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Nice!!! The only Ohm speakers I've ever seen were the Walsh models - which were impressive.
The two things are not related, at least not directly.The "chrome" is the getter flashing. If the tube has no getter at the bottom (meaning the getter is on the top usually), then there will be no flashing at the bottom, and the glass will be clear. This has nothing to do at all with what kind of plates are used.
BEAUTIFUL system, Joe!!!!!!Not familiar with about some pics?
So the power switch doesn't work? When you plug it in it comes on right away and the power switch doesn't turn it off? Is the switch damaged physically when you look at it?
One other cartridge to consider in the under $50 range is the Red Ed : You want the "expensive" one, the $28 Elliptical one.
What many of us like about vintage amps and receivers is that there is no "headphone circuit"...there is just the amplifier, and the headphone out is the same amplifier that's used to drive speakers (often with a dropping resistor in place). Many modern amps and receivers do not power headphones from the main amplifier, and the headphone out is not very high quality. The headphone out of your fisher 400 should be great!
Very nice, PedalHead! She's a beauty!
Right, but it works remarkably well.
This place, which sells refurbed units at quite steep prices, sold an AU717 for $850. So if the recap was done nicely, $500 is probably very reasonable.
I have that issue...I only get hum when the dimmer lights in my kitchen are on. I tried lots of things to eliminate the problem and in the end I just leave those lights off Regarding clamps, the reason the VPI clamps work so well is that they are an integral part of the design. In conjunction with the platter design they create a very slight vacuum that holds the record down to the platter in addition to clamping it. Very effective.
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