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now sold.
you can select 0dB gain, so it will be identical to your passive.
 Yep, maybe they said it about the iDSD pro, but it was quite a while ago either way...
Nice to see that they included the 3D circuit for speakers, just like the i-tube.  Seem to remember reading (ages ago) that it would apply to headphones only.  Good stuff. nb referring to the ican pro..
SPDIF cable length     So I own an old Stereovox HDXV one metre length spdif cable, which received positive reviews a decade ago. Being under 1.5 metres*, is it likely to have an audible effect between F1 and DAC?   *
 350 euros
 Yes, as in the bad one?   Can you recommend a better one instead? Good thing about aliexpress is that there is some kind of buyer protection and it's in English.  
 Hi. Is this that seller or a better one?
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