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1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3=3.5mm 4=XLR
    the pro is an exciting proposition indeed  .  Using tubes 'n all, hopefully power consumption can still be kept down.  It would be great to have an option for turning off the preamp or headamp section (a la Yulong DA8), especially when using it in volume control bypass mode.   Auto standby would a handy option too, although I would probably leave it on 24/7.  take your time, guys..
Okay, thanks.   Think  I'll just order one of the sata filters for now and see what difference it makes to either drive.
Hiya.  Interested in trying out some of these Elfidelity filters.  What ones might be appropriate for my set up (if anything)? Single Mini-ITX pc with:1 x ssd (OS) powered by Teradak U9 1 x 2.5" HDD (storage), powered by the motherboard.Both ram slots filled with 4GB ram each but could feasibly change to 1 x 4GB and leave a slot free.1 x PCIe (x1) slot with PPA usb v1 card.1 x mini PCIe Good thread, btw..
Finally got to putting these in the classifieds .  As new condition:
Bought these new from Studiospares several months ago but found them a bit bassy for my tastes (not a basshead).  Initially used for around 20 hours and then stored away.     These are highly regarded headphones that are no longer for sale.  Headfi thread here:   Free UK postage (a little to EU) but buyer pays paypal fees.  Any questions, PM preferred.  Great feedback here and elsewhere. Thanks for...
Now sold.  Thanks for looking...
Letting go of my hardly used NFB 6.  Tip top condition:  
£99.99 weekend special and back up to a £100 on Monday. 
Now sold.  Thanks for looking
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