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I'm sure that's a killer match. Never had the privilege of hearing a pair of HPM 150/1500's but I'd sure like to.
Yes, as JGreen suggested, the most common application back in the day was for use with a graphic EQ. And that's how I have one of my 1980's configured.However, it can also be used as another line input. That's what I use it for in my other vintage system. Just be aware that the adapter when used as an input doesn't appear at the tape outputs, so you cannot tape from it.System 1: Pioneer DSS-9System 2: B&W DM-16Both are basically "period correct" - early 1980's high end...
Sounds much better! Seems as we expected, it was indeed the needle.
Sweet. Whenever you get to it, it will be well worth the investment, for sure.
What tracking force do you have the cartridge set for, and how did you measure it? Also, is that cartridge new? It may just be the pics, but I'm actually having a hard time seeing the stylus coming out of the cantilever.
I haven't hear that particular variant but I have some Raytheon 6SN7GTB with black plated with a taller bottle that sound truly excellent and were very inexpensive. I stocked up on those!!! The full and complete restore on my SX-1980 was about $750, but I had the big main filter caps replaced, and that's $240 just for those four caps.
Amen to that!!! The difference isn't subtle and it's all good.In my case I did have to do it, but I have an original SX-1980 box, and I put that inside another box surrounded by peanuts. The outer box was in bad shape each way, but the SX-1980 box and its precious cargo were both fine. But it's nerve-racking!I'm not sure - one would have to ask him.
Hi Stavros, That's funny...I have a few like that too! I just thought of them as being WGT. But you're right...they are not labeled as such.
It saves not just the cost of shipping but more importantly the risk. That's very key with these big old receivers. Matt did a fantastic job on my 1980...the thing sounds SOOOO much better than it did stock, and it's nice knowing it's now ultra-reliable for years to come.
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