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That's awesome, I know Tim will enjoy it!!!I have the original packaging for the SX-1980. It's form-fit styrofoam inside one double walled box that is then inside a second double walled box! When I sent mine to Matt for recapping, I actually put that whole thing inside a third box, with some peanuts around that. The outer box was in bad shape when it arrived, but the 1980 and it's original packaging were just fine.
Sure seems like something is making the G9000 think the HPM-1500 are a dead short. You should be able to connect something as low as a 2 ohm speaker to it and if you didn't play any music, it wouldn't go into protect.
That's not enough impedance difference to have any practical consequence. Does it go into protection right away? Or after some period of time playing music? How loudly?If it goes into protection right away, then I suspect the crossover in the HPM-1500 has a short, or somehow the speaker wires are being shorted. I assume you're not also trying to drive a second set of speakers?
LOL! Yeah definitely give one of us first shot, that'd be grand.
Clay bum that one looks quite nice. There was a really beautiful fully restored one on AK about a year ago that I just missed. Still bummed out about it.
Thanks! But that guy is way he gets $750 for a unit in that condition. I would pay $750 for a fully restored one in mint condition. As has been discussed a few times in this thread, integrateds sell for much less than the receivers, oddly.
Totally agree. There is nothing bright about my SX-1980. It's not voiced lush or romantic, but it's definitely not bright. If it departs from neutral I would say it's just a very slight touch warm in the lower mids.And like you brother Moody, I also still lust after an SA-9800
I don't believe there is any sort of agreed upon definition for that as it relates to audio. It was during the 1980's that we first saw mass produced stereos that really truly sucked come into existence, and so typically I think currently most folk think of vintage as being 50's (the beginning of hi-fi) through the early 80's, and maybe even late 80's high-end. The real inflection point was when the stuff that Kenwood, Pioneer, Technics, Fisher, and others went from all...
Words of wisdom. Also try aggressively working ALL of the pots and switches while the amp is off. Cycle the switches on and off rapidly 20 times each, and rotate the volume control swiftly through its entire range 20 times. If you turn the amp on and it works well right away, then the issue for sure is that the pots or switches need cleaning with deoxit. That at least is an inexpensive fix.Otherwise, and please don't take offense, but that particular Denon just isn't worth...
Indeed, and it bet it sounds that good, or better!!! Congrats indeed...I love knowing another classic Pioneer will be in service for many years to come.
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