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  Are you sure about that? I remember ultrasone saying that they used similar driver in pro750 2500 and ed9. Just the difference was that the ed9 one was more tested and better matched. At the release of the pro900, I read that it was a new driver. And when I compare the ed9 to the pro900 they do sound completely different.
Why is everyone saying that bose, skullcandy and monsters are overrated here? I think those headphones must have received 100x more bash than praise on head-fi and I may be underestimating the bash count :)
I' m looking for a portable headphone to and that T50p from beyer looks quite nice, if it is anything close to the t1 but closed, I will buy it without hesitation.
Some people with opposite result were using tube amps so I thought that was a possibility at first when I got the t1 since my amps are ss and hybrid but I have tried later at a friends house with his zana deux against both of our hd800 and the result was the same, my t1 had less lower bass than both.
Quote: Originally Posted by plonter from looking at the headroom's graphs of both the HD800 and T1,the bass frequencues seem stronger than the HD800...or am i wrong? I am not so good at all this scientiffic stuff,but if the line in the graph of the T1 is higher than the one in the HD800 graph,I mean in the low frequencies, does it mean that they have a stronger bass response, considering that they both get the same amount of power? My t1...
Quote: Originally Posted by spartan123 why didn't you just post in the current ongoing HD800 thread? just wondering? Well done review with pictures etc.. get lost quite fast if posted randomly in some huge thread. So I think its probably better to make a different thread specially for the review so they can be found easily.
Can't make a direct comparison with the hfi 780 but against the pro750,pro2500,ed8 and ed9 the pro900 has more bass. The comfort is pretty much the same as the ed9 ( that use similar design with the hfi cans) except the pads are slightly larger and I prefer the velour pad because it doesnt heat as much.
I think in Europe the hd650 were at like 300 or 350 euro at their release. In the us it seems their msrp was $499.
Quote: Originally Posted by Acix If you mean better bass as more bass, you can try the pro-900 they have more bass. Agreed, you should try the pro900, they have more bass than anything I' ve heard including the denon d7000 or all the other ultrasone I have tried.
Do they have velour pad or some kind of mods?
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