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Wow, just got the Mangi in yesterday, and paired it with my X-Fi Titanium HD sound card, and I gotta say, its a big improvement.   The sound card I am using has swapped OPamps which boost the bass levels up when using the headphone jack. This is the amp I am using for comparison purposes.   I am using the Mangi amp and using my Titanium HD as a DAC. I have high quality RCA cables in the mail, so I am only using low grade ones currently.     So far, I can...
Looks like I may be taking a birthday trip. PM sent
Would prefer the April date, my birthday is may 4th and mass drinking must occur.   Keeping an eye on this thread :D    
    Lol!  The key is to keep it general, my answers are always,  "a hundred dollars"  "a couple hundred dollars"  "a lot-a hundred dollars"
Ohh, i would be interested in this meet.   I would be bringing two sets of cans.  Hifiman He-300 with silver cables, and Fischer Audio FA-002w HE (Bubinga wood)   Will prob grab a hotel room and stay the night, would make for a nice trip for me and my girlfriend
  Thanks for the advice, I clearly worth was not the right word, should have said something along the lines of it being a sizeable leap over the quality of the titanium HD.   I ended up grabbing a pair of fischer audio fa-002w high edition headphones. I have been craving a pair of nice closed wood cup headphones.
Curious, Is it worth buying this M&M combo, or sticking with my Titanium HD sound card with upgraded OP Amps.   Using HE-300 Headphones
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