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 Would you say the dac section of the D200 compares favourably to the DA8's- or more a case of the A28's headamp pulling ahead of the DA8's?  
 Just wondering if Yulong ever responded and sorted the issue?
Sorry, didn't notice your reply.  Were you able to try out an apple remote?
is it possible to use a universal remote with this amp?
Ended up selling my Ultrasone SP a while ago because they were still slightly too loose at tightest setting.  Also thought they sounded a bit too 'clean' and rather boring for that reason. 
Nice.   What cable is that you're using?
Good luck with getting a response.  They never replied to my email.   Would you actually be liable for customs again if they declared it as a repaired item?
 Does it make much difference whether the DAC is balanced or not when using ACSS to a balanced Audio-GD amp? (in my case, NFB 6) To put it another way, obviously NFB-1 -> NFB-6 via XLR would be a better utilisation than NFB-3 -> NFB-6 via RCA.  But is there much difference between the two dacs using ACSS?
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