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Indeed, that's a beautiful Kenwood. Always loved the look of that one!
$800 is definitely high for an unrestored one, but the price of the SX-1250 has been going up and if someone has a near mint unit it's possible they could get close to $800 for it ... On eBay. For a local sale, very doubtful.
Yeah I figured you would understand As would many regular readers of the Vintage thread there. I'm also down to probably 10-20% headphone, and when I'm listening to headphones it's almost always the LCD-3 I reach for. I love the W3000ANV and will miss them, but I also am a huge believer in not having stuff around that doesn't get used. My music collection takes up so much space that unused gear doesn't get to stick around...
The 96/24 version of Dream Theater is mastered differently than the CD version - less dynamic range compression (so more dynamic range). That's a major reason why the hi-res version sounds better. And they are not the only ones. Many modern vinyl releases sound better than their CD counterparts because they are also mastered with less dynamic range compression.
It does seem that I'm going to have a few loaners to use for reviews, yes
Thanks Peter, same to you bud
Once upon a time this was my collection: Seems kinda crazy now!!!!
Not moving on horn head-fi the's just that as my kids have grown up I am back to mostly listening to speakers and not as much headphones. And for my Innerfidelity reviews, I prefer to use the LCD-3 as it is a better reviewing tool.
Not sure what the mystery is here. This is a CBS 6SN7GTB. Nice little tube.
Yup, I understand what you're saying. I still think it's a great headphone. Time for someone else to enjoy it
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