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My goal is to drop off of that report. Although this post didn't help
Hey you too man! Nice TT, and that's awesome about the Chapmans.
Those are Chatham/TungSol for sure. There was never a Russian 6H13C with anything other than the saucer/cup style getter. A bottom D getter like that means USA 6AS7G, and I agree the rest of the construction is almost surely TungSol.
Honestly without more data, those numbers mean almost nothing. What tube tester were they taken on? And on that tester, what is the target reading for a 6SN7GTA? Until you know this, the numbers are more or less just numbers.Well they would be a nice first purchase IMO, although there are certainly many options, and some less expensive (and some much more of course).
Personally I like the Sylvania JAN 6SN7WGTA a lot. Very balanced, nice tube. Not superlative in any respect but very good at almost everything. $150 forma NOS quad is quite good.
Unless one has the ability and time to check the values of the caps to see if they are in spec, this argument about recapping changing the original sound doesn't hold water. An out of spec cap not only may be nearing failure but will also change what was the original sound. Unless all the caps are within spec, a recapped unit will likely sound MORE like the unit did originally, not less.
I have Road to Red which is excellent, the live stuff sounds much better than the mostly poor sounding material on the Lark's Tongues box. And yeah, I just don't care for Thrak I'm afraid. I have it, but could never learn to like it. Lots of KC fans do though !
Right, I would call the "difference" of Gold Brand just "marketing" But the brown base 6SN7WGT is a very,very fine tube.
Very much looking forward to those. Discipline, Beat, and Three of a Perfect Pair are all terrific albums and, for me, represent the last great Crimson era.
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