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 Yes, as in the bad one?   Can you recommend a better one instead? Good thing about aliexpress is that there is some kind of buyer protection and it's in English.  
 Hi. Is this that seller or a better one?   http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/SINGXER-F-1-XMOS-USB-digital-interface-board-XU208-chip-High-end-U8-upgraded-version/601461_32648384788.html
 Do any of the available F1 drivers enable changing of latency settings in the control panel?  
Thanks dude 
I'm in the UK too and maybe that partly explains the awful lack of air/ sparkle using the internal USB (can't find the multimeter but it's not uncommon in this country for AC to fluctuate to 250 volts and beyond).  Sounded similar with a Tag Maclaren CDT20R into the BNC/ SDPIF inputs as well.  Maybe I just got a lemon though..   Anyhow, I'm back to my (noticeably airier) £40 dongle for now and looking elsewhere for its replacement.
Regrettably, I ended up returning my X20 to the seller. Why?  Mainly because there wasn't enough treble energy. My very cheap Sabre 9023 dongle (U2 Sabre Async) has noticeably more top end and, in comparison, the X20 seemed defective. Maybe Gustard's QC was lacking because the sound was too thick and grainy, losing vital leading edges and becoming boring as a consequence. The X20's has been described on these pages as 'Sabre done right, without the typical glare' but mine...
I recommend: 2 x TP Link 220L Fibre Media Converters 2 x second-hand Cisco SFP's (GLC-LH-SM  30-1299-01) 1 x LC to LC, OS1 9/125 singlemode duplex fibre cable   The best resource and place to ask questions is the thread on CA:   http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f22-networking-networked-audio-and-streaming/optical-network-configurations-24641/   http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f22-networking-networked-audio-and-streaming/network-isolation-4265/
  Hi. For a single PC, the N3150 will probably be powerful enough, as long as your chosen software isn't too demanding on system resources. I run a Q1900 and N3150M with JPLAY/ Minimserver/ Kazoo, typically only using around 1% or 2% CPU while playing music. I would definitely recommend W10 if using windows. Feel free to PM me if you need any help or tips, although I only have recent experience of the above software (and...
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