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Not as good sounding as any vintage 6SN7GTB. They are what came in my Cary preamp and I couldn't get them out of there fast enough.
I will be at Axpona and plan to stop by this meet, but I won't be bringing equipment myself.
NICE! Congrats - that amp is on my bucket list
NO. What we are trying to tell you is NOT to do that.
No, haven't really changed my opinion from there. I have since then been able to get 2399's which I also really liked, although it wasn't obvious to me that they were any different from 5998's. Looked identical.
Almost universally NO. They will fry most power transformers in amps that use the 6AS7G. And on top of that, I had an amp that could use them, but they sounded horrid. Any 6ASG will sound better.
Not just that but the 6528 is a truly horrible sounding tube.
The point is that the "ground" terminal on the back of the Toshiba you have is ONLY for connecting a TURNTABLE's grounding wire to. Do NOT connect that terminal to any AC socket.
I have a number of tubes made by Rogers in Canada. Nice tubes.
Are they as accurate? No. But the difference in terms of ease of use is significant, and as such, it's much better to use a Geodisc than to just eyeball the alignment
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