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That's for sure the Russian tube, although it may well have been legitimately rebranded by Mullard. Nonetheless it's a rip off for the price!
Cool Steve I will be at Axpona as well and will look for you.
That's what makes it a perfect match with either the Leben or my vintage Pioneer receiver - very well executed bass boost when needed/desired
No, not exactly similar...the R10 has better bass weight. But I actually liked the W3000ANV's mids better.
No, I made it up Yes. Really. I also sold the JVC DX-1000. I liked the 3000ANV better than either.
The Lebel website still lists the US Distributor as Tone Imports 646-425-7800 I found them a bit difficult to deal with since they wouldn't sell me one directly even though the closest dealer to me was 7 hours away in Cleveland. So I bought mine used.
No kidding! Welcome to the SX-1980 owners' club, Joe. I can tell you that we are all a pretty happy bunch
I use them primarily with the Leben CS-300. That's actually the only "headphone amp" I own, because I have a steady stream of amps through here for my InnerFidelity reviews.
A short while after I got my W3000ANV, I sold my R10's
Very cool! I'm sure that sounds great.
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