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They aren't non-existent in the sub bass but their subbass isn't really prominent, they start to roll off in the mid bass downwards to my ears. It's still there but a bit polite.   I also find them more sensitive to position, if you don't get a good seal, you'll lose subbass fast.   But yeah if you like deep bass, these wouldn't be my first choice. 
yeah, for sure, it's rare to see B&O stuff discounted 35% L0Slobos, figured I can't go wrong even if they sucked, could probably resell them for more money.   Yes, these are flawed headphones, but they keep pulling me back. I thought between the P7, Momentum, Philips X1 in the $3-400 range, it's hard to make another case for a "pretty headphone".   These are going to be great for my office use and just carrying around use. They are comfy and I like the feel of them on...
Hi lljayll   I went to look for it and I still can't find it.   Just to be clear, the part of the box that I am missing is the clear open ended sleeve that slides off the rigid box.   If you look at the unboxing video, you'll see the sleeve part I am missing   Here's a current picture of what I'd be shipping (+ the manual/wiping cloth and one cardbox insert which holds the cables inside the box)  
I'm surprised that there hasn't been more discussion on these. I bought these when had a 35% off sale on these (can't resist a deal), and they are really nice. They are very natural sounding, no bass emphasis but still play deep. At first, I thought they were a little bass light for my taste (coming from my D7000s) but i keep coming back to these for their liquid mids, airy treble and overall pleasant presentation
I decided to see if I could sell my AH-D7000. I’ve had some use out of them….probably about 30-40 hours total, but I decided that want to get away from U-shaped frequency response headphones. There are no signs at all of use.   These are the 2010 model (I understand there was a slight revision later). They were bought brand new and I am the first owner. It comes with the original box (but I'm missing the clear sleeve that slid over the box)   These are MINT. They’ve...
damn missed out on the deal
Teac AH01 for $341 on   Great desktop amp (has a built-in DAC as well)
For the cable...........     it is possible to use the remote control cable and plug it into a normal audio device? I've never had a cable that has four contacts because I only use my headphones with regular headphone jacks. I just picked up an iPod touch but I'm going to switch back and forth between difference devices and don't want to keep swapping cables
Go with a PSB speaker.   They are tuned as neutral as can be for any manufacturer since PSB tunes their speakers for flat response in the NRC.   Alpha B1, Image B4, Image B5, Imagine Mini depending on your price range. (note that Image and Imagine are two lines with Imagine being higher end). I have the Mini and of course, for $700 a pair they are in another league. I paired my Mini with Audioengine N22 amp, Fiio A1 and now a Teac AH01. But the $250 B1 are great...
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