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Ha! I did exactly the same after work as well...and sounds like we have at least somewhat similar jobs Went into the basement to my "other" vintage rig and put some Dire Straits on with the Tourney on the TV with the sound off, like you did. Will do the same tonight and will take an updated pic of that rig
Thanks guys It sure continues to give me great pleasure on a daily basis.
Personal opinion - it's a crappy sounding tube, across the board. Stick with the 6336.
Indeed, that's some awesome vintage gear there!!!! Nice!
Well, just to be clear, Pioneer isn't exactly exiting the consumer audio business. They sold their audio business to Onkyo, and at the same time bought a significant share of Onkyo. Pioneer's main business for many years has been Car Audio. They are going to focus on that, and have Onkyo make their home audio gear. It is sad, in a way, especially for someone like me who has a room full of Pioneer gear that I love, but Pioneer as a company isn't going away. It's not like...
Nice! Love the Thorens, and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Dynaco...owned quite a few Dynas over the years.
Thanks! The turntable is there, but it can't be seen in that shot - it's above and just behind the TASCAM (a Denon DP-59L).
I took this glamour shot, apologies to people tired of seeing my vintage rig but it's still my pride any joy. What's new is the TASCAM BR-20 RTR
Do you mean besides the actual TS BGRP 6F8G?
This idea that SS = Neutral is not really valid, IMO.
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