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Anyone compared the hifimediy Android dac to Stoner or similar priced dac's?    Having trouble deciding which to go for (with Samsung Galaxy S3).  Budget is quite low unfortunately 
 Can't see the pictured Y-cable on his website and, in any case, their cables are somewhat pricey.  Do you know any cheaper ones anywhere and also what battery/ battery casing is that in the picture?  Thanks
 Looks nice. According to Stoner, the peak power consumption of UD120 is around 700mW due to the high speed asynchronous USB receiver.  No idea how that compares to the Dragonfly, E17, E18 and others.   Thanks. Looks like there are many possibilities for the Galaxy S3
Most of the chat online about the issue was in 2013, so looks like it was sorted by an update.  It comes with 2-year warranty anyway.   That's impressive.  Anyhow, I doubt it would cause burnout of the S3, as it's not going to be drawing as much current as Stan's Bifrost (one assumes).  
 Thanks a lot for all the info!  Nice review.  It sells for around £130 here compared to £120 for the FiiO E18 and £100 for the FiiO E17.  Does it draw much current from the phone?  (gotta be careful with the S3 )
 Wow, that's great because it cuts down on clutter and extra weight by directly connecting the DAC.  Look forward to hearing how rate the SQ.
 Hi. I can't see any pictures online of the L15.  Does it have a regular size female socket at the non-phone end, like most OTG cables?  I see the android model has a micro usb plug.   Are you meant to connect to a usb-otg cable or directly into the phone?   (assume you would need a usb-otg cable for it to work?)
  Look forward to your impressions.  I've been using a Hifimediy U2 sabre (Asynch) in my desktop set up for a while and it punches massively above its weight (with a linear p/s).   Good to know. Thanks
 Ah ha, thanks for the clarification.  So for many portable DACs, it shouldn't be a problem, then.  Thanks.
 Regarding the Galaxy S3, are there any portable dacs that can be used safely without requiring a hub/ y-cable/ juice pack? eg Hifimediy? Any other S3 users care to comment?  
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