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I always meet people for Craigslist sales in public spaces. Much better way to go.
I have not kept up with 9090 pricing. One that works perfectly except for lights and needing deoxit, $300-350 seems right to me, but maybe the 9090 has gone up in price in the last few years. I'm not sure. Always good to do a "completed listings" check on eBay to see what they actually sold for (and what they didn't sell for!)
I had a stock 9090 for a while, and also a fully restored one. I liked the sound of the receiver quite a lot, and LOVED the look. But ultimately I personally preferred the sound of the SX-1250 and then later and for a long time now the SX-1980. But the 9090 sounds great. It's a little warmer than the Pioneer, which itself is maybe one shade warm of neutral. Less warm than the Marantz receivers I had, though (2275 and 2285). Changing the dial lamps on a 9090 is easy. I did...
This is the wrong thread to ask that question in. You might try here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/537704/calling-all-vintage-integrated-receiver-ownersThere are a lot of options for turntables for $300 Euro. Do you know how to do cartridge set-up and alignment? If not, your best bet would be to go to a local audio store and see what they are offering. Having a turntable where the cartridge is properly aligned is more meaningful than the difference between different brands of...
The SA-9500 has a great reputation. So it's all about what condition it's in.
Amen, brother!!!! I'm listening to my beloved vintage rig right now as I type this and it's making Van Morrison sound just incredible.
Ha!! Very true
This much is an undeniable fact. The 5998 was NOT designed as an audio tube.
Interesting...but weren't there Mullard made tubes that were branded Brimar?That's true EXCEPT for Brimar...that was the whole point of the "British Made American Radio tubes" thing
Honestly...I have never, ever seen that STC logo on a tube before. It looks a bit suspicious to me, but the tube does generally look like the 6SN7GTYs I have seen, although without a better look at the innards, hard to say. I have only personally owned the CV1988's which only have the military stenciling. Maybe others with more experience with STC can comment.
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