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Hello, I currently have the standard ATH-M50s atm. Just recently the left ear of the headphones suddenly stopped working. If it helps there's a bit of a concern with the wires close to the jack. There are a few exposed wires under the metal coiling. I want to know if there's any way i can fix them?
Soul headphones? I've never heard of them for some reason. Maybe it's probably the same reason I didn't even know what the beats were until someone told me...  
  Monster has been known to rip off their consumers in such an absurd manner. Saw an HDMI Cable one time from them in best buy  and I remember it costing up to 60 bucks. While I saw an HDMI Cable from Insignia. That was around $20. Yeah, do the math.     That aside, anyone have any thoughts about this:       Supposed features that were listed on Monster's website:    • Monster LED Light Drive System -Energy Efficient Illumination that can be powered for over...
Most if not all of the airline headphones I've encountered over the past few years. 
Usagi Drop is pretty good. I read the manga and it was a nice breath of air from other action packed manga. 
Also I decided to buy a month worth or ramen packets so I can lower my expenses.  At this rate, I'll be spending less than $100 a year due to this stuff. At the most, $85 assuming the supermarket doesn't overcharge and keeping out other things out of the equation like secondary foods like cereal. Haha.
Huh, interesting. I'll have to keep the 580s in mind when I go shopping for a replacement for my M50s eventually. Although that won't be for quite some time. I'll consider buying a pair when my M50s reach its limit in the near future. Alternatively, I can buy one now and use that as a backup pai- *wallet proceeds to chomp on my fingers*...Oww >_>  
How do the fakes sound in comparison to the original? I'll assume they're worse in terms of quality overall, including in sound quality.
you mean these things?     I think they're sexy too 
I've always hated that. Especially if it's on the train. One of the reasons why I decided to buy my ATH-M50s is so I don't have to listen to the mainstream crud on some people's mp3s.     
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