amount of deoxit treatment could get those damned push buttons to function properly/reliably. This was the Achilles heel of that design, over time. They all have them. The SX-1980's Achilles heel is the power supply board, which MUST be rebuilt with some uprated parts if the unit is to work properly and reliably. I also preferred the transparency and detail of the 1980 over the 1010, but I freely...
Mostly digital for me is for background listening. There are some exceptions - I was just very much enjoying the new 96/24 Steven Wilson remix of Jethro Tull's A Passion Play. But when I'm able to sit down and listen to music, it's reel or vinyl, yep.
Well we all have different philosophies in life. My personal philosophy is that when I'm asking for something, that being extra nice about how I ask for it generally helps increase the odds of getting what I'm asking for. It's a practice that's been pretty effective for me, and that I have taught my children., because I believe strongly in it. But we all have our own ways in life. I personally also would never call someone a "special sensitive snowflake"
Tim, what you may not realize is that a lot of the longer term members here get a lot of unsolicited PMs from total newbies, many of whom have NEVER posted here, and won't ever, who send a PM asking for information, in a way that comes across as quite rude, just as MH described. Given how long you have been a member I'm surprised that you yourself don't get such PMs. I don't think it's acceptable to fire off a curt PM to someone when you are asking for advice without...
Funny you mention that I was just playing the 20th Anniversary vinyl reissue of Division Bell that also just came out on my vintage rig. Sounds AWESOME
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