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Unfortunately I have no experience with that product so I have no way to know whether it would help you or not.I would advise buying from a local shop that allows returns.
But the overall tenor of this thread isn't even neutral. It's negative. It's highly biased toward "it's a joke", "it's BS"... When NO ONE here has any idea at this point. And for a site that is about audio, I find that disheartening. I'm all for a wait and see stance, but wait and see isn't "it's crap until proved otherwise". Wait and see is "I will render a judgement one way or another once that's possible to do".
And yet, what I see in this thread is mostly a bunch of head-fiers crapping all over an attempt to bring improved sound quality to more listeners. Hard for me to figure,
Well sorry to say guys I'm not going to be able to make it. Kids activities require my presence that day. Have fun!
Do you know anyone with a tube tester? It seems a shame to just toss them without checking them to see what's up.
I,would be concerned that this means the tubes are leaking, meaning they are not keeping a perfect vacuum. There may be enough barium on the getter flashing to keep creating a vacuum for a while, but if that getter flashing starts to change from silver to white you know you have a problem.
That level of randomness combined with the fact that the noise occurs with multiple setups certainly seems to indicate something going on with the incoming AC power. That Belkin is a very basic surge protector with very basic AC noise filtering. It's possible that a true AC line conditioner might help. You might also try to find a PS Audio Humbuster. I'm not sure that they still make them, but a used one would obviously be fine. I use one to isolate my CATV power from the...
THIS. Unless you truly don't live anywhere near a local dealer, it's far better to buy a TT from a local dealer, all set up, when buying your first TT.
That won't work. The speaker level output is much too much voltage. Is the BluRay/Receiver unit valuable?
I completely agree. That and anything that is connected to Cable TV (even a Cable Modem) - very big sources of buzz or hum.
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