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Why do you need the Digital to Analog stage here? You can easily buy any number of phono preamps that will output USB. Connect the USB to your PC. Done. Or maybe I missed something?
Yes I believe you're right, the actual metal is nickel.
There were "silver" plate Ken-Rad 6SN7GTs also. Not really silver of course, but silver color.
The post above with John McLaughlin reminds me of what may well the the finest acoustic jazz guitar album ever made: If you have never heard this album, BUY IT NOW.
Tentatively planning to attend, pending being free of family obligations, which is always a bit hard to tell this far out.
If we are counting Unplugged albums, my favorite of all of these is Alice In Chains Unplugged. Great, great stuff and fantastic sonics.
All of the albums by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman are terrific, but best to start with this one The recent MFSL vinyl reissue is INCREDIBLE.
FWIW, I really preferred the 5Y3 in the CSP-2, versus other rectifiers.
Good lord no!!! The first number is the voltage of the tube. So 25U4G is a 25 volt rectifier, as opposed to the 5 Volt 5U4G.Careful with that axe, Eugene...
In a word : no. 6SN7 draws about twice the heater current, and has about 1/3 the transconductance, among other things.
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