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You would connect the cable from your FIIO to the input jack on your Technics that is labeled "CD", if it is unused. Or you can connect it to the jacks labeled "Playback Tape/VCR1" or 2. You should not use the Main in.
For sale is a very nice black Woo Audio headphone stand. I can't find a scratch on it. Let's call it near mint. New is $69 plus shipping. But it here for $45 plus $14 for Priority Mail shipping. CONUS only.
The TS Mouse Ears were all very prone to cracked bases. Not sure why versus other TS tubes. But in any case, if the tube is working well,and you are careful, it's nothing to be concerned about.
I am also relatively active on Audiokarma.
Thanks Coolcat, very kind of you. I would say of all the headphones I let go, the one pair I kind of wish I still had was the DX1000. If I listened more to headphones, I would probably buy a used pair. Both the fit and sound are so comfy
Finally got around to snapping a couple more pics of my custom DT880's and stand, as requested.
It is worth noting that in vintage receivers, the stereo/mono switch when in Tuner mode would turn the stereo circuit off the Tuner and allow one to hear the broadcast in true mono, which in the case of FM could significantly reduce noise, since the stereo signal of FM broadcasts was multiplexed onto the mono. So it was not, in this case, just a summoning of L+R, when in Tuner mode.
Yes, it was done back in the days of "mnufaktur"
More obligatory eye candy
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