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Looking to replace my e17 for a ac desktop dac amp for my 400.. any suggestions.. im tired of constantly charging my fiio.. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
I'm running it with an e17... also looking to maybe upgrade and looking at audio gd... probably just an entry level dac-amp audiogd maybe an nfb-15... which would be nice...? seem to have run in to a problem with the e17... it mutes the volume in my xp OS every 15 mins. or so... it never did this before... partly why I'm thinking of changing the fiio... 
Hi.. currently using an e17 with the headphone.. im using foobar in normal settings.. i tried using wasapi or one of the components.. but it won't work with my old windows xp.. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.. should I be setting something in foobar to create a good sound.. I know software plays a part in the sound.. i'm using flac files.. thanks.. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
Oh ok.. great. Thanks.. but won't u need to exit the mmorpg in order to click on the messaging app you're using.. Won't it be a buzzkill if you play a game stretched in 3 displays.. you'll have a visible split in the actual game screen.. I'm guessing that configuration would work well for driving simulators.. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
Hi.. good day.. may i ask what do u do with multiple monitors.. iv used one for a while and it serves my purpose well.. im not saying having multiple is not as good.. just wondering how i can optimize either working on it or for personal use.. is it that messaging programs will be on another monitor while browsing on the next..? I tried having two lately and it was great.. but its because i hooked up an extension to an actual led tv deom sony which was 40".. that was great...
Hi.. good day.. these types of music is usually played in events or car shows... light parties... in youtube you can try maserati terrace film festival venice... it sounds ambient but ambient is a bit strange... its relaxing and neatly made that most audiences can appreciate it... would anyone know what genre this belongs to and some notable albums i can check out or be pointed in the right direction to find where music like these can be found.. thank you in advance for...
yeah.. was just curious I know it probably wasn't true.. but better safe than sorry right..   apparently I wasn't the only one... http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/orthodynamic-roundup/20655
hi guys, know this might be an old topic but heard that planar magnetic causes skin/cancer when prolonged use... I know it seems far fetched but I read some articles a few years ago and just wanted to be safe than sorry... is there any radiation that comes from the magnetic plates or the technology behind orthos? thanks.
thanks, so i guess the e17 should be good enough then..?
been using it from my e17 for a while... I don't know not really trained ears but I was hoping it could blast me away... any suggestions as to a better dac/amp for it...? 
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