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I owned a pair of WE 421As that were 100% identical to some of the 5998's I had at that time. That said, I have had 5998's with a variety of different constructions as well...only the waffle style plates are consistent. It seems HIGHLY unlikely to me that the 421A was actually manufactured by WE. WE certainly rebranded other makers tubes, especially toward the end, and the 421A was on the later side of tube production. So while the specs may be different, and while the...
This is an excellent, excellent tube, IMHO one of the very best 6SN7 types. At least very good at everything, outstanding in terms of balance, clear as a bell, but never harsh. Not overly romantic. Maybe the best bargain in NOS tubes. I use them exclusively in my Cary SLP-05, where I actually prefer them over the TS BGRP.
Hi Amish, Purely from a sound quality perspective, it's better to connect the tube preamp to the power amp input on the 8100, thus bypassing all of the 8100's preamp circuitry. However, I wouldn't do that, because the 8100 has lots of great useful features, all of which require its preamp. So I would connect the tube amp to the AUX in, and then use it that way when desired. But now volume, balance, tone controls...all still work. And you can connect a turntable to the...
VERY nice, Amish!!!
Vacuum tubes require chemicals that aren't allowed in manufacturing in Europe or the U.S. anymore. That's one reason why they're only made currently in Russia and China, although tubes really never stopped being produced in either country as they remain in use in their respective militaries.
Beautiful Pioneer units, Amish - congrats. Those are excellent sounding too I'm sure - many people's favorite Pioneer line.
That Dyna has a very fine phono stage, and the strength of that is compensating for other relative deficiencies, that's my guess.
Same here. A lot of my early vintage purchases are gone. What I kept is the TOTL stuff, which I had restored, and which unquestionably compares very favorably to high end gear that one could buy today.
Yeah the PAT-4 was the very worst of early solid state sound. The PAT-5 was definitely better, although it wasn't the finest piece Dyna ever made. Their SS power amps, especially the Stereo 150 and the massive 400 were better sounding products from that era. The phono stage in an SX-850 will definitely be better than the one in the 550. There was only so much Pioneer could offer at the SX-550's price point.
Not really, because it was a VERY long time ago when I owned an SCA-50...the mid 1980's, when Dynaco wasn't considered "vintage" And for that matter neither were the SX-xx50 receivers! But I was a Dyna guy back then. I went to college with an all-tube Dyna setup that had been modded by Frank Van Alstine...a PAS-3 and Stereo that stuff sounded SWEET.
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