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If we are counting Unplugged albums, my favorite of all of these is Alice In Chains Unplugged. Great, great stuff and fantastic sonics.
All of the albums by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman are terrific, but best to start with this one The recent MFSL vinyl reissue is INCREDIBLE.
FWIW, I really preferred the 5Y3 in the CSP-2, versus other rectifiers.
Good lord no!!! The first number is the voltage of the tube. So 25U4G is a 25 volt rectifier, as opposed to the 5 Volt 5U4G.Careful with that axe, Eugene...
In a word : no. 6SN7 draws about twice the heater current, and has about 1/3 the transconductance, among other things.
Much if that is due to the fact that here in the US, Brimar tubes are quite rare. One can find them on eBay, yes, but one has to be very knowledgeable first, because there are definitely tubes that are labeled Brimar that were Russian made, and were late era export-only Brimar tubes.That said, the Brimar CV1988 black glass brown base KB/FE (STC Oldway) are among my favorite 6SN7 type tube.
Well they are obviously not exactly the same I have only every owned the black glass ones. I have seen the clear glass ones online, but that's it.
Reasonably well matched quads of 6BQ5 /EL84 tubes aren't that hard to come by, although not super cheap. As for what to do when one tube blows, that's just a matter of how much of a perfectionist you are. At least replacing the pair for one channel is a good idea.
What driver tubes are in it now? If you have deep pockets, look for some Raytheon windmill getter 5751's
Funny thing is that very unit either is or was on eBay. Also overpriced. Thanks for thinking of me...but I would want either a fully restored unit, or to find one locally.
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